How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

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Litter tracking is, quite simply, the bane of every cat parent’s existence. We hear you and we feel your pain, so we’ve compiled this handy list of all the tips and product recommendations we’ve ever published. There are many ways to solve the problem of tracking garbage, so here you will find tips on:

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Here at tuft + paw, we are cat experts. Over the past few years, we have spent many hours determining which litter characteristics are most important to cat and kitten parents. The information in this article is based on interviews with a cat behaviorist, a veterinarian and hundreds of customer reviews of many cat products.

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This article contains several sub-articles that we have combined and edited. As you browse, feel free to click on specific articles that best meet your needs.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

For a more detailed guide, especially some tips and product recommendations, check out our article on stop tracking waste or watch our videos below.

The #1 step to reducing litter tracking is choosing the right litter. Cat litter is not 100% biodegradable, but there are many ways to reduce litter in your home. Here’s what to look for when tracking cat litter:

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Ways To Stop Cat Litter Scatter And Tracking

Low dust bins can significantly reduce litter clutter. As any cat parent who has used a clay litter can attest, dust can cover your cat’s paws when using the litter box and tracks around the house. It can also be raised when your cat digs or when you add or remove litter from the box, creating fine dust in nearby areas.

Perhaps the most powerful change you can make to combat tracking is to switch from fine grain litters to low pellet litters. The pellets are heavier and larger than regular cat pellets, so they are less likely to stick to your cat’s paws or spread out of the box. The ideal ball should also have a smooth texture to avoid getting caught in the fur. We find that tofu balls are the best for this.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Advantages: Low order, very low dust, no odor, light, combustible, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and activated charcoal to control odor, good charcoal to control odor, compared to garbage from other pellets.

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Disclaimer: Yes, we include our cat litter here. This is because we really think it works well compared to other garbage trucks. We put it through the same test as every other utility in our review and asked experts and users for honest feedback.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

The second thing to consider when preventing litter tracking is the litter box. We’ve found that there’s a big difference between a well-designed dumpster and a poorly designed one, so it’s important to choose the right dumpster for your needs. Here are the main types of low tracking bins:

A wide, high-walled litter box solves many litter tracking problems. A mess is guaranteed as long as you have a small litter box with low sides. Look for a litter box that has high walls to help reduce spillage when your cat digs or leaves the litter box, and is as tall as your cat from nose to tail. Bonus points if access is easy (ie one side of the bin is lower than the others). This is especially important for older cats and those with mobility issues.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

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Above bins take the concept of high walls a step further; just attach them to the ceiling. Cats must enter through the top opening, although some top boxes also have a side door. This is great for tracking trash, but it has some limitations. The main problem is that overhead litter boxes are not very accessible for cats with mobility issues. They also don’t offer much visibility, which can be stressful for a cat using one. Finally, they hide the dirty box from people, which can lead to cat parents cleaning the box more often.

Like top-entry litter boxes, covered litter boxes work to reduce tracking, but are better for people than cats. When using a covered litter box, the cat must tolerate the smell of the trapped litter box and cannot see the outside room. Hiding the litter box may seem appealing to cat parents, but it also makes it easy to neglect or forget to clean the litter box. On the plus side, covered litter boxes usually have front access for older cats.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

A litter box can be a great way to store your cat’s litter, and they come in a variety of styles and prices. At a high level, they can be beautiful pieces of furniture. Make sure the inside of the enclosure has good ventilation and enough space for your cat to walk around and sit on top of the hole. Your cat will thank you.

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Where you put your trash is the most important thing when trying to manage litter tracking. Placing your cat’s litter box in a separate room from the main living areas can reduce litter in areas that you will see a lot. Basement or lipped rooms provide more of a barrier to stray debris, and rooms with flat floors will be easier to clean than carpeted rooms. Wherever you place the litter box, make sure it is easily accessible for your cat.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Associations. Good build quality, durable materials, great size, easy to clean, easy access, good ventilation, good looks, stylish design, hole, bin and brush.

Disclaimer: Yes, we have included our bin here. That’s because we really think it outperforms other bins on the market. We put it through the same review as every litter box on this list and asked experts and cat parents for their honest opinions.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Litter Box Hacks We Think Are Genius

Pros: Durable bedding, great size, easy to clean, easy access, good ventilation, scoop included, litter mat included, good looks.

Associations. Good build quality, durable materials, easy cleaning, easy access, good ventilation, good looks, stylish design, recess, drum and brush.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Wooden cat litter is best used in a sifter litter box because it breaks down into wood when it absorbs moisture. In a traditional bin, sawdust can accumulate quickly and cause many dust tracking problems. In order to avoid this problem, we recommend using wood pellet waste with a filter waste box to separate dirty sawdust from clean waste. Here’s how to do it.

High Wall Cat Litter Box

A litter box is like your cat’s toilet. It is a shaped area that you place under or around the litter box to catch the litter that comes out of the box. They’re very simple, but they can be incredibly effective at reducing the amount of trash around your home. You can buy specially designed litter boxes made of silicone or PVC, or you can go the DIY route and use a small mat. What you are really trying to do is create a buffer zone between the dumpster and the rest of the house.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Trash cans come in different designs and materials, but they all aim to achieve the same thing. Here are the main points to look for when shopping.

Long-haired cats tend to track litter more than short-haired cats because of their smoother fur. We recommend that you shave your long-haired cat’s paws, around the bottom, and any areas that may come in contact with waste when they poop. Always use electric scissors with a guard and DO NOT USE GLASSES. If you’re on a budget, you can visit your local barber for an extra haircut.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Reduce Litter Tracking

Even if you follow every suggestion we’ve given here, litter hunting is inevitable when you live with cats. You still need to clean the litter box and surrounding areas regularly, so here are some tips to make things easier.

Cleaning the litter box only takes a few seconds if you have the tools, so keep a broom and dustpan close at hand. Some premium litter boxes, such as our Cove Litter Box, even come with a built-in cleaning device to aerate the air.

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

Even if you sweep regularly, sometimes deep cleaning requires a good vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is very useful for cleaning carpeted areas and will pick up particles or dust left behind by sweeping.

Tips To Help Stop Litter Tracking

We hope all of these tips and product recommendations have been helpful in your fight against tracking waste. It can seem like a real struggle, but just a few key changes can make all the difference. We recommend testing the lower litter first, then

How To Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

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