How To Start Share Market

How To Start Share Market – If you don’t put your money to work, its value will continue to decline. If inflation increases, the value of 100 rupees today will be less than 100 rupees next year. In this post, learn how to get started with stock market investing for beginners.

To beat inflation and generate good returns, the stock market can be a great place to achieve your long-term wealth creation goals.

How To Start Share Market

How To Start Share Market

But before investing in the stock market, you need to learn how to invest in the stock market, how to buy stocks, and how to choose the right investments.

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Buying stocks, stocks, or mutual funds and holding them for a long period of time (usually 3 to 5 years or more) is called investing. When investing in financial instruments like mutual funds or stocks, our goal is to generate higher returns than the FD interest rates offered by banks.

How To Start Share Market

Profits generated must also beat inflation. Let’s take an example here. Today you can buy a liter of mustard oil for 100 rupees. After a year, the price of the same brand of oil may increase to 105rs due to inflation.

So, unless you increase your current 100 rupees to more than 105 rupees, you will not be able to buy oil bottles in the future. If we deposit 100 rupees in the bank, I will get 6% interest rate on the FD, the bank will give me 106 rupees at the end of the year.

How To Start Share Market Trading Mode On Stock Market Investing Day Trader Economics T Shirt

If we get 106rs, we can buy 105rs of oil next year, but the amount we save is 106-105 = 1rs. So, the inflation adjusted income of Bank FD is only 1rs for 100rs.

Let us assume that we invest ₹100 in stocks and get 12% return after 1 year. In this case, the value of 100rs becomes 112rs. Assuming the same inflation, you will generate 112-106 = 6rs more profit than you would have generated if you kept it in the bank.

How To Start Share Market

This is said to overcome inflation and generate good profits. This is the basic purpose of investing. The idea is to generate a higher return on your investment to create wealth after taking inflation into account. One way to generate such returns is to know how to invest in the stock market through mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, etc.

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We can invest in the stock market through various channels. The most popular products are mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks you buy directly.

How To Start Share Market

If you are a beginner and want to get decent returns on your investments, you can start investing in the best mutual funds through SIP mode or Lumpsum mode.

If you want to generate higher returns and can learn the basics of the stock market to analyze stocks and companies, you can invest directly in stocks or shares.

How To Start Share Market

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However, investing in the stock market can be risky for beginners. Before investing, you need to know how to fundamentally analyze stocks and the market fundamentals.

Stocks are like ownership in a company. If you own 0.5% of the company’s total stock, you are a 0.5% owner of the company. If the company makes a profit, you, as the owner of the company, also make a profit, and that profit is distributed as dividends.

How To Start Share Market

In the short term, stock prices are influenced by news, events, etc. In the long run, if the company continues to make money every year and its profits grow, it will continue to reward shareholders in the form of dividends.

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Therefore, the demand for the stock will increase and the stock price will rise in the long run.

How To Start Share Market

You need to understand why stock prices are rising. You can determine which reasons contribute to increasing your company’s future profits. Typically, when a company generates good profits, it returns profits to investors in the form of dividends.

You need to learn how to select good stocks and how to analyze companies through fundamental analysis. We have a complete online fundamental analysis course and stock market course that can help you learn the stock market.

How To Start Share Market

How To Invest In Stock Market ?

Don’t invest in just one company. You need to choose 10-15 companies and then invest your money in small portions for each stock. This is called diversification. This is done to avoid unsystematic risk, i.e. the risk of a company failing completely.

To start your investment journey, you need to open a Demat account with a reputed stock brokerage. There are many best stock brokers in India. We recommend Zerodha, which is one of the best stock brokers in India and offers free investing with no brokerage fees. You can start by visiting the direct link to open Zerodha Demat account online in 10 minutes. Below is a list of documents required to open a Demat account online.

How To Start Share Market

Here are some tips for people who want to start investing in stocks.

How To Invest In Share Market In India For Beginners

You must pay off all high-interest debt, such as credit card debt and personal loans. The interest rates on these loans are higher than the income earned from the stock market.

How To Start Share Market

Invest your money in a way that doesn’t affect your daily life. If you are new to the stock market, investing in debt/loans is not a good idea.

Having cash on hand will always serve as your emergency fund and key to freedom. Having cash can help you make important life decisions, like moving to a new city or quitting your job. Avoid investing all your money in the stock market as it can result in huge losses.

How To Start Share Market

Point Guide On How To Start Investing In Share Market In India In 2023

You can invest for any period of time, but to generate the best returns from the stock market, it is generally recommended to keep your investments for at least 5-7 years.

You can increase your wealth by investing in the stock market. Once you have opened a demat and trading account, let’s see how to invest in the stock market by following the steps below.

How To Start Share Market

To save money to invest in the stock market, you can follow the 50-30-20 rule. This means that if you earn 100 rupees, you should spend 50 rupees on necessities and needs, 30 rupees on wants and desires and 20 rupees in savings. If you save 20 rupees, you can invest a certain amount in stocks depending on your age.

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If you are young, you can invest up to 40% of your savings in the stock market. If you are in your mid-40s, it is recommended not to invest more than 20% of your total savings in the stock market.

How To Start Share Market

Once you’ve decided on the amount, it’s time to design a portfolio consisting of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. If you have no knowledge about the stock market, you can invest all your money in mutual funds.

If you want to invest in the best mutual funds and have a low budget, exchange traded funds (ETFs) would be the best investment option. Mutual funds often have a minimum amount of Rs 500 or more, but ETFs are traded like stocks. , can be purchased at the stock price. Learn more about what an ETF is here.

How To Start Share Market

How To Start Investing In The Stock Market: A…

If you have knowledge about stocks and can select stocks, it is a good idea to create a portfolio that mixes mutual funds and stocks.

Decide whether to invest as a lump sum or as a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). You should plan to invest periodically in small amounts and then analyze how much you want to invest each month.

How To Start Share Market

Many people have the misconception that you need a lot of money to start investing in stocks, but this is not true. You can start with even a small amount of money.

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There are many investment-related stock market books that can help you learn the basics of the stock market. Here are a few books.

How To Start Share Market

Once you discover a company’s product or service, you need to research it. I would like to know more details about the parent company, whether it is listed on the stock exchange, and the current stock price. Most products or services we use in our daily lives, such as soap, shampoo, cigarettes, banks, gas pumps, SIM cards, etc., have a company.

You can use Google Spreadsheets to track your stocks. Create a spreadsheet with three tables.

How To Start Share Market

Common Questions On When To Start Investing In The Share Market

It’s always good to have an exit plan. You can either book a profit or take a loss and liquidate the stock. There are usually only four situations where you should sell good stocks in your portfolio.

If you’ve achieved your investment goals, you can happily exit the stock. You can reserve a portion of your profits from your stock portfolio to move into other safer investment options. If your inventory is low, you need to close it.

How To Start Share Market

Choosing good stocks for investment requires an understanding of how a company operates and how its future earnings are likely to increase or decrease. Analyzing a company by analyzing its income statement and balance sheet based on these financial indicators is called basic corporate analysis. Let’s read below some parameters that can help you choose the best stocks.

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