How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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When you make a habit of turning off your WiFi router at night, it can increase your daily EMF exposure levels, experts say.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

WiFi routers are a significant source of EMF pollution in many homes And since most people keep their routers on 24/7, this causes a significant level of cumulative non-stop EMF exposure.

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Changing these habits is one way to drastically reduce your EMF exposure — which brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #28: Turn off your WiFi router at night.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the functionality of a WiFi router to understand how it affects your physical and mental health. Apart from this, we will also discuss how to turn off your WiFi router

WiFi is the technology that connects 63% of the world’s population to the Internet today. It is present in almost every household, especially in developed countries like America

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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WiFi uses radio frequency EMFs to transmit data wirelessly from your wireless router to WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The wireless router is connected to your Internet modem, which acts as a bridge between your router and the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Currently, WiFi uses radio frequencies to communicate with your device, exposing everything in its range to this EMF radiation. According to research studies, it can cause a variety of physical and mental health problems, from mild sleep disorders to chronic diseases like cancer. More on that later

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Just like mobile phone networks are named after their generations, such as 3G, 4G, and now 5G, Wi-Fi standards also have names. Start with WiFi 1, then 2, etc. Currently, we use WiFi 5, with a theoretical speed of up to 3.5 Gbps.

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In 2018, the WiFi Alliance, “the wireless industry organization that exists to promote wireless technology and interoperability,” announced a new version called WiFi 6. In September 2020, this new standard was finally approved. And it said many new features Look.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

As the next generation, Wi-Fi 6 is expected to be significantly faster than Wi-Fi 5, reaching a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps in a controlled environment. That’s almost 3x faster than WiFi 5 3.5 Gbps

But like all wireless networks, this number is achieved in a controlled laboratory environment and it is unlikely that you will achieve this speed in the real world

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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Today, the average Wi-Fi speed in the US is around 72 Mbps, less than 1% of the target speed of Wi-Fi 5. Without a doubt, Wi-Fi 6 will provide faster connections than that However, the next generation of WiFi is not only about speed

WiFi 6 is designed to improve network connectivity when multiple devices are connected to the same network When Wi-Fi 5 was launched, the average American household had no more than five connected devices. But today the average reaches nine devices and counting

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

With how modern technology is evolving and how IoT is becoming the norm, various organizations predict that we will quickly hit an average of 50 devices per household.

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When you add more devices, it takes a toll on your network Your router can now only communicate with many devices at once And as a result, you experience a slow internet connection

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

The proposed Wi-Fi 6 will introduce new technologies that will help reduce the problems associated with connecting multiple devices to one network. Experts predict that WiFi will:

Combined, these features will keep your connection strong even as the demand for connectivity in your home increases.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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Just like you need a 5G phone to connect to a 5G network, you need to buy a new device like a WiFi 6 router to connect.

This is because all WiFi generations depend not only on software updates but also on hardware upgrades.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Although Wi-Fi 6 will bring many new features to your home, one thing will remain the same – it will use EMF radio frequencies to communicate with your devices. And if you are within range, you will be exposed to EMF emissions

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Also, since it uses a frequency of 6 GHz and orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) technology, experts predict that the amount of EMF WiFi 6 will be higher than WiFi 5, resulting in a significant increase in your EMF exposure.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

This is because, to support more simultaneous connections, it needs to be able to send/receive more data simultaneously. And since, for wireless technology, EMF is data, only a certain amount of EMF emissions can support this demand.

However, WiFi 6 does not exist yet, and WiFi 5 And continues to expose you to large EMF emissions

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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This is why it is so important that you start thinking about taking the necessary actions to reduce your EMF exposure.

The goal here is to be able to enjoy the benefits of technology without facing adverse health effects. Here are some ways you can do that

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Literally thousands of high quality peer-reviewed scientific studies link this type of radiation to adverse health effects such as sleep disorders, cancer and infertility.

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In one such study, scientist Dr. Martin Paul called WiFi a significant threat to human health. He also described seven well-established effects of WiFi exposure: sperm dysfunction, cell damage, and oxidative stress.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

In 2018, the International Agency for Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization (WHO) also classified EMF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen.

This is even more important if you have children because babies and toddlers are more vulnerable to the health effects caused by EMFs than adults.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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So, for starters, you definitely don’t want a WiFi router in the bedroom (In fact, we recommend you keep all electronics away from your bedroom.) Experts recommend keeping your WiFi router at a safe distance.

Think again. You and your family sleep somewhere between six and nine hours a night The simple act of turning off your WiFi router at night will reduce your exposure to that radiation.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Turning off your Wi-Fi router at night is a good habit to develop as you will reduce your and your family’s exposure to EMF radiation for a large part of the 24 hours.

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There are about 145 million of these little boxes in people’s homes, and on a per-home basis, they consume about 100 kilowatts a year—more energy efficient than a new 32-inch TV, twice that of a new 14-inch TV. . 30 times more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR laptop computers, and cell phone chargers In 2012, small network devices… used electricity equivalent to the cost of three dirty coal-fired power plants. This is a small, innocuous black box that consumes enough electricity every year to power all 1.2 million homes in the Silicon Valley area. National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

In fact, the NRDC found that turning off WiFi when not in use can save $300M in annual energy costs — and that’s just in the United States.

So, turning off your WiFi router at night is not only good for your health – it’s also good for your wallet!

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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The easiest and most obvious way to turn off your WiFi at night is to simply unplug your WiFi router/modem while you sleep.

It’s simple and effective—and you can start doing it right now for free without having to learn anything or buy new techniques.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

But that’s another thing you have to remember, and some people don’t want to add it to their daily to-do list.

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Therefore, you may prefer an automatic solution. You can plug your router into a timer, like a light

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Then set the timer to turn on and off whenever you want, and voila! You don’t have to worry anymore

These timers (like this one on Amazon) are cheap, very easy to use, and mechanical, so they’re not an additional source of radiation.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Important Reasons Not To Turn Your Wi Fi Router Off When You’re Not Using It

If you want the convenience of a timer, you don’t need to buy a new one to get that functionality

Many WiFi routers include timer functionality built in. You should be comfortable tweaking and changing your router’s settings though

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

There are many tutorials online that teach how to do this from Apple Airport or Airport Express or YouTube, like this:

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If you want specific instructions for your WiFi router modem, you can just google “how to set up a schedule on [router name] WiFi router,” and you should find the information you need.

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

Some companies, like Asus and Verizon FiOS, have apps that you can use to disable your WiFi router. You can install this app on your phone to control and manage your WiFi modem. This means you can turn off your WiFi router using your phone whenever you want

What if your internet service provider or WiFi router manufacturer doesn’t have an app? No worries:

How To Turn Off Your Wifi

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