How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv – So I’ve been searching all over the web trying to find a good answer, but every time, if I can’t, I come back here for help. This bothered me a lot. I finally got the last piece (TV) in my setup and it’s great except for this one thing that’s driving me crazy.!

So I saw many different posts, but not a good solution for my problem. I tried everything I could find or think of. This must be an LG issue, but I can’t find the answer and I can’t believe any Marantz/Denon owners are okay with this.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Now all audio/video functions work normally. Like before. As I like. As previously set. (ie the CX build I got) – Before trying to toggle any option in my AVR HDMI setup, I printed it out.

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And frankly, I’m not the kind of person who needs 1 button to turn everything on or off. Automatic switching is nice, but I don’t mind playing Bluray or AVR manually.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

My only thought is that this TV will not stop playing IT’S *Simplink CEC*, then play AVR..! I only use my AVR for movies and games or something. If I watch the news or watch TV, I don’t need the AVR and the 7.2.2 speakers… (although the 6013 is quieter with Eco or Auto, and the AVR is limited to 20W, I don’t need It’s time for a movie I have perfectly fine with TV speakers as long as. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t need an AVR to use 6 tines a day.!!!)

Maybe I don’t understand my manual or the option settings… but this all worked fine with my old TV (Samsung 2k) – and I found forum articles about not turning things off via LGCX CEC. I couldn’t be bothered if I tried.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Lg 50 Inch 4k Smart Uhd Tv Freeview Hd/ Freesat Hd Webos Sm

Otherwise, the TV is on. All this makes my AVR work. Even when I go to TV Antenna for OA, my friggin AVR plays…! – When I look at the LG from the side it is playing my AVR.

Every time I turn off simplink, I come back to this screen and it turns on. **

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

What am I missing? What don’t I understand? (Limited to only) What is the work around?..?

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Either plug in and run the AVR all day, or manually turn off the AVR every day… wait for the circuit to clear using the investment. I hate all these options.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

I’m sorry if this is answered I won’t get it. Everyone is always ready to kill. Not repentance.

I had the same problem as you and solved it today, maybe it will work for you too.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

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I have my Xbox One S in the Denon receiver and when I turn on my TV it turns on the receiver, then if I turn off the receiver and choose to input the Denon HDMI it turns on again.

What I did was connect my Xbox directly to the TV with the HDMI 1 input and leave my Denon on the HDMI 2 eARC port. Now it just turns on my TV and when I turn on the receiver manually, I can control the Denon from both receivers. If you want to turn off the TV remote completely, turn off Simplink on the TV. I want full control over my avr with the tv tuner, but only after I turn it on manually. Simplink is on, everything on Denon hdmi oprions is set to ON, HDMI Cintril is set to ON, tv audio switch is on and power off power is on. So I think when I put another source on HDMI 1 it solved this weird problem. I don’t know why they do this

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Hey, thanks for your reply. When I wrote “All Marantz/Denon owners can’t get away with this..” I started to think I was wrong.

Simplink Functions, Simplink Menu, Wa Tching Tv / Channel Contr Ol

TBH I’m thinking about how to try something different with HDMI cables, but I don’t have a new 3rd thing to try yet. I hate to try an old cable, then I’m out of luck and I know I’m wasting my time without using a new one to start with.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

If I read this correctly, your fix now sends PlayStation audio to the AVR via the TV eARC..?

You know it’s a big thing that keeps throwing me, when I turn off the SimpLink on the TV set, it stops, but I have to do something. Or so it seems.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Simplink Connection; Activating The Simplink Feature

What actually happens is that whenever I choose to turn on the AVR, it switches the TV’s SimpLink to the ON setting.

So if I choose Netflix or Prime from the TV, I want 4k from Prime and DV/DA from Netflix, so I run the AVR. When I did this and went back to check SimpLink I saw it was activated. (So ​​every time I use my AVR, the signal comes from the TV – I think there might be a video or HDMI setting on the AVR, but if so I can’t figure it out.)

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Honestly, it drives me nuts. I watch the daytime news or daily television and I prefer talkies and television. But when watching movies at night, AVR is used. But it seems that television does not want to work like that. I’ll try the cables, and hopefully that helps, but right now my concern is that this is a permanent thing and I have to turn SimpLink on/off every day, or pay a huge electricity bill and run it all on my own. AVRs. While.

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IansDad88(Don) said: If I read this correctly, your mod now sends PlayStation audio to AVR via TV eARC..? -D Click to expand… I thought once I connected another device to HDMI 1 it solved my problem. In my case it was an Xbox connected to the AVR on the back. So instead of trying a different cable, maybe try connecting the same device to HDMI 1. My SimpLink is always on, as are all HDMI controls. Once I turned on my AVR manually it worked, which is exactly what I wanted. I have owned this TV for 1 day so I don’t know why it is doing this. You want to try more and play with it more.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

Sometimes these types of HDMI-cec are predicted to use the same concept, add to other products and things can go sideways. Easier IMO is to bypass ARC and HDMI CEC altogether and use the macro on the universal remote and just use the TV to display….

Yeah, so I don’t have a Playstation, but I do have an old HDMI DVD player. Plug in HDMI 1 and nothing changes.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

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I think the other real problem here is that my cable/satellite (dish) is always streaming via HDMI through my AVR. This always worked fine on my old Samsung TV. But LG flat out didn’t understand it. It never registered the hopper even when it was turned on.

I haven’t used the old Harmony remote with macros in it in forever. I didn’t need it with my old TV. Samsung never implemented AVR. But apparently you guys are right as usual, I’ll probably go back to Unity, or save for one that was built in the last decade or two.

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

For those points, my 722 hopper can’t do 4K streaming, so that’s my preferred method (due to ease of use) and now it’s to a TV streaming service. Now it seems there is no point to run the hopper through the AVR… I guess..? – One of the reasons I prefer everything on the AVR is that when I use eARC from the TV, I can’t get the speaker configuration settings from the Marantz OSD on the screen. I have to take my phone and use the remote to see the audio and video information. And very cheap compared to OSD. This is an occasional problem with my installation. Some tines I have to adjust the lower or middle or sometimes larger channels. I know, I have it set up correctly that this should not be necessary, but my system is in my small room and sometimes it needs to be fixed. I mean Atmos is different than DTS. It may differ from DTS-MSTR, and DTS-MSTR 5.1 to 7.1 may differ from the original source.

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So… now I’m trying to run the hopper directly to the TV and learn to forget the handy AVR OSD for these adjustments. That’s probably half my problem

How To Turn Off Simplink On Lg Tv

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