How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop – One problem with today’s Ultrabooks (and PC notebooks) is diversity – so many parts and features are the same between models and manufacturers that it’s hard to stand out from the pack. An Ivy Bridge processor? Integrated graphics? 1366×768 screen? Everyone has them. What else do you have?

With the Satellite U845W, Toshiba is doing something at least different, if nothing else: this laptop uses the same internals as other Ultrabooks and adds an ultra-wide 1792 x 768 display with 21:9 aspect ratio and head directly to the movie. . buffs and multitaskers who want or need more horizontal space for their windows. Is this super-wide display enough to give the U845W an edge over other Ultrabooks, or does it push the notebook too far into the narrow field?

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

21:9 1792×768 screen is sold as ideal for two things: watching movies in their original aspect ratio and placing two windows side by side. The screen is 14.4 “but the cloud ratio makes the U845W close to the height of an 11″ laptop, while still maintaining the width of a 14″ or 15” model.

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Size / Despite the 14.4 “screen, the height of the U845W is more or less compared to the height of the 11” MacBook Air pictured here.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

With two windows taking up exactly half of the screen, horizontal scrolling is definitely less than on a standard 1366×768 screen, although it is not completely banished – most websites are designed around of at least 1024×768 canvas, so the window around 890 pixels wide is still not ‘t wide enough to see everything.

Size / Most web pages are 1024 pixels wide and still have a partial view when viewed side by side.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

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To improve the usability of the wide screen for intensive work, Toshiba has included the Split Screen utility, one of the most useful OEM add-ons I’ve come across recently. It allows you to resize windows so that they take up the size of the screen – for example, one window can take up space 1024 or 1366 pixels wide and another window takes up the rest. This can be useful if you have a browser or file that needs a lot of space, and another program like instant messages or a Twitter client that only needs a narrow string.

Widescreen movies look good on the panel, although 4:3 and 16:9 content ends up in a wider horizontal box – the laptop’s wide screen is useful for people who want to watch movies while working or browsing the web. however. The laptop speaks loudly and does not interfere at high volume, although like a laptop speaker, there is not much bass.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

The U845W’s TN screen is generally not good – the horizontal viewing angles are bad, the vertical is bad and the colors are a little bad – but the big screen is more than a letdown if, while the extra width is good work with, the biggest problem with 1366×768 screens, which many laptops have. , is not a horizontal solution but

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Solve problems. 1792×768 is just a 21:9 version of 1366×768, and after using it for a few hours, I already want to reach 2100×900 (which by the way will solve the problem of both sides 1024×768).

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

The U845W is part “midnight silver” aluminum (although to my eyes it’s a little closer to burgundy) and part rubberized black plastic. The advantage of the latter is that it does not act like a magnetic finger, although dust sticks to it easily. Its port layout is reasonable but not exceptional – two USB ports and a 100MB Ethernet port on the left; card reader slot on the front; and another USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, and headphone and microphone jacks on the right side.

Large / The wrist rest matches the black band on the laptop lid, which I think is a nice subtle touch.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

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Large / SD card slot on the front of the laptop. This picture shows how much dust a rubber bag on top of a laptop can collect.

Large / On the right side, the headphone and microphone connection, USB 3.0 port and HDMI port, as well as the power connector.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

Large / Left, two USB 3.0 ports, 100 MB Ethernet port and Kensington lock.

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Open the laptop and you’re greeted by a power plastic wrist rest and Toshiba’s standard backlit Ultrabook keyboard – the same used on the 16:9 Satellite U840 Ultrabook, the upcoming U925t convertible, and more. It’s not my favorite; the keys are a bit low and squishy even compared to other chiclet keyboards, and they are a bit rectangular – they are just as wide as the keys of ASUS, Apple, Acer and similar keyboards, but for some does not seem wide. . long time. As with all keyboards, it takes some getting used to, but it just doesn’t feel as good as I expected.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

The trackpad is a large, textured plastic multi-touch device with no separate buttons. With the latest drivers installed, it works predictably – tap-to-click, two-finger right-click, and inertial two-finger scrolling are all available. Two finger scrolling tries to be inertial, but the end result is natural. The version of the driver I use also has the “coasting” option enabled by default, which causes constant scrolling when moving the mouse, which you have to use or turn off in the trackpad settings . Clicking on the bottom left and right side of the trackpad (where the buttons would be on an older style trackpad) also makes left and right clicks.

The large size of the laptop can be a problem with a bag or other accessories – my laptop bag is designed to carry 13″ and 14″ laptops, but the end of the U845W sticks out a little. The U845W also weighs four pounds for an Ultrabook, while thinner 11″ and 13″ Ultrabooks typically weigh 2-3 pounds.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

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The U854w uses Ivy Bridge CPUs and chipsets and an Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU, which should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about its performance. Our review unit includes a 1.90GHz Core i7-3517U processor, the same chip as the ASUS UX31A we reviewed, so I’ll point you in that direction if you’re looking for benchmarks. The cheaper model of the laptop still ships with a 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U, the same CPU as the Acer Timeline A5 we reviewed – however, Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks are still good for most computing tasks. The bottom of the laptop heats up when the laptop is working hard, and when a single fan hits the laptop it can get loud – but in normal use it is not unpleasant to hold or listening.

Our review unit also included a 256GB SSD, although cheaper models can be modeled with spinning hard drives combined with smaller SSD caches. However, the U845W lags a little behind in terms of network features. Others at this price usually offer Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band 802.11n wireless, but our review unit only had 100MB Ethernet and single-band 2.4GHz WiFi.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba estimates the battery life for models with SSDs is 9.05 hours and for models with hard drives is 8.36 hours. This always varies depending on the usage and the screen brightness, for example. according to others, but the manufacturer’s estimate seems to be a little better according to the time we spend with the device – expect the battery life to reach as high as 6 hours or as low as seven hours . area with all Windows default settings.

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There are eleven Phillips screws on the bottom of the U845W, one of which is hidden under the small rubber knob in the middle of the laptop. Remove them and the bottom of the laptop without much effort. There is a small cable that connects the power connector to the motherboard that comes out from the bottom of the case – be careful when you take the laptop apart, and of course remember to reconnect it during reassembly to the power upset the laptop.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

Opening the laptop provides access to the RAM, mSATA hard drive, wireless card, and hard drive (for models with a hard drive). Interestingly, the SSD-only model appears to use an mSATA SSD, leaving the hard drive intact to save weight. You can see the area where the hard drive (probably the 7mm high version) will go under the memory and to the right of the SSD and wireless card.

U845W has a free RAM slot that supports up to 8GB of RAM, making a total of 10GB when considering the 2GB of RAM soldered to the motherboard. Any other modifications or upgrades may require further disassembly of the laptop, voiding the warranty.

How To Turn Backlight On Toshiba Laptop

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The odd screen size of the U845W really suits Windows 8 very well, which expands to take advantage of the vertical pixels, but is still horizontally oriented. The home screen can display additional rows of tiles, and the Snap feature in particular will make things less cluttered when you have more space.

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