How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021 – If you want to know how to block YouTube ads on Android in 2022, you are in my No Premium Club. In this article, I’ll give you eight ways to block YouTube ads, both free and paid. Don’t blame yourself for coming here. Revenue from YouTube ads in the second quarter of this year was $343 million higher than the same period last year. YouTube is slowly becoming AdTube, and has no desire to reward such a trend. The platform got rid of its video ads by encouraging top bloggers to monetize their efforts in an unrestricted way. This results in massive distrust of adware and YouTube itself, bordering on pure hatred. The team has done a great research on ad-free ways to watch YouTube on your Android-powered device in 2022. Let’s look at all the solutions to see what is best for you.

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How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

Feeding users more and more ads is a strategy that YouTube has adopted for another big reason. In addition to easily earning cash by selling ad placeholders, the service encourages us to purchase YouTube Premium subscriptions. Formerly known as YouTube Red, it is a paid plan that offers its holders a set of eligible features such as:

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For just $11.99 per month, these types of benefits seem like a fair deal. What is wrong, YouTube treats people who are not willing or able to pay this amount every month. Get rid of YouTube ads for Rs 12 while watching only twice a week?

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

A year ago, in August 2021, Google launched a new “Premium Lite” subscription in the Nordic countries and the Benelux. The new subscription was a response to complaints about the cost and questionable viability of regular premiums. For the price of €6.99, you get ad-free viewing on all platforms. All other features like background play, picture-in-picture play, offline download, etc. were still only available for premium users.

A year has passed, and there is no update to Premium Lite. The geography of the new plan has not expanded, and users in countries where the plan has been tested have reported an inability to subscribe.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

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While Premium Lite becomes a universal option to watch YouTube without ads on Android or anywhere else. Similarly, test results are unknown. Perhaps, later we will hear the honest opinion of users who were lucky enough to test the brand new subscription. To this day, I cannot recommend it enough.

Do you also see that paying for a second premium is a bit richer? We have come up with an alternative method of how to watch YouTube without ads on Android without paying money. In fact, this method does not require any investment. We are talking about using an ad-free web browser.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

Ad-free browsers redirect all traffic through their servers, preventing users from being targeted by marketers as in traditional browser sessions. These types of apps are available on both Google Play and third-party app markets and there are many options to choose from. According to Similar Web, among the most trusted and popular browsers are:

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What they all have in common is a variety of features, including but not limited to a tracker blocker, ad blocker, built-in VPN, and incognito mode. The adblocking functionality of these web browsers is usually sufficient to enjoy YouTube content without ads and interruptions.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

Generally, ad-tracker-blocking tools on these browsers are easily accessed with a few taps. For example, let’s show you how to block YouTube ads on Android on Brave Browser:

Naturally, it also has major drawbacks. These utilities only block ads in a web browser session so they won’t be able to deal with ads in Android apps and games, including the YouTube app. Plus, most of us already have a favorite browser, filled with bookmarks, saved passwords, add-ons, and other hints of personalization. With ad-free web browsers you have to start configuring everything all over again, and, to be fair, none of these offer the range of customization features that traditional web browsers do.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

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It was once published that Avast was selling user data through Jumpshot. To prevent confusion around the concerns, the jumpshot was discontinued.

In addition to the primary function of redirecting traffic through servers around the world, VPN apps can also block ads. This is especially true for products capable of filtering DNS requests when loading online advertising. But is it enough to just install a VPN on Android, sit back and watch ad-free YouTube videos?

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

The answer is no. Although some VPN services offer ad-blocking as a supplementary feature, it is not the main purpose of using it. Additionally, only some VPN Android apps include an ad-blocking function. Typically, the app redirects traffic through another server, so the user gets close to the same number of ads. The only difference is that the ads are completely irrelevant and personalized.

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But then another set of VPN-related issues can effectively ruin the user experience. First, VPNs inevitably slow down your internet connection. On top of that, if using a virtual server in another country, the VPN will match your YouTube homepage, suggestions, and preferences to that country, not your interests. Finally, if you use a free VPN, you should ask yourself, how does it make its profit? Built-in malware and cryptocurrency mining scripts, as well as trading users’ personal and browser data, may be the answer. You’re still here Well, at least use one of our suggested options:

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

It is a unique all-in-one solution that comprehensively blocks ads on Android system. It runs silently in the background, removing commercial content in browsers, apps, games, messengers and any other Android software. You will not see that it works; You will enjoy the result of his work. Disable YouTube ads with our customized ad blocker for Android — see how easy it is:

Another option is to enjoy YouTube videos without ads in your favorite Android web browser, such as Chrome or Opera. Get up and walk, and it will all work out. Another tip: You can add an icon for the YouTube browser version to your home screen for quick access. Just open YouTube in your browser, tap on Options and go with Add to Home Screen option.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

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Uncontrolled access to your data seems like the biggest deal breaker: revealing everything about yourself to anonymous developers can be very dangerous indeed. So, we advise you not to risk your privacy and install any “alternative” YouTube client on your Android. If you decide to do it, though, here’s a short step-by-step guide:

Tired of multiple redirects stacking up on your tab bar? On top of that redirects are annoying, they can be caused by weird redirect viruses. Read our article and learn how to block redirects on Android devices. Third-party tools to watch YouTube without ads

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

You can watch YouTube videos on external websites. This opens the door for many third-party platforms to attract traffic by offering comfort and additional features to visitors. Viewers, in turn, have their reasons for moving away from YouTube in favor of this platform.

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First, many people use YouTube at work and face firewalls preventing employee access. If a firewall isn’t an issue, NSFW content in suggested videos or comments can become one. No one wants to flash something inappropriate to their boss or the entire office during a presentation. And that’s where Quietube enters. This removes everything except video from the view.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

Another good reason to watch videos outside of YouTube is to make them suitable for the family or classroom. People often write horrible things in the comments that children shouldn’t see. Video instruction algorithms can also do something irrelevant, distracting the classroom. To avoid such inconveniences, you can choose tools like Watchkin, View Pure or Not only do they make watching videos from YouTube safe, but they block ads and offer special plans for teachers or schools.

While the third-party tools listed above are useful and great for removing ads, we don’t recommend them for everyday use. The biggest concern is data privacy and cyber security, as the use of such intermediaries becomes a potential target for bad actors. In contrast, those services do not specifically encrypt your connection. Another reason is legal, as streaming videos outside of the official platform violates YouTube terms and conditions and creates copyright issues. And finally, those platforms are not as convenient as the official service.

How To Turn Off Ads On Youtube 2021

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