How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome – A researcher discovered five malicious ad-blocking extensions in the Chrome Web Store that were installed by 20 million Chrome users before Google removed them.

The fake ad blockers were discovered by researchers at AdGuard, a Moscow-based maker of ad blocking and anti-tracking technology.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Google removed suspicious extensions installed on 20 million instances of Chrome last year following an AdGuard report about blocking fake ads in the Chrome Web Store.

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The most popular fake ad blocker was Google Chrome’s AdRemover, which had more than 10 million users, making a huge botnet of infected browsers available to authors.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

“Basically, it’s a botnet consisting of browsers infected with fake ad-blocking extensions. The browser does whatever the owner of the command center server tells it to do,” wrote AdGuard co-founder Andrey Meshkov.

Cloning legitimate ad blockers, adding malicious features and distributing them in the Chrome store has become a popular tactic for cybercriminals. Last year, security guard SwiftOnSecurity discovered a fake Adblock Plus Chrome extension that tricked 37,000 users into installing it.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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The main problem, says Meshkov, is that the Chrome Web Store does a poor job of checking extensions. Fake extension authors also use spammy keywords in the extension description to get the highest ranking for ad blocker searches in the Chrome Web Store.

“Instead of using complicated names, they are now spamming keywords in the extension description to try to get the best search results,” Meshkov wrote.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

There were two other fake ad blockers — ripped off from legitimate ad blocker code: the fake uBlock Plus with eight million users and the fake Adblock Pro with two million users. Two other cloned extensions that used similar tactics were HD for YouTube with 400,000 users and Webutation with 30,000 users.

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A Reddit user spotted a clone of the same uBlock Plus extension that Meshkov found in October, meaning they’ve been available in the Chrome Web Store for at least six months. This fact, combined with the highest ranking in ad blocking requests, explains how the extensions have attracted so many users.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Meshkov discovered that Google Chrome’s fake AdRemover contained hidden scripts that allow the authors to track visited websites and change the browser’s behavior.

“Certainly they could change anything on any website if they get such a command from the command server,” Meshkov said in an email.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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“Also, all five connected to the same command server and used the same approach – the remote script was hidden inside the image.”

The good news is that after Google removed the extensions from the Chrome Web Store, the extensions were disabled on the instances of Chrome where they were installed.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

“Google can disable and remove Chrome extensions remotely, and it looks like that’s what’s happening,” Meshkov wrote.

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Related Google just made its Chrome browser more secure by cutting its ‘installation gap’ in half How to block OpenAI’s new AI-trained web crawler from gobbling up your data Microsoft expands Bing AI to more browsers – but there’s a catch Sometimes the internet seems like an endless billboard full of countless ads for products you would never buy. Aggressive advertising not only clutters your screen, but can distract you from important tasks, reducing your productivity. In addition to being annoying, Google ads can threaten your privacy and cause significant security issues. So how do you block Google ads to surf the web with peace of mind? Read on to find out.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

We tend to associate Google ads with any promotional materials we come across while browsing the Internet. Of course, this is only partly true – but indeed, Google covers much of the advertising of material distributed on the web. In general, Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows businesses to display different types of ads on websites, Google search results, Google Maps, the Play Store, and more.

For a better understanding, let’s take a look at the most common types of Google ads you may come across.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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Now that you know the types of Google ads you might encounter while browsing, let’s figure out why many users choose to block them.

According to a Hootsuite survey, more than 40% of Internet users use ad blocking software. Here are the most common reasons why they do so, as highlighted in a HubSpot study.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Now let’s take a closer look at the most important factors that may influence your decision to stop Google ads.

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According to Statista, the majority of internet users have a negative attitude towards online advertising. And most of them are particularly annoyed by the intrusive and irrelevant advertising materials they encounter on Google every day. Indeed, ads can distract users from their core tasks, creating frustration and robbing us of what we’re doing. A funny popup that takes up the entire screen or a loud video ad that starts playing out of nowhere can ruin your browsing experience without adding any real value.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Google is the most popular search engine with a market share of 85%. The same goes for Google Chrome – more than 65% of Internet users prefer this web browser. Unfortunately, the popularity of Google services does not mean that the company values ​​user privacy. In fact, most platforms operated by Google, from YouTube to Google Photos, collect vast amounts of customer data for marketing purposes.

In particular, Google services use this information to deliver targeted ads based on your browsing habits, interests, location data, and more. So, if you’re concerned about your online privacy, blocking Google ads is one of the main ways to protect yourself.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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Online ads and pop-ups aren’t just annoying – Google Ads actually has a dark side that puts your cyber security at huge risk. The problem is that hackers often use this service to attack users with malicious intent. Here are the main dangers to watch out for.

Once downloaded, a malicious program such as RedLine Stealer or Cobalt Strike is installed on the victim’s device.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Hell, I’d take it. How to identify a fake in such situations? It’s really scary. by u/dannyparker123 on Bitwarden

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There can be many reasons why your internet connection is slower than expected, and Google Ads is one of the possible reasons. Specifically, many tests show that most sites load much faster without banners and video ads. For example, here is the result of a test conducted by Request Metrics for ESPN, NY Times, CNN, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Now that you know the potential pitfalls and risks of Google Ads, let’s figure out how to avoid them.

First, you can choose this simple yet effective way to manage and prevent personalization in your browser. Here’s how to adjust your Google Account preferences to stop personalized ads.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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Note that you can do the above in any browser, and since the device links to your Google Account, the change affects all relevant apps and devices.

Note that these actions only prevent certain sites from sending you pop-up ads. However, it does not block all types of Google ads and is not an effective measure against potentially malicious content.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

An ad blocker is any software designed to prevent advertising material from appearing on web pages. This can be a client application or browser extension that blocks communication between your browser or device and ad servers. In this way, it hides most of the advertising material on the websites you visit. Some famous examples of ad blockers are AdBlock Plus, AdBlock and Ghostery.

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The Virtual Private Network (VPN) browser extension is a lightweight version of the VPN application. It encrypts your traffic at the browser level and changes your IP address to the address of the remote server. Thanks to this, you can surf the web more privately and securely. Note that just like regular ad blockers, not all VPN extensions are trustworthy. Fake VPNs can collect users’ personal data and sell it to third parties.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

Instead, a reliable VPN browser extension offers an effective ad blocking feature – AdBlock. In addition, it ensures full encryption of your traffic and follows a transparent no-logging policy. Here’s how to set up your browser extension in a few simple steps.

The VPN client application is a full-fledged virtual private network solution. It covers all your internet traffic with strong encryption, offers a wider range of remote servers and offers a number of powerful security features. Above all, NetGuard not only blocks unwanted ads, but also protects you from third-party trackers, malware, viruses, phishing links, and shady websites. For more information, see or compare the app and browser extension in detail.

How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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In summary, if you want to prevent Google from collecting your private data and targeting you with intrusive ads, there are a couple of options. You may even decide to leave Google for good and start using a more private search engine, browser, and email service. But if you’re not ready for such a drastic change, consider using a powerful solution like this, which will save you from annoying ads and take your online security to the next level.

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How To Put Adblock On Google Chrome

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