How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel – If you use Apple Numbers for your spreadsheet application, then you may already be familiar with the AutoFill feature. This handy tool allows you to quickly fill other cells with data from adjacent ones. You can fill things like patterns, words and numbers, up, down, left or right. But when it comes to population and you have hundreds or thousands of rows, it can get tricky.

This tutorial shows you two ways to fill in the Mac’s AutoNumber feature for small as well as large spreadsheets.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

If you have a smaller spreadsheet, the drag-and-drop autofill method is quick and easy.

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2) When you see the small yellow circle in the lower border of the cell, click. This will highlight the entire cell or group of cells in yellow.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

3) Use the mouse or trackpad to drag the number of cells you want to fill and release when you’re done.

Note that you can use this if you want to create a template. For example, you can have a cell with the word January. Follow the steps above and you can upload every month after that. The same goes for numbers or letters.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

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If you have a very large spreadsheet, the drag and drop method may be too tedious and not even possible without errors. Try the method below instead.

This will fill all the rows to the bottom of your spreadsheet. And again, you can use this for patterns, formulas, words, or whatever you need to fill.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

If you want to fill in columns instead, whether for a small or large spreadsheet, both of the above methods work.

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If you use the drag method, simply select your cells and drag to the right or left as needed.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

If you have a large sheet and want to fill without swiping, simply follow these steps above and select Table > AutoFill Cells > AutoFill Right (or AutoFill Left) from the menu bar.

The automatic filling of Numbers feature is extremely useful, allowing you to fill your cells quickly and reduce the chance of errors in your data. This is especially useful when working with formulas and functions that you need to copy into your spreadsheet.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Enable Fill Handle And Cell Drag And Drop In Excel

Are there any Numbers features you’re having trouble using or just need tips on how to use them better? Let us know!

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How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

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How to Exclude Specific Files, Folders, Drives, and Categories from Showing in Search Results Spotlight MacBottom Line: Learn how to prevent table formulas from being autocompleted with a hotkey, as well as how to change the formula settings of -autocomplete.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

When working with Excel tables, columns are automatically filled when you create a new formula in a column next to the table. This is called a calculated column.

When we enter a formula in or near a table, Excel takes a series of actions to create the calculated column.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

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. This always removes the last action taken, which in this case was automatically filling the columns with the same formula that was used for the original cell.

The small drop-down arrow next to the Undo button opens a menu that shows you the last few actions Excel took. In this image, you can see that the last action that Excel took was to fill the cells in the column with the formula. So you press the Cancel button (or type

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

After you cancel auto-completion on a column, auto-completion becomes disabled for that column. When you enter another formula in the column, it will NOT be filled.

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However, you will see an option in the autocorrect options menu to overwrite all cells in that column with that formula. This will replace all the formulas in the column with the formula you just entered. It basically redoes the filling step.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

You can also reverse the autocomplete behavior by clearing/deleting all cells in the column and entering a new formula.

Another way to remove padding is through the autocorrect options menu. The button appears to the right of the cell after entering a formula in the Table column.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Excel Autocomplete From List

Stop Automatic Creation of Calculated Columns does exactly what it says, but it’s an application-level setting. This means it will stop doing this for all tables on all sheets in all files going forward.

So you need to select this feature only if you really don’t like autofill columns for Excel tables.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Checking the AutoCorrect Options will open the AutoCorrect Settings window where you can turn calculated (automatic) columns on or off.

How To Autofill In Excel Without Dragging

If you choose this second stop option (accidentally or on purpose) and later want to restore the auto-complete feature, here’s how to open the auto-correction settings window.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

It’s good to know how to get to this window, because once you turn off autocomplete, you won’t see the autocorrect options menu again until you turn it back on.

It’s a bit of an odd UI design for such an important and useful feature. I hope that in the future these options will be added to the “Table Design” tab of the ribbon.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Using Autofill In Excel

I hope this post is helpful if you want to stop the automatic creation of calculated columns in tables. If you want to learn more about Excel tables, you can check out this post: Excel Tables Video Tutorial.

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. Once you are logged in, you can close it and return to this page. Automation can help us quickly enter some regular data, which is an essential skill when using a spreadsheet to work with a variety of data. It includes numeric value filling, data filling, text filling, custom text filling, and formula filling.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Take this table as an example. If we want to fill in the numbers 1 to 10 in column A, select cell A2 and move the cursor to the lower right corner of cell A2. At this time, the cursor will turn into a small black solid cross. Press and hold the left mouse button. Slide the switch down. Then a number will appear in the lower right corner when you drag. Now release the left mouse button when the number becomes 10.

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If the value in the cell is text + numeric content, automatically dragging down with the fill handle fills the series. Hold the Ctrl key and drag down the fill handle to change the default fill method to Copy Cells.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

As for the simple autofill text, select cell D2 and drag the fill handle to fill down. In addition to copying the contents of the cell, users can also choose whether to fill out the form. Here we select Fill without formatting.

When the initial content of the cell is data, the filling options will become more abundant. Select cell E2 and drag it down, then click Auto fill option in the lower right corner. Select Fill Months and the range of cells will be filled in month order. Select Fill Years to fill in the year order.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Use The Fill Handle To Quickly Enter Data

Sometimes we may need to use special padding text, so we can add it as a custom string. Click the Options button under Menu. Switch to Custom Lists in the Options popup dialog. Now enter the required string contents in the list entries. Then click the Add button to add it to the custom lists. Finally, click OK.

Once the custom string is set, we place the cursor on cell F2 because the contents of cell F2 is an element in the custom string. Drag the fill handle and drop down to fill. Now we can implement custom string autocompletion.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

Spreadsheet autocomplete can also be applied to formulas. If we want to sum, place the cursor in cell G2, then enter the formula = A2 + 10. Press Enter to get the answer, then drag down the fill handle to finish filling the formula.

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To be advanced in Office Excel, you can learn how to use the Office Spreadsheet online in the Academy.

How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

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How To Turn On Autofill In Excel

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