How To Make A Website Redirect

How To Make A Website Redirect – A web server managed by CPanel & WHM has many responsibilities, but its most important job is to serve web pages in response to HTTP requests, a process that depends on the correct configuration of domain names and IP addresses. Configuring IPs and domains manually is incredibly complicated, but cPanel and WHM’s web interface make the day-to-day tasks of web server administration easy.

Finally, we’ll show you how to clear your operating system’s DNS caches, solving a problem that frustrates many users when changing IP and domain configurations.

How To Make A Website Redirect

How To Make A Website Redirect

There are several reasons why you might want to add a new IP address to your server. You may want to provide a cPanel user or vendor with a static IP address or allow the site to run from a specific address.

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First, we’ll tell cPanel and WHM the IP address so it can configure the server and make the IP available to websites and other services.

How To Make A Website Redirect

Enter the new IP address and subnet mask. If you don’t know which subnet mask to enter, ask your hosting provider. The mask indicates which part of the address is used for the network and which part is used for devices on that network. This differs depending on your host configuration, but every IP on your server should use the same subnet mask.

Once an address is added, you can associate it with hosting and reseller accounts or individual websites. We will show you how to change the IP address of an existing site to a new one.

How To Make A Website Redirect

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Submenu. Select the account associated with the domain you want to change and click the “+” icon next to the domain.

Changing the site’s IP will make it unreachable on the old IP and should appear offline for a while.

How To Make A Website Redirect

Adding a new domain is a more common task than adding an IP address, so let’s see how you can do it in less than a minute with cPanel. Let’s assume you’ve already purchased your domain from a registrar and your account’s DNS servers are configured correctly. You can learn more about setting up a DNS server at How to Set Up DNS Name Servers with cPanel and DNS Zone for Beginners.

How To Redirect Http To Https Using .htaccess

Enter the domain name and file root for site files. The default file root is shared between this domain and your account’s primary domain, but you can choose any other directory in your home directory.

How To Make A Website Redirect

We’ve covered redirecting IPs to domains and adding new domains, but what if you want to redirect one domain to another? This is a common requirement when, for example, a brand changes its domain but doesn’t want its old links broken.

Before you start building redirects, it’s helpful to understand the two main types and their impact on browsers and search engines. When a web client requests a redirected page, the server sends a response containing the page’s new URL and HTTP status code.

How To Make A Website Redirect

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There are dozens of status codes, but we’re interested in the ones that start with “3” because they indicate a redirect. Although there are a few 3xx codes, in most cases you will choose 301 or 302.

You may wonder why “Found” is used for “Temporarily Moved”, especially when there is a 307 Temporarily Moved code that explains what it means.

How To Make A Website Redirect

There is debate in the SEO world about the relative merits of these codes, but the consensus is that 302 should be used when the URL has changed temporarily; browsers and web browsers interpret this even if it is not obvious. The 307 code is, in most cases, interpreted in the same way, but there are marginal cases, so it is better to stick to 302.

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You can redirect the entire domain or just individual pages, but we’ll focus on redirecting everyone who visits the domain.

How To Make A Website Redirect

From the first drop-down menu. Select the domain you want to forward from the second drop-down menu. If we were redirecting a page, we would enter the path in the next field, but we can leave it blank.

In the simplest case, that’s all you need, but how to handle the “www” subdomain and

How To Make A Website Redirect

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In most cases, you should use cPanel’s domain redirect feature to create 301 and 302 redirects, but you can also redirect domains in WHM. A redirect is often used to redirect visitors temporarily while navigating a site for technical reasons, and behaves differently than the redirects we’ve already looked at.

While redirection is done on the client (giving the browser the information it needs to load the page), redirection is a server-side operation; it is invisible to the browser as it is managed by the server and domain name system.

How To Make A Website Redirect

The interface is simple. Add the domains you want to redirect to in the left column and the destination domain in the right column. Click when you’re done

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In addition to setting up domain forwarding, you also need to make sure that the domain matches the IP address shown at the top of the setup page. You can ensure this by checking the domain’s A record and changing it if necessary. You can do this in WHM

How To Make A Website Redirect

, as described in our documentation or in your domain registration’s DNS record editor if you use their name servers.

When you edit domain records or change IP addresses, you may find that you can no longer access the site on the server. Instead of loading site pages, you get a 404 “Not Found” error. This could be because changes in DNS records are not being propagated, but it could also be caused by outdated records in your operating system’s DNS cache.

How To Make A Website Redirect

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DNS records rarely change and it takes time to send queries to domain name servers. It’s often faster to do a DNS query and cache the results for a while. Thus, the domain’s IP address can be read from the cache, which is faster than retrieving it from a DNS server on the Internet.

However, if you make a change and the DNS record no longer matches the cache, you may not be able to load the site. Clearing the cache is simple on most operating systems, forcing the operating system to fetch updated data.

How To Make A Website Redirect

In the OS, enter your administrator account password after this command.

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CPanel and WHM make it easy to manage all aspects of IP address and domain name management, whether it’s adding new IP addresses and domains, forwarding domains, or editing zone files. In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible; If you want to know more, check out the features overview and our full documentation.

How To Make A Website Redirect

As always, let us know if you have any feedback or comments. We are here to help as much as we can. You can find us on Discord, cPanel forums and Reddit. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

The web hosting industry’s most trusted management solution since 1997. With our first-rate support and rich feature set, it’s easy to see why our customers and partners make cPanel and WHM their hosting platform of choice. For more information, visit If you’ve ever come across a poorly optimized URL on your website and decided to replace it with a more user-friendly URL, that’s great! But what if your visitor lands on your old URL and sees a 404 error instead of your well-written content?

How To Make A Website Redirect

How To Do Redirects In WordPress? (the Definitive Guide)

So it’s important to make sure that the old URL is redirected to the changed one every time you change it. And guess what: When you redirect a URL, you’re also transferring the link juice to the new one. Although you lose some link in this redirection process, it is comparatively better than a new URL with no backlinks.

In this knowledge base article, we will show you how to redirect posts after changing URLs that can help visitors and search engines visit the correct page.

How To Make A Website Redirect

If you change the slug of your blog post, WordPress will automatically redirect the URL of your old post to the new one without any additional effort.

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However, WordPress’ auto-redirect feature is limited to posts only and cannot be used to redirect pages, taxonomies, or CPTs.

How To Make A Website Redirect

If for some reason WordPress doesn’t automatically redirect your old URLs to new ones, luckily, Rank Math can help you automatically redirect your posts.

To enable this auto-redirect feature of Rank Math posts, you need to make sure you enable the Redirects module by going to WordPress Dashboard → Rank Math SEO → Dashboard.

How To Make A Website Redirect

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After enabling the Redirects module, go to your WordPress dashboard → Math SEO Ranking → General Settings → Redirects → Auto Post Redirect and enable the option.

Rank Math’s auto post redirection is not limited to posts and helps you create auto redirects for posts, pages, taxonomies and CPTs. However, keep in mind that these redirects are always of the 301 Permanent Redirect type.

How To Make A Website Redirect

Alternatively, you can also set up manual redirection with Rank Math. To create a manual redirect with Rank Math, go to WordPress Dashboard → Rank Math SEO

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