How To Issue A Partial Refund

How To Issue A Partial Refund – Sometimes you need to refund a customer’s payment, especially if the customer returns an item or does not proceed with a reservation for which you have received a deposit.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to return the products on the invoice for gift certificates or packages. If you need to do this, contact [email protected].

How To Issue A Partial Refund

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our guide on how to change your plan in time.

Issue A Partial Refund

You can choose which items on an invoice you want to return, so you can return all or part of the invoice. Invoice will need to be marked as complete

Note: It is not possible to delete or edit an issued refund. We recommend that you take extra care when making a refund to ensure it is processed and recorded correctly.

Note: If you have enabled the Xero integration, you must also apply a credit note to the associated invoice in Xero. You can open the invoice in Xero using the link in the upper right corner of the invoice:

If you have TimelyPayas as your payment gateway and have chosen TimelyPayas as the payment type for your refund, the refund will be automatically applied to your payment. For more information on TimelyPay refunds, see this article.

Partial And Full Refunds*

If you have a payment gateway connected to Timely, you must also return the payment to the payment provider.

If you have TimelyPaya as your online payment gateway and need to reimburse a payment processed online or in-store through TimelyPay (such as a cardless payment), make sure TimelyPay is selected as your payment type for the refund when processing the refund. .

TimelyPay supports both full and partial refunds for web and iOS apps. If you want to refund a partial amount, you can change the payment amount to reflect the amount you want to refund.

Your customer will receive the money from the refund approximately 5-10 business days after the refund is initiated. You can get partial refunds for both one-time and subscription fees. This feature works with payments made through Stripe, PayPal, Authorize, or any other payment processor.

Processing A Partial Refund (partial Sale Returns)

Open any order for partial refund. You can open an order by clicking an item on the dashboard or clicking Orders on the Activity tab at the top.

This will open a popup where you can choose to fully refund or partial refund this line item. Select Partial Refund and enter the amount you want to refund your customer.

If you enter a higher number than your customer paid, you’ll see an error message. SamCart does not allow you to return more to the customer than they paid you. So don’t sweat!

After entering the amount, click Refund. You will then see a box asking you to confirm. Once you approve, your partial refund will be issued and you’re set!

Announcing Partial Refunds

After you issue a partial refund, the order will be labeled Partially Refunded. All your reports will be updated so you can pinpoint which orders receive partial refunds and make sure your statistics are always up to date! A white circle with a black border surrounding an upward-pointing zigzag. It says “Click here to return to the top of the page”.

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How To Issue Refunds

Maybe you’re feeling generous and want to return your friend’s portion of the dinner bill, or you accidentally received a $1,000 payment and want to do the right thing and return it.

Or the classic record you sold on eBay got a scratch in shipping and the buyer wants a discount.

All these situations and more are easily remedied by issuing a PayPal refund, which is a quick and easy transaction.

PayPal refunds are available for any payment you’ve received in the last half year. Steven John/Business Insider

How To Issue Refund Using Paypal Express Checkout Payment Gateway

4. Enter the amount of the refund you want to issue (if it’s not a full refund), add a note if you want, then tap “Make Refund” at the bottom of the screen.

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