How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video – Comments are an important part of any YouTube profile. They are often viewed as places where there are many unfiltered opinions and behaviors that YouTube’s algorithm analyzes to rank your videos.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about disabling comments on YouTube and what you should consider beforehand. We’ll also walk you through a quick guide on how to manage comments across devices, even when your live chat is on.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

If at some point you no longer wish to have comments left under your videos, you can turn them off in a browser on any device. That’s how it’s done:

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If you don’t know your audience well enough when hosting a live stream, some users may post things haphazardly that may be irrelevant or even problematic. Sometimes the best way to prevent this is to disable the chat box. That way, you don’t have to worry about issues and make sure everyone’s focus is on the video and not the comments.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

You can turn live chat on or off at any time during your event or live stream. Here’s how to do it.

If your live stream is on and you suddenly decide to turn off your live chat, YouTube gives you the option to delete messages, turn off users, or hide problematic users and their messages from your channel. You can do this by simply holding “Alt” on your keyboard to pause the chat and send specific messages.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

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There’s also a way to hide a viewer if you think they’re getting in the way of your live chat or getting too much attention. Here’s how to do it with YouTube Studio:

If you’ve just discovered that you want to disable comments on YouTube and don’t have your computer with you, don’t worry.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

YouTube gives you access to the advanced settings on your phone where you can turn off comments if you wish. If you’re using the YouTube app on an iPhone or Android, do the following:

How To Turn Youtube Comments On Or Off: Mobile Device Guide

Managing your YouTube channel from an iPad is very similar to managing it on your phone. If you want to use it to turn off comments on your videos, here’s what you can do:

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Instead of removing comments from your videos, it might be a better option to just change the default view and include the most recent comments to make them more visible. Or you can choose to show your top comments, keeping the spam out of the public eye.

If you decide not to turn off your comments, just change their order, you can do so in a few simple steps:

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

How To Change Your Name On Youtube Comments

If you ask experienced YouTubers, they have a lot of opinions on this topic as there is no definite answer to this question.

On the one hand, comments are a fantastic way to connect with your audience and get instant feedback on your creations. When people know they can openly contact you, they will follow you, click the subscribe button more often, and ultimately feel more connected to your content. This is especially important when you’re just starting to build your online community and need as many viewers as possible.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

However, if you let someone comment on your profile, after a while you will notice bots or people who don’t like your content and be determined to write that under every video or mention it in your live chat. Of course, there will always be someone with bad comments. That’s why YouTube has come up with several ways to manage comments, including removing and reporting comments and hiding users from your channel.

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Comments are a great way to start a conversation and promote a topic on all social media. Commenting and sharing shows you who your audience is and what values ​​those people represent. They can also give you important, unfiltered feedback.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Paying attention to what they say can improve your account and give you new ideas for the type of content you can create. You can answer some of the questions or topics your viewers are asking. Of course, look for constructive criticism, not comments that criticize everything.

Comments show how engaged your viewers are and increase the time they spend on your channel. When people spend more time watching your videos and reading comments, it can improve your watch time and ranking. If you’re new to YouTube, comments are a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

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YouTube recently announced that it would remove comments from all channels containing children and minors. In this way, they want to protect children from aggressive comments and put their safety first. They also remove comments from any channels that post videos of minors under the age of 18, believing they risk attracting problematic comments.

YouTube has announced the launch of a new algorithm to automatically identify and delete problematic comments. As a result, if your channel publishes content aimed at children or minors, you will no longer be able to enable comments.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

YouTube comments are the right way for brands and bloggers to engage with their followers and have an ongoing dialogue. However, they require a lot of effort that can quickly become a full-time job, especially when your channel starts to grow.

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Now that you know how to disable YouTube comments and how to hide comments, you’re ready to take control of your channel and start making real connections with your audience. You will also learn how to remove, hide or report offensive content and manage the live chat box.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

What was the worst comment you’ve ever received on your channel? Do you often comment on other people’s videos?

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How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

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One of the most popular questions is how do I change my name in YouTube comments?

It’s a valid question. Youtube comments are public, so users can find them by searching for your name, for example.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Is there a way to not leave a public footprint and still be able to voice your opinion on Youtube?

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While there is no “official”/standard way to do this, there are some workarounds that will allow you to comment anonymously on YouTube.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

One way is to change your Youtube username, which also acts as your display name when you post comments on Youtube. In order to do this:

Note that this will also change the name on your Youtube channel, so this isn’t an ideal solution if you have followers.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

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There is no way to hide your name on Youtube, but you can create another channel to post comments anonymously on Youtube. In order to do this:

From there you can easily switch between your channels depending on whether you want to add a comment from your name or your anonymous account:

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

For complete anonymity, you can leave this new channel blank (using the default profile picture and leaving all fields blank).

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This is definitely up to you. There may be various circumstances that may affect your decision. One general thing to always keep in mind: your comments will stay on Youtube forever. You can change your mind, but someone will always be able to go back years and find what you said back then to challenge you.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Many people are unaware that every time they use their real name to post online, they leave a searchable and identifiable footprint that is not always easy to erase.

For now, YouTube allows you to delete your comments in bulk, but that option wasn’t always there, and there’s no guarantee it will stay there in the future. After all, it’s very easy to make copies of copies of almost anything on the internet. So when you post something, it can take on a life of its own that you may not have any control over.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Set Your Channel Guidelines

So whether or not you should use your real name on Youtube is a personal choice, but remember: cleaning up your online footprint may not be easy!

Not yet, but you can change your Facebook display name or create an anonymous “sub-channel” that you can use to comment.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

Both methods are workarounds and not real ways to maintain anonymity on Youtube, but the good thing is that unlike Facebook, Youtube doesn’t require your real name, so you can easily hide your identity when commenting.

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To change your name in YouTube comments, you must change your name in your Google account. This will also change your channel’s overall name.

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

YouTube always displays your public channel name when you comment. There is no anonymous mode (like in Quora for example). But unlike Facebook and Quora, you can use almost any name for your channel. This does not have to be your real name. You can also create an additional channel to post comments on YouTube incognito while keeping your main Real Name channel.

This is definitely your personal choice. However, keep in mind that your YouTube comments may remain on the web (and

How To Turn Off Comments On My Youtube Video

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