How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct – With an incredibly long list that Microsoft provides built into the Windows operating system, it’s normal to forget about some of them. One such feature is to create a PC Wi-Fi hotspot, similar to our mobile devices, to share the Internet connection with nearby users. This feature is called Hosted Network and is automatically installed on all Wi-Fi enabled desktops and laptops. It was first introduced in Windows 7 but is now integrated with the Netsh command line utility in Windows 10. The command line tool with the OS creates a WiFi Direct virtual wireless adapter to share the Internet connection or transfer files quickly between the two. Tools. Although useful, a Hosted Network rarely experiences any performance and is simply an inconvenience for most users as it can disrupt your network connection. Also, it can cause confusion because it is specified with other modifiers in the application and configuration settings. When disabled, it will result in better network performance. So, if you rarely or never use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot, knowing how to disable the Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter on a Windows 10 computer can be very useful. So, read below!

There are two well-known and simple ways to disable the Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter in Windows 10 which is through Device Manager or an elevated Command Prompt or PowerShell window. However, if you want to permanently remove the Wi-Fi Direct adapter instead of temporarily disabling it, you will need to modify the Windows Registry Editor. To learn more, read What is WiFi Direct in Windows 10? here.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

Long-time Windows users may be familiar with the built-in Device Manager application that allows you to view and manage all hardware devices, internal and external, connected to the computer. Device Manager allows the following actions:

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1. Press the Windows key + X at the same time to open the Power User Menu and select Device Manager, as shown.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

3. Right-click on Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter and select Disable Device from the next menu. If your system has multiple Virtual Direct Wi-Fi adapters, go ahead and disable them all in the same way.

Note: If you don’t find Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter listed here, click View > Show Hidden device, as shown below. Then follow step 3.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

How To Disable Wifi Direct In Windows 10

4. Once all the adapters are disabled, select Actions > Scan for hardware changes option as shown below.

Note: If in the future, you want to enable Wi-Fi directly again Once, go to the relevant driver, right-click on it, and select Device.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

Alternatively, you can also disable Windows 10 WiFi Direct from an elevated PowerShell window or Command Prompt. The command is the same regardless of the application. Just follow these steps:

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Note: To re-enable the adapter and restart the host network in the future, run the following commands one at a time:

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

Reports suggest that the above method disables Wi-Fi Direct Adapters only temporarily and restarting the computer will bring them back. In order to remove the Wi-Fi Direct adapter permanently, the user needs to modify the existing settings in the Windows registry and thus prevent new adapters from being created automatically when starting the computer.

Note: You can execute the netsh wlan show hostednetwork command in CMD to check whether the hosted network configuration has been deleted. The setting should be labeled Not configured as shown highlighted.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

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If you want to learn how to use Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter, read What is Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter and How to Enable It?

An. To disable Wi-Fi Direct, open Command Prompt as an administrator. Type the given command and press Enter: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

An. To permanently uninstall the Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter, delete the HostedNetworkSettings value stored in the Windows Registry Editor by following method 3 of this guide.

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We hope you can learn how to turn off WiFi Direct in Windows 10. Let us know how it works for you the best. Let us know your questions and suggestions in the comments section below.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

Pete is a senior staff writer at . Pete loves all things technology and is also a keen DIYer at heart. He has decades of experience writing how-tos, features, and technology tips on the Internet.Wifi Direct is a versatile feature that lets you connect your device to other devices. It provides a fast, secure and convenient way to share data between two devices. Today, most operating systems, including windows, and Android support this feature.

Typically, one of the devices takes the access point, and the other connects to it via Wifi Protected Setup (WPS). One of the most obvious advantages of Wi-fi Direct is that you don’t need an active wi-fi network to operate. In addition, it also beats Bluetooth due to its fast data sharing between multiple devices.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

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Since Wifi Direct is not a widely discussed topic, many people still don’t know how it works. Moreover, other devices in the area can see your device which is a major security concern. Also, battery usage increases when activated. So, you’d better turn it off when it’s not in use.

Turning off Wi-Fi directly on any system is not a difficult task. Even if you are not tech savvy, you can disable the feature without any trouble.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

Step 4: In the “wifi” section, there will be three dots on the top right; Click on them.

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For the most part, it is not possible to disable wi-fi directly on all Samsung devices. Whenever you turn on wifi, wifi direct will turn on automatically too. However, you can choose to disconnect from any device to ensure your privacy.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

In the window, you can close or even remove the virtual wi-fi adapter directly. On a PC with wifi, Microsoft itself installs a virtual wifi direct adapter. Additionally, this feature is not very useful and required in personal computers. Sometimes, it also interferes with internet connection and other networks.

An underrated feature, Wi-fi Direct, makes it possible to easily connect your phone or any device to other wi-fi systems. You can exchange large files without the need for a central internet network and for free. Because of its fast speed, Wi-Fi Direct is a viable alternative to Bluetooth. The secret of transferring information.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

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Although it has advanced specifications, it is not mentioned as publicly as it should be. Therefore, many people are still in the dark about how to implement it. Most of the time, users are very confused about knowing how to disable Wi-Fi directly.

But, with the instructions mentioned above, you can easily turn it off and prevent your device from being seen by other devices.

How To Turn Off Wifi Direct

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