How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music – Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service, offers a three-month free trial, which will get you hooked enough to pay for a monthly subscription. If you’re a previous subscriber, you can even enjoy a one-month trial. Although it’s not very obvious, there is a way to cancel your free trial from Auto-Renew. That way, you don’t have to contact Apple Support to get your money back because you forgot.

Even if you’re using an iPad 13 or earlier, the process to turn off Apple Music auto-update on your iPhone or iPod touch is simple. Same as ending your trial for Apple News+ and Apple Arcade. However, before showing the Cancellation process; Let’s quickly activate a free trial of one or three months.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

To start the trial, you must be subscribed to Apple Music and have a credit card linked to your Apple ID. You must also confirm that you have “purchased” the $9.99/month subscription. However, you will not be charged until the end of the Trial; Price may vary if you are a student (proof required) or want a family plan.

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In the Apple Music app; Click on the “For You” tab; Then somewhere on the page you will see a full screen form or a link to start a free trial. After clicking the button to claim the free trial, Apple Pay will open and you will need to authenticate the transaction.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

After the trial period ends, Apple charges you monthly (unless you switch to a cheaper annual plan). The process of changing your Apple Music plan is the same as canceling your subscription, so you can check out the steps below to get there. Speaking of which, if you want to cancel, make sure it’s 24 hours before your next payment date.

You can renew your subscription if you cancel it 24 hours before the renewal date. – Apple

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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There are several ways to go into settings to manage your Apple Music subscription. The first one below is the easiest; However, you can choose any option to get the job done.

At 12 or 13, start going to the For You tab in your music app. Then tap on the profile icon at the top of the page (you can ask to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID); Then select “Manage Subscription”.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

Note: If you are 10 or 11 years old, select the Profile icon and then click “View Apple ID”; Then enter your password or authenticate using Touch ID. Then click the “Subscribe” button. For ages 9 and under, do the same, but click the Manage button below.

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On the subscription settings page, you will be able to see the exact date of the end of the trial period. You can save the date to your calendar or switch to another “paid plan” in the Notifications app.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

Note that Apple says in the fine print that “if you cancel your trial, your service will stop immediately.” This is not always the case. Until November 2018, you can cancel your trial and enjoy the rest; But Apple has updated the rules so that some countries will immediately lose access. The following month, Apple changed it to all countries.

Click the “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Trial” button below to end your trial immediately; Then “Confirm”. If you do, your free trial will end immediately. (If you’re on version 9 or earlier, turn off Automatic Updates instead, then click Uninstall.)

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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Alternatively, you can access your subscription settings from the App Store. at 12 and 13; In any tab at the bottom except “Search”. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Then click on the “Manage subscriptions” button.

Note: On day 11, you must also click on your profile icon as mentioned above. After that, you need to choose your name and select “Subscribe”. 10 and below you go to the bottom of the Featured tab; Tap Apple ID; Click on “View Apple ID” Then select “Subscriptions”.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

Then, select “Apple Music Membership” from the Subscription list and switch to another paid plan to cancel it, or click “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Trial” and “Confirm” to cancel.

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You can open Settings and select “iTunes & App Store”. Then click on your Apple ID at the top and click “View Apple ID” in the pop-up window that appears. Enter your password or use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate if needed.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

, ” then “Apple Music Membership” will be in your subscription list. Then you can switch to another paid plan or click “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel” and confirm to end it you can click.

The last method is to open Settings, then click on your name above. Then click on “iTunes and App Stores”. Then follow the instructions in option 3. It’s the same process; This is another way to achieve it.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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It’s nice to be able to cancel the subscription even if Apple buries the iPhone. But they want to bring back the industry standard or allow free trials even after cancellation.

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How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

Secure your connection with no monthly fees. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices and watch Hulu or Netflix without region restrictions with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop; Improve security when browsing public networks and more. Apple Music has been available worldwide for several years and offers a 3-month free trial. However, after the trial period ends, you will be charged $10 per month until you turn off Auto-Renew. Fortunately, as with all paid subscription services from iTunes; It works quickly and easily.

How To Disable Auto Renewal

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app and click the “For You” tab at the bottom. Then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select View Apple ID.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

Step 2: After entering your Apple ID credentials, you will be taken to the Account Settings page. Find the subscription box.

That’s all. Even if you turn off auto-renewal, a pop-up window should confirm that you can still access Apple Music for free for the next three months. Therefore, if you open an account on June 30th, the premium features of the Service will be available until September 30th.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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Some people are upset that Apple is doing away with auto-renewal and sign-up for subscriptions, but honestly, I’m not surprised because that’s what I’ve seen happen with most free trials. For more information about Apple Music, check out our posts about the Service. On June 30, Apple Music debuted in more than 100 countries around the world, allowing users to try the music service for a three-month free trial. Apple requires you to have a payment method linked to your iTunes account to open the trial, such as a credit card, and Individual Plan and Family Plan subscriptions will automatically renew after the trial. For those who want to give Apple Music a try, learn how to turn off Auto Update below.

If you turn off auto-renewal, the streaming music service will not renew after the three-month free trial. You can try Apple Music on iPad and iPod touch. To reactivate a recurring Apple Music subscription; Follow the steps above and turn on auto-update again. Your settings will also apply to the iTunes version of Apple Music on your Mac and PC.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

IOS 16.2 is now available for iPhone 8 and later after two months of beta testing. With last minute additions like Apple Music Sing and Advanced Data Protection. The software update includes more than a dozen new features and changes for iPhone. below, Apple’s whiteboard Freeform app; We’ve taken a look at several new features available in iOS 16.2, including two new lock screens.

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In July, Apple agreed to pay $50 million in a class-action lawsuit over faulty butterfly keyboards used on MacBooks from 2015 to 2019, and now emails about the payments are being sent to MacBook Pro owners. . Dear MacBook Owner, You are receiving this email because you previously contacted us about your MacBook.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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According to display analyst Ross Yang, Apple may introduce the 15.5-inch MacBook Air in the spring of 2023. Young said in a tweet he shared with his super followers.

How To Stop Automatic Renewal On Apple Music

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