How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android – We doubt there are any phone users who have never missed a call or text in their life. Sometimes you just can’t answer the phone – while driving, in the shower, or when your hands are busy, to name a few. Other times, you don’t notice a ringing phone at all – it beeps, flashes and vibrates violently, but still doesn’t get your attention. Although there is little you can do in the former case, this neat trick can help you avoid the latter. Make the LED light on your Android phone camera blink when there is an incoming call, which minimizes the chances of missing a call. Read on to find out how.

The software on Android phones often varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even accessibility features may vary. Fortunately, some of the biggest phone manufacturers have a feature that allows you to receive incoming calls and messages with a flash as part of their custom Android software, and how to activate it:

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Step 2. Tap Flash Notifications, then tap the toggle button to activate the feature. That’s all!

How To Turn Off The Flash On Your Android Device

Step 2. Tap the Flash Alert switch, then tap to confirm. Everything is ready!

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Regardless of your phone make and model, the accessibility settings menu is the first place you should look. If this option is not available there, you can use an app made for this purpose to make the camera LED blink when a call comes.

Enter flash alert. It forces the powerful LED light of your Android phone to blink when there is an incoming call, a new message or a pop-up notification. What’s more, the app is free and comes with a lot of extra features. It also comes with ads scattered here and there, but thanks to the customizations available, you won’t need to open it very often, so they won’t be too annoying.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

How To Turn On The Led Notification Light On Your Iphone

When Flash Alerts is turned on, it automatically activates the flash light for incoming calls and messages. From the app, you can fine-tune when and how it uses the flash. Using the toggle switch, you can enable call and/or text message alerts, and tap the text for even more tweaks. You can adjust the blinking pattern of the LED lights using the on and off duration sliders and quickly test if you like.

If you want some apps to use the camera LED for notifications, Flash Alerts lets you do that too. Under “Flash notifications,” click the switch next to “Select an app.” This will take you to the “Notification Access” menu on your phone, where you must tap the toggle next to “Flash Alerts” to access your phone’s notifications. Once you’ve done that, tapping “Choose an app” will bring up a list of apps that can use the LEDs on the back of your phone for notifications.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

You can also choose a battery percentage to disable all flash notifications by tapping “Battery Percentage” under Battery Thresholds, then use the slider to choose your preferred percentage. This will prevent your phone from freezing if someone calls you frequently while you’re away, as the camera LED can quickly drain the battery.

How To Turn On Led Flash Notifications For Iphone X, Xs, 11, 12, 13, & 14

Additionally, you can configure do-not-stark periods for flash alerts. Basically, this is the time of day when the app is off, and we assume you don’t want it to be active during sleeping hours. Or you can just select the sound profile it must activate – Ring, Vibrate or Silent.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

That’s all! Now that you have flash alerts enabled and configured, you will be much less likely to miss important calls and messages. Note that your camera’s LED light is bright. You probably don’t want it active at night, in venues like bars and restaurants, or anywhere other people might be distracted by it.

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

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Ditch the iPad Pro (2022) and get the 2021 11-inch Apple M1 powerhouse with $250 Cyber ​​Monday discount When ring and vibration alerts fall short and don’t get your attention, causing you to miss important calls or texts, causing Flash reminders are a good backup plan. While we have shown how to activate this feature on Samsung devices, the app shown below makes it easier to turn this feature on and off. Also, they work on devices that don’t include flash alerts in their system settings.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

My main app of choice is called Flash Alerts on Call and SMS by the Flash Alerts Project, which is updated to Lollipop’s Material Design and includes unique features not found in similar apps.

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In the app’s settings, you can turn on flash alerts for incoming calls or text messages, and you can also enable flash alerts for different sound modes like normal, vibrate, or silent. You can also adjust the speed of the flash.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

The real star of the show, however, is the unique feature that allows you to set a specific battery percentage to activate a flash alert, giving you clear indications when it’s time to plug in your device.

Of course, many devices already have flash alerts in their settings, but the app makes it easier to turn it on or off when you need it, and the battery percentage alert is a nice touch.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Phone Flashlight: How To Turn The Flashlight On/off On Android Mobile Phone And Iphone

While flash alerts on calls and texts is a great app, it doesn’t work on some devices, namely the Nexus 6, which doesn’t have a flash alert option in its settings.

After testing various apps, one app that works for the Nexus 6 is Flash Alerts on Call & SMS from developer Toolboy, which was originally released before the above app, but hasn’t been updated with Material Design.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

The interface may look a little dated, and the app doesn’t include battery percentage alerts, but it works where others have let me down. The app also does not contain extensive settings with various preferences.

Best Ways To Turn Flashlight On Or Off On Android

Hopefully the first option works well on your device, but if not, try the second app and quickly enable LED flash alerts when you think you need them.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

How To Turn On Flashlights On Android

If you are an Android user, you may see a different type of pop-up message from your carrier, which is completely different from a normal text message.

These messages are called flash SMS and are usually sent by carriers. Unlike regular SMS from your carrier designed to inform you about your data or plan, flash messages are a different type of message sent to get your attention. Unfortunately, they don’t go away until you close them.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Every now and then, the carrier will send a quick message telling you about your existing data plan so you don’t get the entire plan. However, nowadays, carrier companies also use flash SMS messages to send some promotional offers, for example: promoting new top-up packages.

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Flash SMS messages like these can be annoying at times and you might want to get rid of them. Thankfully, there is a way to turn off flash messages on Android smartphones.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Today, in this post, we will show you how to turn off flash text messages on your Android device.

The method to delete flash messages is different for each carrier. However, you can disable flash SMS feature on Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio and BSNL.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

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Step 1: Go to your phone’s application tray, look for “Airtel Services” application and tap on it.

For Reliance Jio users, you need to log out and uninstall the My Jio app on your phone to stop receiving flashes. If you are still receiving flash messages, please contact Jio customer service number and deactivate the flash message service manually.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

Step 1: Search for “BSNL Mobile” app on your mobile, this is basically a toolkit app for BSNL operator. Once you find it, open the app.

Top 3 Ways To Turn Off Flash Messages On Iphone

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Android

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