How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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Chrome OS is mainly aimed at portable devices such as tablets, convertibles and notebooks. So it is only natural to see that Chromebooks come with a touchscreen display that is more interactive and can make things easier for users who are already attached to a smartphone screen. However, this feature has some drawbacks.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

For example, an accidental touch may occur, leading to an unexpected result. Frequent touching may cause scratches on the screen surface. These scratches will build up over time and cause some parts of the screen to appear blurry. The same scratches ironically make the area less sensitive to touch

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Fortunately, Chrome OS lets you disable the touchscreen entirely as needed. While the feature is still in the experimental stage, it’s definitely something you can do with your Chromebook. Like this:

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

5. Finally, to turn off the touchscreen, press Shift+Search+T on your keyboard. The same shortcut works to return the touchscreen functionality.

Again, I want to emphasize that the ability to disable the touch screen is still in the experimental stage. Chrome OS has not fully recognized it as an official feature. Although it does not appear to be harmful, be aware that it can still compromise other system functions.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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If it creates new problems, consider turning “Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts” back to “Disabled” and then “Reboot” the device. Dell’s latest top-of-the-line machine is a brilliant machine with a great screen in a small body, but it’s let down by software issues

Dell’s XPS 13 fits a 13.4-inch screen into a small frame with plenty of power and an excellent design. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

Dell’s XPS 13 packs more screen, more power and even Windows Hello facial recognition into a small frame, but it’s hampered by software issues.

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The XPS 13 is Dell’s best compact laptop and starts at £1,349. Different models are available with different processors, memory and screen resolutions.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

The XPS line is where Dell shows off its design chops. It’s a premium Windows 10 rival to Apple’s MacBook Pro and, more recently, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop line.

Dell’s signature feature is squeezing the largest possible display into the smallest possible frame by shrinking everything into the non-display portion of the laptop’s lid – similar to modern full-screen smartphone designs. The 2020 XPS 13 has the largest screen yet, 13.4 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and small bezels around the edges.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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The thin edge at the top of the screen has a webcam with infrared facial recognition. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

This means you get a relatively large screen in the body of what would traditionally be a laptop with only an 11-inch screen. And what screen it has. The version we tested had the 4K touchscreen, which is clearer than almost anything else, super bright, color accurate and beautiful from every angle. Supports HDR video, including Dolby Vision. The models are also available with touch or non-touch FHD+ screens.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

The body of the laptop is made from aluminium, with a choice of black carbon fiber or white fiberglass on the laptop deck. It feels solid, elegant and unique. The wedge-shaped laptop weighs just 1.27kg and is just 14.8mm thick, with a smaller footprint than most of its competitors.

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The new slightly larger keyboard is fantastic. Well placed, stable, relatively quiet, with 1mm key travel and good feedback when pressed. The large precision trackpad is responsive with a noticeable but muted click that hopefully won’t bother those around you.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

The XPS 13 comes with not one, but two biometric systems for secure password-free Windows login.

The new design has a Windows Hello infrared camera for facial recognition squeezed into the bezel at the top of the screen and a fingerprint scanner built into the power button. This means you can log in by pressing the power button or simply by looking at the screen when you open the lid. Both are fast, accurate and work brilliantly.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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The 2020 XPS 13 comes with your choice of 10th generation Intel Core processors. Most models have a Core i7, common to all top-spec computers, including the new MacBook Pro, Surface Laptop 3 and Huawei MateBook X Pro. The model tested for this review had a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and a 4K display.

As such, the XPS 13 packs plenty of punch, making it capable of almost anything but high-end gaming. Intel’s Iris Plus graphics are a step up from the previous HD integrated graphics, which you immediately notice when you start editing images on an external 4K monitor.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

Running on battery power, the XPS 13 is nearly silent, with only low-level fans audible when pressed lightly. Plug the machine into power and start doing demanding stuff and it gets a little warm, with the fans running pretty high. Even with the fans on max, they are not as noisy as some competitors.

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The deck of the laptop doesn’t get too hot, but you can feel some heat behind the R, T, Y, U and I keys. The vents on the bottom of the laptop are easily blocked by upholstered furniture, which means the machine needs to really used on a hard table, desk or lap.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

The XPS 13 has two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot, which is welcome. When one USB-C port is taken up by the charger, it leaves only one port for connecting accessories such as a monitor, which means you may need a docking station or similar if you use tools for homework.

On the other side is another Thunderbolt 3 port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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A bug in a BIOS update for the XPS 13 broke compatibility with some USB-C to HDMI adapters while I was reviewing the machine. The laptop failed for two adapters after the update, but continued to work with the USB-C to HDMI cable and the USB-C to DisplayPort dock. The error remained until the end of the review period.

A Dell spokesperson said: “We are investigating the issue and will update our findings. We thank customers for sharing their experiences with the Dell community.”

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

Battery life wasn’t great, averaging just five and a half hours between charges, including 90 minutes of photo editing, lots of browsing and word processing, with the screen brightness set to 70%. The MacBook Pro 2020 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 each lasted 7.5 hours under similar conditions. With light use, the interval between charges approaches seven hours. Models with a lower resolution FHD+ screen rather than 4K will likely last significantly longer, as the screen is one of the biggest power drainers.

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A full charge took 2.5 hours with the included 45W USB-C charger in optimized mode, but well under two if you use Dell’s fast charge option with the laptop turned off.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

The XPS 13 is one of the most reusable laptops you can buy, and it’s generally repairable. It is designed to allow repairs by authorized service personnel on site, not just at a service center, including battery replacement.

An out-of-warranty screen repair costs £299.41, while a battery replacement costs £171.66. Dell also has an advanced power management tool that can extend battery life by changing when, how and how much it charges, either automatically by learning from your usage and charging habits or manually through different profiles.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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Dell offers free recycling schemes, even for products from other brands, while the packaging is made from recycled materials. The company has a number of sustainability and environmental impact schemes in place for 2030, including recycling or reuse of a similar product when purchasing and using recycled material. Dell publishes the carbon footprint of its products.

The XPS 13 comes with a choice of Windows 10 Home or Pro, and is one of the few laptops that can be purchased with Linux instead of Windows, with Ubuntu 18.04 models.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

As tested with Window 10 Home, the XPS 13 comes with plenty of Dell utility apps, most of which are useful, such as the advanced Dell Power Manager. Many can probably be ignored or removed, but a particular tool for the included wifi chips caused no end of problems.

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Killer Networking Tools, which are advanced software components for gaming

How To Turn Off Touch Screen Dell

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