How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows – Keep burglars at bay with these 12 easy-to-install window locks for your home. Your family’s safety should always be your first priority.

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How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

At first glance, your home is the safest place for you and your family. But a single expense, such as forgetting to lock your doors or windows, can put everything you love at risk. To prevent your home from being broken into, here are easy-to-install window locks to keep your whole family safe.

Fitch Sash Fastener Lock

Ventilating by opening windows is a great way to remove pollutants and odors from indoor air. But when experiencing the calm and welcoming embrace of the wind, you should avoid the mistake of forgetting to be safe and close the windows.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Burglars can easily use windows, which are their favorite doors that are fully or partially open to enter a home. It’s simply good practice to always lock your windows. Because criminals will take advantage of every opportunity they get.

This is where the window lock comes in handy. These devices are best used to deal with thieves sneaking into your home. They can install window screen locks on all their windows or hidden cameras that are discreet enough to be seen, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Different Types Of Window Locks

Another benefit of using window safety locks in your home is to prevent babies and children from climbing on windows and eventually falling and injuring themselves in the process. So keeping everything in is just as important as keeping everything out.

Since not all homes have one type of window, here are some window locks to help you find the one that fits your needs for extra home security.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Locked doors are truly one of the safest ways to secure your home. In addition to having a key to manually open and close the windows safely, they can be used for both sliding and vertical window types. Just drill a hole in the window casing, attach the locks and you’re done! But know that you have to be very careful in protecting your keys. So key lock boxes are the way to go.

Window Stays For Top Hinged Windows

If you have sliding windows, install this type of lock on the rails to prevent them from opening. The best thing about these is that they are cheap and you don’t need any tools to attach them to your windows.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

There are two types of sliding window locks. There is one type of bolt and the other uses a lever. The first requires you to turn the butterfly nut to lock and unlock it, while the second requires you to turn the leg.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most popular types of windows in America. Therefore, shutters are the best window box for these types of windows. They are placed above the window to prevent it from opening. In casement windows, the two sashes are fastened together so that no one can open both from the outside. People often choose these types of locks for their windows because you can quickly secure your windows with a simple pull.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Ikonic Sliding Window Lock 4 Pack Black

Lag fans are a budget option for those who want more home security at a lower price. All you have to do is drill some holes in the window, then put your screws in. An advantage of this window lock is that you can secure the windows even if they are partially open, so you can enjoy ventilation and security at the same time. But don’t consider delay surges your primary source of protection, because the price of the product says a lot about its quality.

These locks have a unique style that keeps the windows closed. It has this self-locking latch that prevents the windows from opening. This is a great way to open windows without using buttons or having to turn or push any levers. Just turn the snib and your windows will open instantly.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Technology has dramatically improved our life experiences and home security. Smart window locks do not require a key and can be operated with your phone. Another key feature of smart locks is their built-in sensors that notify you when the windows are broken.

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To still enjoy the breeze and promote air circulation in the home, you can secure your windows by choosing window opening controls. These devices are perfect for opening windows only partially and preventing children from falling out. However, the recommended distance when using these blinds is only about 4 inches.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Keeping your home locked and secure is the best form of protection you can give your family. However, if you’re still unsure about buying window or home locks, here are plenty of pros and cons worth considering before you buy.

Now that you’ve covered some of the pros and cons of having locks for your windows, if you feel like you need one, you can check out these 12 easy-to-install window locks.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

How To Install Window Locks

Keeping windows closed is an important preventative measure to keep mosquitoes in. So you should try window shades like this one from Prime-Line. This shackle lock is versatile enough to be used as both a horizontal and vertical sliding window lock, allowing you to spend less time finding the right security locks for your windows. In addition, the construction of this product makes it more durable and reliable than the plastic window locks available on the market.

If there is any doubt about plastic locks, then a stainless steel one should put your worries to rest. These sliding window locks are so durable and versatile enough to use for your sliding glass doors, cabinets and closets. Plus, they have these non-slip silicone pads that protect your windows from scratches.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Protect your children from the harmful elements of the outdoors while using these locks. Designed especially for babies, these window locks are the easiest way to prevent curious little hands from opening your windows. You can also use them for wardrobes and cupboards to make your home completely childproof.

Types Of Aluminium Window Locks & Handles Available In Market

Protecting your family from unwanted intruders can be easy by installing locks like these from Amazon. These window locks are ideal for keeping the wind out and burglars out of your home. Additionally, Defender Security window locks are best used for horizontally hung windows. However, they can also be used as secondary protection for most sliding and single-hung windows.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

If peace of mind is what you like, then this set of 4 sliding window locks is the key to it. You’ll thank us because the lock on this set is durable and strong enough to hold the windows in place. The company has redesigned its locks so that you can place them on the middle tracks of your windows. It also comes with a vertical lock that you can use for easier locking and unlocking.

Made from die-cast zinc, this Prime-Line window lock is something you and your family can rely on when it comes to home security. Another great thing about these shutters is that they are perfect shutters for vintage and modern windows as well as offering an almost invisible look.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

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Losing your window lock buttons is the last thing you want to happen to you. Instead of constantly searching and searching for keys, you can use these window locks. This creates a wooden design between the top and bottom hinge, which prevents the back from opening during installation. However, this window lock is designed for single-glazed or sliding-glazed windows or just for a second lock.

It is now possible to keep your windows open and open when using this Cardinal Gates Safe Window Warden. Shutters like these give you control over how far the window can be opened, giving you worry-free time with your kids while letting in some fresh air. You can take them out immediately in an emergency with a body blow. It’s that easy!

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

Who knew stopping thieves could be done in just three easy steps and cost less than $7? This is correct. These security locks are a way to save on expensive locked devices without compromising the level of protection they provide. Additionally, these window locks can adjust your windows as you can tighten or close them. This way, you can move the windows a degree to breathe in fresh air from outside.

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You don’t have to replace your windows to install today’s shutters, as windows manufactured from 1968 to today can look great when paired with these Andersen shutters. They are not only ideal for protecting your home, but also for keeping out water and wind during the rainy and cold season. Other than that, they are perfect for those looking for a better replacement for their vintage Andersen furniture.

How To Install Window Locks For Sliding Windows

You are guaranteed an extra safe home when you use this Defender Security

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