How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android – We doubt there is a single phone user who has never missed a call or text message in their life. Sometimes you just can’t pick up the phone – while driving, showering, or when your hands are busy, to name a few examples. Then there are times when you don’t pay attention to your ringing phone – it beeps, blinks and vibrates vigorously, yet fails to get your attention. While not much can be done about the former, this nifty trick can help you avoid the latter. It’s possible to blink the LED light in your Android phone’s camera when there’s an incoming call, making it less likely that you’ll miss it. Read on to know how.

The software on Android phones often varies between manufacturers, and accessibility features may also differ. Fortunately, some major phone manufacturers have a feature that lets you use Flash for incoming calls and messages as part of their custom Android software, here’s how to enable it:

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

Step 2. Tap on Flash Notifications and then tap on Toggle to activate the feature. That’s it!

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Step 2. Tap the Flash Alerts toggle, then tap to confirm. You are ready!

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

Regardless of the make and model of your phone, the first place you should look is the accessibility settings menu. If the option isn’t available, you can flash its camera LED on incoming calls using a purpose-built app.

Enter Flash Alert. It forces your Android phone’s powerful LED to blink when there’s an incoming call, when you get a new message, or when a notification pops up. What’s more, the app is free and comes with additional features. It also comes with ads scattered here and there, but thanks to the customization available, you don’t have to open them often so it doesn’t become too annoying.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

The Notification Led Needs To Make A Comeback

Once you turn on Flash Alerts, it will automatically activate Flash for incoming calls and messages. From within the app, you can fine-tune when and how the flash is used. You can enable notifications for calls and/or text messages using the toggle, and tapping Text allows further adjustments. You can change the blinking pattern of the LED lights using the sliders for on and off duration and quickly test if you like it.

If you want certain apps to use the camera LED for notifications, Flash Alerts allows you to do that as well. Under “Flash Notifications” tap the toggle next to “Select an application”. This will take you to the notification access menu on your phone where you have to tap on the toggle next to Flash Alerts to access the phone’s notifications. Once you’ve done that, tapping “Select Application” will show you a list of apps that can use the LED for notifications on the back of your phone.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

You can also select the battery percentage with all flash notifications disabled by tapping on “Battery Percentage” under Battery Threshold and select the percentage you prefer using the slider. This will prevent your phone from dying if someone calls you a lot when you’re not around because the camera LED can drain the battery very quickly.

How To Activate Flash Notification

Additionally, you can configure the Do Not Disturb duration of Flash Alerts. By default, this is the time of day when the app is off, and we assume you don’t want to activate it during sleep. Or you can choose whether it should be active from your sound profile – ring, vibrate or silent.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

And that’s about it! Now that you have flash alerts enabled and configured, the chances of missing your important calls and messages will be much less. Just make sure your camera’s LED is bright. You probably don’t want to activate it at night, in places like bars and restaurants, or in places where other people might be distracted.

How to Send Photos and Videos from iPhone to Android Phone By Preslav Mladenov 2 years ago Unlike some Android phones, Apple’s iPhones don’t have a dedicated notification LED that lights up when you receive a call, text, or other notification. iPhones include an optional accessibility feature for the deaf that blinks the rear camera flash and provides a visual indication of incoming notifications.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

How To Turn On/off Camera Or Screen Flash Notification

Even if you have good hearing, if you’re in a quiet environment and don’t want to disturb the silence, having visual cues for incoming instructions can be helpful. For example, an LED flash notification can be useful when vibration notifications are off on your iPhone or iPad on the table.

Follow the steps below to turn on LED flash alerts on your iPhone or iPad Pro. Just remember to lock your iOS device with the screen down and the rear camera system in your line of sight.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

Note that the LED Flash for Alerts option only works on iPad Pro 2016 or later models, but is compatible with all iPhones with a previous flash feature.

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

Indicator & Flash Faq

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

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How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

In every copy of macOS shipped since 2018, Apple has included Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin whitepaper, and no one knows why. A shocking discovery (or re-discovery – see below) was recently made by developer and author Andy Baio, who stumbled upon a PDF document while trying to solve his printer problem. Anyone with a Mac that runs macOS Mojave… The Flash Notifications feature is available for the first time in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Later, this option was enabled by default and the camera light flashed when users received a notification, an incoming call or an alarm. This feature generated many complaints from users who were irritated and bothered by its over-bright and eye-harming flash light. FYI, this feature is designed to help deaf or hard of hearing users recognize when there are notifications, incoming calls, or alarms because the notification light will be much easier to tell them than the notification tone. In Android 4.4 Kitkat, this option is available although not enabled by default.

If in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean you had to take an extra step to disable this option, in Android 4.4 KitKat you can enable or disable it.

How To Turn Off Flash Notification Android

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