How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate – After months of anticipation, your due date has come and gone, and… you’re still pregnant. It’s frustrating, but many women find themselves in this situation. Babies born between now and 42 weeks are still considered full term, and your midwife or doctor may not offer to induce labor before 41 weeks of pregnancy (NHS 2016).

Make sure your baby is comfortable in place! Most of the fetus’s development has been completed, but its hair may continue to grow thicker and its fingernails may also grow longer (Medline Plus 2019a, Moore et al 2019). The average newborn measures about 51.2 cm (20.2 inches) from head (crown) to heel, and at 3.5 kg (7.6 pounds) (Hill 2019a), weighs the same as a small pumpkin. Anywhere between 5.5lb and 8.8lb is considered normal birth weight (Hill 2019b).

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

All babies are born with two soft spots (fontanels) on the top of their head, where the skull is not fully fused (NHS 2018, Visembryo 2014a). This allows the bones of your baby’s skull to move against each other during vaginal delivery, which helps ease their passage through the narrow birth canal (Hill 2019c, Visembryo 2014a).

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If your baby is delivered vaginally, the head may appear pointed or change shape when pressed (NHS 2018, Visembryo 2014a). this is normal. It is also common, especially after an assisted delivery, for your baby to have swelling and bruising. Your baby’s head will return to a more rounded shape in the days following birth (Visembryo 2014a), and the swelling and bruising will soon disappear (NHS 2018).

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

As a newborn, your baby has all the skills and reflexes that will help him develop, with your love and care (Visembryo 2014b). He will instinctively seek out your nipple for feedings soon after birth (called the “root”). But if you put your finger in his little hand, he’ll grip it tightly (Colson 2014, MedlinePlus 2019b, NHS 2018).

Note: Every baby develops differently. This page is designed to give you an overview of how a fetus grows in the womb.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

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How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

NHS. 2016. The choice when the gestational age reaches 41 weeks. NHS, National Institute for Health Research. [Accessed December 2019]

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How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

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How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

What Happens After Birth

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How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

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Maybe it’s the way he looked at you when he was born or the words he said before his first birthday. Do you know the shapes and patterns of 13 months? Was it a simple math function he could perform before he walked? Or did he later, when he was a kid on the playground, interpret adult behavior that you weren’t even aware of?

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

At some point in your child’s development, there comes a point when you just find out. But you second-guess and you worry and you write it off as parental bias – until you can’t ignore it anymore.

So now you have the test results. You have numbers and statistics and stanines and reports. You have confirmation – your child is gifted.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

What Is Imaginative Play And How To Encourage It?

Two weeks after the test ended, I stopped by a friend at a neighborhood barbecue. He knew about the evaluation process and asked how it was. The question is, do I want him to know the truth?

Society has an obsession with donations. While those of us who live it know that it is not a matter of excellence or high achievement, the model and perception of large-scale education fuels this attitude. I worry that the people I talk to will think I’m arrogant; I sweat every time the topic comes up. It wasn’t often, of course, but the emotion was strong enough to help me realize that I had some problems.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

Eventually, I learned that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my children. My insecurities disappeared once I saw our story as an opportunity for education, not bragging. Gentle guidance as to the true nature of the donation would be beneficial. I can do my small part to change perceptions about gifted children.

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As if the fear of offending people wasn’t enough, I struggle with imposter syndrome. Do I do this? Isn’t he really talented? Am I using his neurodivergence as an excuse for his behavior problems?

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

Of course, I didn’t, and deep down I understand that. I have to actively erase that line of thought from my life. The reality of the prizes and the joy and the traps have to be taken for granted. I need to shut down my self-defeating voice and focus on loving my kids.

Part of my imposter feeling stems from years of classroom teaching. I have a rather strong opinion about what a talented person looks like. Since I didn’t know anything about sensitivity or asynchronous development, I dismissed the behavior that came with it as laziness or disrespect.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

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Then we have the oldest. I think he will be the best student in every subject. I think the teachers will like it and so will the classmates. My expectations were not only wrong, they were broken. I caught him in a sticky situation at school when I should have pulled him out.

Actually, I was expecting adult behavior. With so much intelligence I forgot he was a kid. When he has nothing to give, I get angry and upset. My expectations nearly destroyed our relationship, and it took a long time to get back on track as mother and daughter.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

You probably know it by now, but parenting a gifted child is no easy feat. It’s mountains and valleys and deserts and rivers and everything in between. There will be days when you will be in awe of the child you gave yourself. There will be days when you just want to hide under the covers and cry. There will be aspects of this life that you neither expected nor wanted.

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Where did you get this know-how font? Luckily, solid resources abound. I recommend the following sites for everything from peer-reviewed journals to research studies and blogs:

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

Data is a unique wiring constellation in the brain. This often occurs with comorbid diagnoses of learning differences or developmental delays.

We have three wonderful children, and at first I was devastated by the news. I want a normal child. I want nothing to do with IEP or therapists.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

Your Baby’s Development Month By Month

We’re human, my friends, and it’s okay to be daunted. It’s okay to feel sad and want to be sad. I learned to let those feelings flow and get back to business as usual. My children were the same people before their diagnosis. Only my perception has changed.

Gifted children need structure. They also need space to move around and explore. For a long time, I only respected the first need. My kids are frustrated, annoyed, and overwhelmed, and frankly, so am I.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

It took a rocky year at our homeschool co-op for enlightenment to materialize. I stopped trying to force what I think we should do. I build a curriculum around their learning styles and passions with the help of valuable resources. We’ve learned to embrace the rabbit hole mentality and use their natural interests as a starting point.

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When I look back on my gifted parenting decades, there are a lot of things I wish I had known.

How To Obtain Your Child's Birth Certificate

But on second thought, I realized that we grew up together. We had to discover these mountains and valleys ourselves. If you’re at the start of your gifted journey, know that’s not going to happen

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