How To Tie A Round Turban

How To Tie A Round Turban – Amardeep Singh (right) told his son that wearing a turban is an honor and whoever wears it should be respected. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Innovation happens when many ideas are thrown together. And many ideas come from different perspectives and different perspectives from people from different walks of life.

How To Tie A Round Turban

How To Tie A Round Turban

Amardeep Singh, Vice President of Programs at US-based charitable fundraising company – Proteus Fund – took to his LinkedIn account to share a heartwarming post that sparks engagement ideas. The post, which has received over 40,000 likes, is about a very personal moment. Singh, a Sikh, shared a note to mark her son’s first full turban.

Ways To Tie A Headscarf

The Rutgers University student began his post by explaining that many people may have seen their colleagues wearing Sikh turbans and it would pique their curiosity. This curiosity according to Singh was mostly about what the Sikh turban represented.

How To Tie A Round Turban

Singh shared in his post that he tied the first full turban of his elder son Azaad. The warden said he cried until the end, remembering the importance of the turban. According to Singh, the turban was a daily reminder to continue working to uphold the Sikh values ​​of love, honor, compassion and sacrifice.

He told his son that wearing a turban is an honor and the wearer should be respected. “I finally broke down in tears when I told him that his turban, when he wears it, is his daily outward reminder to work to uphold the inner Sikh values ​​of love, honor, compassion and sacrifice. I told him that wearing a turban is an honor and the wearer should be honoured. I had to lower my voice to a whisper as I said that his ancestors had fought for this honor and now is the time. continuing this tradition,” Singh wrote in his emotional post.

How To Tie A Round Turban

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Singh went on to describe his mother’s emotional reaction as he called her on FaceTime to share the happy moment. His post drew some passionate responses, with many congratulating him but praising him for inspiring them.

“When I brought him to his mother and Vavo (short for grandmother in Portuguese), they both cried. Now I don’t know if Azaad – his name means freedom – will make a decision whether he wants to wear a turban as an adult,” said a former researcher at Human Rights Watch.

How To Tie A Round Turban

Singh said it was his duty as a parent to love and support Azad unconditionally. “But today I was proud and Azaad was smiling. Today, traditions live thousands of kilometers away and hundreds of years from their beginnings. Azad today is the dream of our ancestors. Good luck,” he captioned his post.

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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How To Tie A Round Turban

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Although it says 2-3 times a week but I have been using it daily with amazing results, thank you very much. Singh sat down with the News on the campaign bus to dispel some myths and reveal five things people don’t know about his turban.

How To Tie A Round Turban

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh speaks at his first campaign event last Wednesday in London, on the first day of the election campaign. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is on a road trip in the coming days through Quebec — a province that recently passed a law banning some public servants in positions of power from wearing religious symbols.

How To Tie A Round Turban

Amardeep Singh: Us Exec Emotional At Son’s 1st Turban Tying Moment, Invokes Ideals Of Sikhism & Inclusivity

One of the religious practices of an observant Sikh is not to cut his hair or beard. Singh wears a tight turban on his head and a scabbard kirpan (a small ceremonial knife) on his belt, each a symbol of his Sikh faith.

They raise a few eyebrows in Quebec, but Singh says he’s not worried. He believes he will receive a warm welcome across the province. But Bill 21 prohibits people working in the public sector from wearing visible symbols of their faith, meaning Singh cannot become a police officer or teacher and continue to wear his turban.

How To Tie A Round Turban

“I always liked it when people came up to me and asked me questions,” he said. “Ask. Better to ask.”

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Singh sat down with The News on a campaign tour bus to dispel myths about his colorful head and explained five things people don’t know about the turban.

How To Tie A Round Turban

Singh shares hair-tying technique with his family 3 years ago Duration 1:38 Among the things NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wants you to know about his turban is that it’s okay for people to see his hair.

“Sikhs were seen as champions of justice, upliftment of people, protection and protection of human rights. Defending equality. So when someone sees a Sikh, the turban indicates someone who will stand up for their rights, even if you don’t agree with them. even under

How To Tie A Round Turban

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Singh says that his turban is a symbol of unity and a beacon of compassion for others, that Sikhs will protect others and their rights. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

“The biggest reason Sikhs have this identity [with the turban] is that it represents what Sikhs believe in. Justice for everyone, equality, a really radical idea of ​​compassion. This idea that you and I are one. . So if you’re in pain or something is hurting you, I have to feel that it’s hurting me too.”

How To Tie A Round Turban

“It’s in the Sikh tradition

Things You Wanted To Know About My Turban But Were Too Afraid To Ask

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