How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb – Have you ever opened a USB drive while moving some files and found that not only the transferred files but also the files on the USB drive are gone? You won’t be the first person in the world, so we decided to collect 4 ways to recover deleted files from USB drives.

Besides removing the USB drive while in use, there are other reasons why data can sometimes be unexpectedly lost from USB drives, including:

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

But regardless of the reason behind the USB data loss, there are some things you need to do to successfully recover deleted files from the flash drive:

How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows 8 & 8.1 (best 3 Free Methods)

Now that you know the common causes of USB flash drive data loss and how to ensure a successful recovery, it’s time to explain the 4 flash drive file recovery methods we want you to know.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

Available in all recent versions of the Windows operating system (including Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11), the Rollback feature can easily restore deleted files. Do three, but only if you can. before deleting files.

If you do not see the previous versions, it means that you cannot use this method to recover deleted files from the flash drive. In this case, we recommend that you go to the third method, which is guaranteed to work without problems.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

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Losing important files can be a problem, especially if they are permanently deleted from the USB drive. However, there is also an advantage – software designed to recover these files. With advanced algorithms at their core, these programs will thoroughly scan your USB drive and successfully recover lost files.

Disk Drill Data Recovery is a fully professional data recovery solution that is so easy to use that even beginners who fear computers like vampires fear crosses can use it to quickly recover their files. This program can recover files from damaged, formatted or damaged flash drives.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

Disk Drill scans your USB flash drive or any other storage device using file detection algorithms that can identify damaged files and restore them in a lifetime. Disk Drill is free to try and you can use it to recover up to 500MB of data for free.

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As you can see, recovering files using Disk Drill is very easy. But despite its simplicity, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable data recovery solution than Disk Drill.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

In response to the high demand for third-party data recovery programs such as Disk Drill, Microsoft released its own data recovery program called Windows File Recovery.

Windows File Recovery is available for Windows 10 version 2004 and above, and you can use it to recover deleted files from any USB drive. The only problem is that it doesn’t have an image utility, so it’s not as easy to use as Disk Drill.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

Best Data Recovery Software

We chose to start with this method, not because it’s easier or better, but because you don’t need to download third-party tools to use it or activate the data protection feature. CMD, commonly known as Command Prompt, is an essential part of all Windows installations and supports all the commands you need to complete the instructions below.

If the method was successful, you should see the deleted files in the newly created folder on your USB drive.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

Since you have lost important files, they cannot be recovered. In this article, we have explained three ways to recover deleted files from flash memory with a professional data recovery solution called Disk Drill, and now you can follow our words and save the day.

Recover Deleted Files From Usb With Or Without Software (5 Ways)

Of these, Disk Drill is the easiest to use as it is a new imaging utility.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

They will not go anywhere! When you delete a file from a USB drive, the file remains physically on the drive, but the storage it occupies is marked as empty. This is why it is possible to recover deleted and unwritten files using USB recovery software.

In many cases, lost data can be recovered, but it is important to start the recovery process as soon as possible.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

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Repairing a damaged USB flash drive is not easy and often requires taking the flash drive out of the box and soldering to a new board. If you believe that this is not what is happening, we strongly recommend that you take the flash drive to a professional data recovery center.

If you want to recover deleted file from flash drive but don’t want to download new software, you can use CMD for this task. However, this process is long and difficult.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

When it comes to recovering deleted files from an OTG pen, you have two main options: use the command line (which requires more technical knowledge) or use data recovery software.

How To Recover Deleted Files From A Usb Flash Drive Quickly And Easily

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How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

This article was approved by Brett Johnson, data recovery engineer at ACE Data Recovery. Brett has a BS in Computer Systems and Internet, 12 years of experience. So! You’re deleting files from your USB stick, also known as a USB flash drive, but you’ve only deleted the file you want to save. Yes, even the best of us can. You may lose your files if the USB drive doesn’t work.

But is it possible to recover deleted files from a USB drive? Or are you unlucky? As a result, there are several ways to restore deleted files from a flash drive. If you use USB A vs. USB C, you can recover files.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

Chkdsk Deleted Files: How To Undelete/recover Files Deleted By Chkdsk Cmd Command

You can reduce the chance of failures and malfunctions by starting with a good computer maintenance product like the ones we sell at USB Memory Direct.

If you lose files from the USB drive that you need, stop using the flash drive as soon as you notice the deletion. Then disconnect the drive from your computer/PC and save it until you can recover the data.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

You can try three different methods. They require computer knowledge and patience if you are using USB 3.0 vs 3.1.

How To Recover Data From A Broken Flash Drive

First, try to recover deleted files using CMD (also known as Command Prompt). Here are the steps you need to follow:

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

3. Then you need to type “chkdsk X: /f” in the command prompt window. Press Enter. Remember to enter the letter associated with your USB drive instead of the “X”.

4. Next, type “ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D X:*.*” Insert the appropriate tree letter instead of “X”, then press Enter.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

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5. Wait for the process to complete, then find a new folder on the USB drive with the deleted files.

You can restore previous versions, but this will only work if the restore function was used before the files were deleted. Here’s how you can do it:

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

4. Go to the Previous Versions tab and then find the list of backup options you want to try.

How To Recover A Usb Flash Drive Files Using Cmd + Alternative Method

5. Select the previous version (maybe the last version before deletion) and click “Restore”.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

What if you don’t see previous versions? Then you don’t have or didn’t use this feature before it was removed. Be sure to back up your USB drive and use other data protection methods to avoid headaches in the future.

Finally, you can use third-party data recovery software to recover deleted files. One example is called Drill Disk – you can download and install it for free. It is difficult to use, so follow the steps below carefully.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

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The software scans your USB drive using file recognition algorithms to find and recover damaged or deleted files. Of course, you can buy a high-quality USB flash drive if the drive itself is damaged.

Whether you’re using a USB-C flash drive or something else, you can try one of these three methods to recover deleted files. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get what you need from a USB flash drive. And don’t forget that many of these problems can be avoided by buying a high-quality USB drive like the ones we offer.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Usb

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How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows

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