How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android – Sometimes you may find that an app sends you notifications. What are you going to do? There are many useful applications that can send you too many push notifications, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them away. Fortunately, each installed app gives you complete control over how it handles notifications.

There are two main ways to pause or stop notifications to help you take back control of your device. You can choose to stop them before they hit your device, or you can prevent them in real time. I’ll pick the basics for each of the methods listed below.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

If your device is running “stock” or any version that is not heavily themed by the manufacturer (i.e. non-Samsung), go to Settings, then select “Apps and notifications” and click “See all apps”. Here you will see a list of all your installed applications. Tap any app you want to check notification settings for, then click “Notifications” to see all the options for that app.

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After hitting the three-dot menu at the top, tap “Show system”, you can also control system app notifications.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

You can disable all notifications for an app by turning off “Show notifications”. Easy enough! But what if you want more fine-grained control over your notifications? Well, below to accelerate notifications, there is a whole series of options known as “Notification Channels”. This allows you to choose exactly that

The categories of notification channels vary depending on the app, but simply go ahead and turn off all the notification types you want to silence and keep the safe ones. Tapping the notification type (the actual text) brings up another set of options to take another action. You can set this particular notification type to sound and pop-up or override Do Not Disturb mode. Adjust this to your preference.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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If you’re using a Galaxy running 9 or 10, the Samsung theme version on your phone is called One UI. The Settings app is a little different than the stock one, so go to Settings, then tap “Notifications” and select “See All” to get started.

Once you’re on the main “App Notifications” screen, you’ll notice that your most recent apps that send notifications are listed first. This is especially useful if you close a notification and forget which app it came from. From here, you can disable notifications from the app entirely by tapping the button in the missing space on the right. Easy!

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

If you tap the three-dot menu at the top, then click “Show System Apps,” you can also control system app notifications.

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However, you can type an app name on the list to bring up new advanced notification options known as “Categories.” This app gives you full control over what kind of notifications it sends to you. From icon badges to ignoring Do Not Disturb mode on your device, you can customize each notification to your liking.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

When you receive an annoying notification, there are a few things you can do instead of turning it off. If you long press the notification, you get access to a quick menu that shows you the details. You can also half-swipe any notification to reveal a gear icon that lets you adjust the quality of that notification setting.

Long pressing a notification will give you the option to “Stop Notification” or “Continue Showing”. If you tap the stop option, the selected app will no longer be able to send notifications. If you want more fine control, you can tap the information icon (i) to go directly to the application information page. Then you can go to “Notifications” and make all your changes.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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Alternatively, if you half-swipe the notification, you can snooze the notification by tapping the clock icon. You can also hit the gear icon and select “Stop notifications” from “Continue showing” or select the information button here as well.

When you press a notification, it will show either “Alert” or “Silent” and selecting the latter and clicking “Done” will turn off all notifications for the app that posted it.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

Alternatively, long press and select “Turn off notifications” will bring up a list of notification channels that you can adjust. Disable what you want and tap “Apply” to confirm your choice. Easy! You can also tap “Show more” to see each type of notification for that app.

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Alternatively, you can half-swipe the ad in question and tap the gear icon to bring up the exact same menu.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

Long press a notification will show the different categories you were in the list. Hitting “Details” will take you to a list of notification channels, which you can customize as you wish. Disable the type of notification you want by turning off the category button or clicking the “ON” button to stop notifications altogether. Easy!

A half-swipe gives you a snooze button (the bell icon) and a gear that takes you to the same menu as above.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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Long pressing a notification will show the type of notification you want, “Alert” or “Silent”. You can disable notifications for this app by moving the button to the off position. Don’t forget to hit “Save” if you make any changes here. Hitting “List” brings up a list of notification channels you can choose from.

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How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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Sometimes you just need to tune everything out and take a digital detox. However, this can be difficult when you are used to receiving emails, text messages, and social media notifications throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there is no easy “off” switch to disable notifications on all your devices. Whether it’s your smartphone or your computer, each device has its own way to disable notifications.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

Fortunately, disabling notifications on your phone, computer, and web browser isn’t difficult, although it can take some time. Here’s how to do it.

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The easiest way to turn off notifications is to put your device in “Do Not Disturb” mode. This will turn off all incoming notifications, including phone calls. You’ll still receive messages and emails, but they’ll be quietly stored in your Notification Center.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

1. Open the Control Center and tap the icon that looks like a crescent moon. This will turn Do Not Disturb until you tap it again.

Quick tip: On iPhone X or later, you can open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen. On the older model, swipe up from the bottom center of the screen.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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2. If you press and hold the icon, you can temporarily turn on Do Not Disturb.

3. You can tap “Schedule” at the bottom of this menu to set a recurring schedule for Do Not Disturb mode. This is great if you want to turn off notifications at a certain time each day.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

The best way to manage iPhone notifications in the long run is by customizing which apps send notifications.

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2. You will be shown all your applications. Find and click the app you want to disable notifications for.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

3. Tap “Enable Notifications” at the top of the page to turn off all app notifications. You can also use the options below to modify how you receive notifications – for example, you can just turn off the sounds.

You can turn off notifications on iPad just like you can on iPhone.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

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Open Control Center and turn on Do Not Disturb mode or go to Settings > Notifications and manage notifications for each app.

As with an iPhone, there are two ways to turn off notifications on an Android phone or tablet.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

3. If you want to release an application but want to customize the type of notification it sends, tap “Advanced”

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