How To Stop A Long Running Script

How To Stop A Long Running Script – Are you having problems with “Not responding due to a long-running script” error when browsing a website in Internet Explorer? Wondering what went wrong or why you’re getting this mysterious error?

So make sure you are not alone. Sometimes users find Internet Explorer unresponsive due to a long-running script error.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

How To Stop A Long Running Script

Well, this is a common error and usually occurs with Internet Explorer version 11 and happens when the script runs longer or crashes generically or if script debugging is enabled.

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Fortunately, a lingering script error in Windows is easy to fix by modularizing scripts or turning off script debugging.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

In this article, you will get complete troubleshooting solutions to fix unresponsiveness due to long running script error.

So, if you are also the one who is facing this error, read the article with due attention and follow the given fixes one by one.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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Much before you go for the given fixes, it is suggested that you try the following quick fixes to fix the lingering script error in Windows.

1: Try to use a different browser: As most of the users have reported that they are not responding due to long running script error in Internet Explorer 11, so in this situation, try to use other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. .

How To Stop A Long Running Script

2: Use a web proxy: Using a web proxy is another quick trick that works for many users to avoid long running script errors. To check if this works in your case or not.

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Well, if above mentioned tricks don’t work for you, here we suggest you to follow below fixes to fix unresponsiveness due to long running script error in Internet Explorer.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

As mentioned earlier, the most likely reason for a persistent script error is that script debugging is enabled.

Therefore, it is suggested here to prevent IE11 from showing error notifications, disable the script debugging option.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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Now restart Internet Explorer and see if the error still occurs. If it’s not OK but the error still appears, follow the solution below.

If the above solution doesn’t work for you, it could be that the “Not responding due to long-running script” error is caused by a genetic error. So, in this case, running the Windows Internet Troubleshooter works for you.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

This automatically detects problems with your version of Internet Explorer and fixes them if Microsoft knows about the problem.

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Many users have reported that disabling a third-party antivirus helps them fix the problem. Because the antivirus program may block the connection or loading of some scripts and cause an error.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

Well, if the problem still occurs, uninstall the antivirus and check if the error is fixed or not. But if not, it could be that the problem is related to the website.

If none of the above solutions work, the problem might be related to the website.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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How To Stop A Long Running Script

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How To Stop A Long Running Script

The long running script error is a bit annoying as you can’t visit a particular web page. So I have tried my best to list complete fixes to fix “Not responding due to long running script” error in Internet Explorer 11

Here, I have tried my best to list the best possible solutions to get rid of the lingering script error in Windows.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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Follow the given solutions one by one to fix unresponsiveness due to long running script error in Windows.

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How To Stop A Long Running Script

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How can I end the execution of a script when I’m scrolling through the JavaScript code in the Google Chrome debugger if I don’t want to continue? The only way I have found is to close the browser window.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

Pressing “Reload this page” will run the rest of the code and even submit the forms as if you had pressed F8 “Continue”.

Closing and reopening the browser window is not always the next easiest way, as it will clear the browser session state, which can be important. All your breakpoints are also lost.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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Proposed an effective solution. For example, if you’re using jQuery, running delete $ from the console will stop execution when it encounters any jQuery method. I have tested it in all the browsers listed above and can confirm that it works.

Finally, after more than 2 years and almost 10,000 views, the correct answer was given by Alexander K. Google Chrome has its own task manager that can kill the tab process

How To Stop A Long Running Script

I even went to to test it in Chrome v22 and found that it worked that way even then.

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Chrome Dev Tools finally added a proper way to stop script execution, which is nice (albeit a bit hidden). See James Gentes’ answer for more details.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

As of Chrome 80, none of the current answers work. The “Pause” button is not visible; to access the Stop icon, you need to long-click the “Play” button:

One way to do this is to pause the script, look at the following code where you are currently paused, for example:

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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EDIT: I originally removed the variable. That’s not good enough. You must remove the function or object from which JavaScript tries to access the property.

[Issue 2022: Reported as and 1112863 in 2017, and 5 years later it was recently marked as fixed, so if this is still happening, you need to update Chrome (and keep it up to date in general). If you have this problem in 2023 or later, it may be another problem, bug regression, etc.]

How To Stop A Long Running Script

… then I think the page will run forever until the js runtime produces or until the next break. Assuming you’re in pause mode by mistake (toggling the pause icon), you can make it stop by doing something like this:

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(Of course, this doesn’t help if you’re trying to cycle through functions, although you might be able to add one dynamically

How To Stop A Long Running Script

Or something like that in the Resources panel, ctrl-S to save and then ctrl-R to refresh… but that might skip the breakpoint, but it might work if you’re in a loop.)

Referring to @scottndecker’s answer to the following question, Chrome now offers a “disable JavaScript” option in the developer tools:

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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Good question. I don’t think you can interrupt the execution of the script. Although I’ve never looked for it, I’ve been using the Chrome debugger at work for quite some time. I usually set breakpoints in my javascript code and then debug the part of the code I’m interested in. After I finish debugging this code, I usually run the rest of the program or refresh the browser.

If you want to prevent the rest of the script from running (e.g. due to AJAX calls), the only thing you can do is to remove this code in the console for now and avoid those calls. if executed, then it can run the rest of the code without issue.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

P.S.: I tried to find an option to suspend execution in some tutorials/guides like the ones below, but I couldn’t find it. As I said before, this possibility probably does not exist.

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You can pause any XHR sample, which I find very useful when debugging this type of scenario.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

As others have noted, reloading the page during pause is the same as restarting a dummy loop and can cause nasty crashes if the debugger also crashes (in some cases leading to a restart of Chrome or even the computer). The debugger needs a “Stop” button. Note: The accepted answer is out of date as some aspects appear to be incorrect. If you downvote me, please explain 🙂

Open the source tab under “Developer Tools”, click on the line number in the running script, this will create a breakpoint and the debugger will break there.

How To Stop A Long Running Script

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