How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome – The show is rapidly changing the world one day at a time. Today we can book a cabinet, order food and watch movies through a mobile app. However, sometimes a certain service area offers better features. One would think that opening a website in a browser should not be a difficult task. But it is for other services on Android. In fact, the Chrome browser opens many websites in their respective applications instead of opening them as websites in the browser itself. Are you angry about this? Find out how to stop it.

Many problems appear in sites like YouTube, Reddit, Amazon, Facebook, etc. When a user clicks on a YouTube Short Link in Chrome, they expect the browser to open a YouTube page directly. But Chrome sends them to YouTube automatically.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

Are you facing the same problem? Here are three ways to make Chrome start websites instead of apps.

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Instant Apps are a feature of Android phones that allow you to use apps without installing them. The same process works when you click on a link in Chrome. Instead of opening a website, an instant app or a virtual app installed on your phone will open.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

To stop that behavior and allow Chrome to open websites instead, you need to disable the app immediately on your Android phone. There are different ways to do this. We covered them all. Check which one allows you to close the application immediately.

In this way you need to check the default settings of the application. You can use a phone search to find it if the steps below don’t help.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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Step 1: Open settings on your phone. Find the installed software or device manager according to the available options.

Step 2: On some phones you will get the default app directly when you click on the app. For others, you will need to click on Advanced > Default Apps.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

On a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Apps. Click on the three dots icon and select Default application. On Mi phones, go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Then click on the three dots icon at the top and select the default device.

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Step 3: Click the Open link on the default application screen. Here you will see the program immediately. Close the throttle close to it.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

Open the Google Play Store on your phone and open the left panel. Click on Settings. Click on Google Play Instant and toggle online update on the next screen.

Android phones allow you to choose default settings for different services. The same goes for websites. If Chrome finds a supported link for an application, it will open the website to the application. That behavior can be changed in certain situations.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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You will need to change it separately for the app. We will use YouTube as an example. You can do this in two ways as well.

You need to follow the same steps as we discussed in the previous repair method. It is to turn on the default settings of the application. For that, go to Settings > Applications > Default apps. Or, click the three-dot icon in Settings > Apps screen and select Default app.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

Click to Open Supported Links. You can choose to ask periodically or choose not to allow the app to open the link based on your preference. If you choose to ask every time you click on a YouTube link, your phone will ask whether it should be opened in the YouTube app or the installed browser.

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Restart the phone and Chrome will now open the YouTube link in the browser only. Also, if you want other websites to open in the browser, change the link opening behavior using the same steps.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

Go to Settings > Tools. Open the required application. Let’s say YouTube. Search by default settings. Click on it.

Click Clear Default if applicable. Then go to Open Supported Links and select Ask anytime or don’t allow the app to open the link.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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Both of the above methods should solve the problem. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump him and move on. Doing so will not delete any of your devices or data associated with them. However, settings on your phone, such as apps that block permission restrictions, will be reset to their default values. Find out exactly what happened by resetting the app’s settings.

To reset application preferences, go to Settings > System > Reset preferences. Click Reset app settings again. Or, go to Settings > Apps. Click on the three dots icon and select Reset app settings.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

If Chrome keeps opening applications, you should seek help from a solution to find a link to open the browser. First, copy the link and open it in Chrome’s incognito mode. It will open the website instead of the application.

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On the other hand, enable the Chrome web page request function. For that, click on the three dots icon in Chrome and launch the desktop application website. We hope that you will be able to open the necessary links in the browser.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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Mehvish Mushtaq is a computer engineer with a degree. His love for Android and apps led him to create the first Android app for Kashmir. Known as Dial Kashmir, he has won the prestigious Nari Shakti award from the President of India for the same. He has been writing about technology for many years and his favorite images include tutorials, tips and tricks for Android, iOS / iPadOS, Windows and web tools. Browser redirects are the second most annoying thing after tons of ads popping up here and there in our web browsing experience. The appearance of redirect pages is usually caused by bad website visits and file downloads from insecure websites.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

While browsing the Internet and browsing other websites, you may be redirected to third-party websites that are unrelated to the topic you are viewing and are often fraudulent.

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Make no mistake, not all references are bad, some of them are harmless but still annoying.

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

The idea of ​​crawling is simple – to get internet users to access pay-per-click (PPC) networks that drive traffic to other people’s sites. By visiting PPC websites, you generate more revenue for your referrals. Moving these sites is usually harmless.

But there are redirects that take you to dangerous websites that can infect your computer with worms, ransomware, trojans, spyware and various types of malware. Usually you don’t know about the fact that your computer is infected, but right after the real headache starts. You may notice one of the following signs of digital transmission:

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

How To Stop Redirects In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari Browsers

In this article we will explain how to prevent redirects from appearing and delete them from your computer and popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc. We will also consider existing browser tools and third-party solutions. Are you ready to tackle browser migration? Put on the belt!

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How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most secure browsers in the world. It ranks first in global usage with 64% of the global browser market share.

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Although Chrome developers have made their browsers detect and stop URL forwarding attempts

How To Stop Auto Redirect Chrome

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