How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar – Microsoft assumes that users open Bing search in their browser settings in Edge. Open a new tab with a blank page. Your data collection is announced in the ubiquitous FYI statement “This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and advertising. By continuing to browse this site, you consent to their use.”

Can’t seem to open a blank new tab without the Bing search bar. It doesn’t seem to be possible to prevent Microsoft from collecting users’ browsing history. This Microsoft default does not give users the option to opt out.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

You can open Microsoft Edge from and use the search bar at the top of the window to use an anonymous browser, such as DuckDuckGo. However, clicking New Tab defaults to “no” blank page with Bing search bar.

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After searching the internet in vain, I did not find how to remove the Bing search bar from “not” opening a blank page!

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

A few years ago I declared my default search engine and my new tab opened a blank page with no Bing search bar.

Something has changed recently. Maybe a Windows Update subpoena. My guess is that Microsoft is trying hard to get a customer to use Bing and thus collect the user’s search history.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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I used the link you provided and virtual agent is trying to find a solution that works. I found a website that allowed me to select the option “How do I get rid of Bing and get a new blank card?”. This link appears to be an ‘old’ thread and I still open a new tab, a blank page with a Bing search bar.

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How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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© Future Publishing Limited Quay House, Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. All rights reserved. English and Wales company registration number 2008885. Windows 10 practically puts a web browser in the search bar that enthrones Microsoft Bing. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry because Microsoft allows you to turn off Bing search in the Windows 10 Start menu with a new Registry setting.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

How To Disable Bing Search In The Windows 10 Start Menu

In version 1909 or earlier, there was a registry setting to disable Bing in Windows Search, but Microsoft quietly disabled it in the May and October 2020 updates.

By turning off Bing in Windows 10 search, you can improve the performance and quality of local search results. The Windows Search Panel will show local results faster because it doesn’t have to search for keywords in Bing.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

If you want to disable Bing in the new version of Windows 10, you need to use a new value called “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions”. This is because Microsoft has retired the “BingSearchEnabled” value and it no longer works in newer versions.

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If you want the Bing search results back, open the Registry Editor again and delete the “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions” registry value. After deletion, restart Windows or complete the search process using Task Manager.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

The Registry setting above will also disable ads in Windows Search because it disconnects from Microsoft’s Bing service.

Disabling the Bing integration improves the accuracy of local search results because the workload is reduced, and you’ll also see a significant performance boost when performing local searches.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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At the same time, when users turned off Bing integration last year, Windows Update caused heavy CPU usage and empty search results.

The bug was later fixed, but it’s another reminder that you should be careful when tweaking the Registry for core components like Bing.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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When you search on your computer, in addition to getting local results, you also get web-based results powered by Bing search in Windows 11. But there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to turn off Bing in Windows 11 if you don’t. want web-based results.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

Microsoft introduced the Bing web search feature in Windows 10 and kept the feature in Windows 11. Most Windows 11 users see web search on their PC as a way for Microsoft to promote the Bing search engine, but not something that has value when you search. that file

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide an option in the settings to turn off Bing search. You can turn off both options in Cloud Search in Windows Settings.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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But this does not prevent your PC from still displaying web search results. However, you need to make changes in the Local Group Policy Editor and the Windows Registry. Here’s what you need to do.

2. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search in the left pane. You need to enable two policies “Do not allow web browsing” and “Do not search the web or show web results in Search”.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

3a. Double-click the rule named “Do not allow web browsing.” Set the rule to Enabled and click Apply, then click OK.

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3b. Double-click the rule titled “Do not search the web or display web results in Search.” Set the rule to Enabled and click Apply, then click OK.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

You can still see the web-based results after you make this change in the Local Group Policy Editor. If you still see web-based results, you need to make additional changes to the Windows Registry.

No need to restart your computer, you should immediately see the changes made. Now when you search in Windows 11, Bing search or “Search the web” will no longer appear. If you want to restore Bing Search, go to the above location in the Windows Registry and delete the DWORD “BingSearchEnabled”.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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Of course, the changes described in this guide will work for some time, at least until Microsoft releases an update that makes these changes impossible.

Did you find the web search results from Bing Search in Windows 11 useful? Let us know in the comments. It’s easy to turn off Bing Search suggestions in the Windows 11 search menu by adjusting a simple setting in the Registry Editor.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

Microsoft has a long history of trying to push Bing on users. Windows 11 also follows this approach like its predecessor and includes Bing Search in the search menu. Nowadays most users prefer to use search to find files and applications in their system. Instead, they end up with a cluttered search window that also displays Bing search results.

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Even though Bing AI has changed the search game for Bing, that doesn’t mean you want it in the search menu. And while it’s easy enough to switch from Bing to Google or another search engine in your browser, the same courtesy doesn’t extend to Windows Search. You will find that there is no option to turn it off in the operating system settings. The only way you can disable Bing search is by editing the registry. Let’s see how to do it.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

Editing the Registry is a critical task and should be done carefully. Changing or deleting any values ​​randomly can make the program or operating system unstable. You must follow the instructions below exactly to edit the registry to disable Bing search in Windows 11. Before editing the registry, you must make a backup in case you make a mistake.

Open the search menu in Windows 11 system and type “Registry Editor” in the search bar. Then select the first search result to open an application that allows you to view and edit the Windows Registry. If the UAC window appears, click ‘Yes’ to continue.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

How To Change The Default Browser And Search Engine On Windows

Now, on to the task; navigate to the following folder manually or by pasting the following code into the address bar of the registry editor:

Now you need to create a button for Explorer; for users who already have an Explorer key, skip the next few steps and go straight to the step to create a DWORD.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

To create an Explorer button, right-click on Windows and select New. Then click on the ‘Lock’ option from the submenu.

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Now, this step is the same for everyone. Right-click the ‘Explorer’ option, go to ‘New’ in the menu and select ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’ from the sub-menu.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

DWORD will be created and selected automatically, ready for you to name; new value name

Now, to apply the changes, you need to restart Windows Explorer. You can do this by opening Task Manager and then restarting Windows Explorer from the process list. Alternatively, you can simply restart your computer.

How To Remove The Bing Search Bar

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