How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube – YouTube channels can be a fun place to engage your audience and keep the conversation going. However, it can be a source of negativity. At best, it can build a community, and at worst, it can damage your brand and drive viewers away from your content. With this in mind, it’s important to know how to manage your prices. Learn how to break down and limit explanations and solutions to common problems. How to turn on YouTube comments Review all comments – This requires you to approve each comment before it appears in the comments section. It stays in the review department for 60 days. Review some comments – Some comments will be hidden and moderated if they are deemed inappropriate by the YouTube system. You can also create a restricted list of words that contain those words or comments that match them. Disable Comments – This prevents any user from commenting under the video. When you open a channel on YouTube, the default comment setting will hide inappropriate comments and allow other comments to appear below the video. If you’ve changed your settings and now want videos on your channel to show comments, you can follow these steps: Go to your studio’s dashboard and click on Settings. Select “Upload Favorites”. Go to the Advanced Settings tab. Scroll down to the Ratings section and select Allow all ratings. Scroll down to the “Price” section. How to disable YouTube comments? When it comes to breaking YouTube comments, the rule of thumb is to use it sparingly. Every comment that doesn’t include your brand isn’t sustainable or effective. “Well, what if a comment says something false or harmful about our brand?” you may ask. In this case, responding to comments may be a more effective strategy. So, you can retarget your audience by addressing the comments. To save time, avoid offensive, explicit or spam messages. Open YouTube Studio. Select “Price” from the sidebar. Copy your published comments. Click More to see the option to remove a comment. Cancel and return to the Rates dashboard. How to turn off comments on YouTube There are two ways to turn off comments on YouTube: at the channel level and at the video level. How it works at the channel level: Go to your studio’s dashboard and click Settings. Select “Upload Favorites”. Go to the Advanced Settings tab. 4. Scroll down to the comments section. 5. Select the limit values ​​and click Save. To turn off comments on a particular video, you can do so during upload. On the Upload Data tab, scroll down to show more. Under “Ratings & Comments,” select “Limit Ratings.” You can change this setting after uploading the video. Troubleshooting: Youtube comments not loading If your YouTube comments are not loading, it is most likely that you have a bad internet connection. If your connection is slow and unreliable, the comments section may not load properly. Another reason why your comments might not load is if you’re using a different version. On web app, mobile, YouTube comments are loaded automatically, click to view comment section on mobile app. Finally, some browser extensions can affect how elements are loaded on the site. So, if your comments are not loading, please disable browser extensions.

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How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

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Youtube Suspends Comments On Videos Of Kids

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How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

It’s a great feeling when users comment on your videos. A supportive message or a funny joke can really make a creator’s day.

But not all YouTube viewers are good. Some make mean or disrespectful comments for no reason. It’s better to take down comments when the hate is very real, rather than accepting rejection.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

Youtube To Disable Comments On Most Videos That Include Minors

Fortunately, you don’t need a desktop computer for this. You can quickly enable or disable YouTube comments using your Android or iOS mobile device.

Important note: Disabling comments does not affect existing comments on a video. When you decide to activate comments, you can review them.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

When it comes to blocking YouTube comments from your phone, there aren’t many options. If you want to block comments in bulk, you’ll need to do it on a desktop computer. The same goes for automatically blocking comments on new uploads. This cannot be done over the phone.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube 2022

If you don’t want to completely block comments on a video, YouTube Studio has some limited options.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

Click the menu in the app and go to Reviews. Click the three dots next to each comment to open the options:

Justify your price, it should be done on the computer. If your YouTube channel is designed for kids, ratings are automatically turned off for videos you can’t choose from.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

How To Disable Comments On Youtube

Maybe your comments are not 100% negative. We’d bet that most of your content has a boosted help message at the bottom. So please write as many comments as possible. Connect with your audience.

When you’re ready to find your absolute superfans, read this post to find out who comments the most on your videos.

How To Turn Off Comments On Youtube

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Youtube Pledged To Disable Comments On Videos With Young Kids. It Hasn’t

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