How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome – In this guide, we’ll show you how to install Google Chrome extensions on your Mac or PC to get more features. We also help you use, manage, update or remove those added extensions.

You can complement the Chrome browser with the help of extensions. The Chrome Web Store has a ton of useful and productive extensions that help you do things you can’t do with Chrome out of the box.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Note: Follow these steps for Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc. You can do this in other Chromium-based browsers such as There will be some visual differences, but the basics will be the same.

Control Alt Achieve: Extensions Vs Web Apps Vs Add Ons

Extensions are small applications that add additional functionality to your browser. For equivalence, you can think of Chrome as iPhone extensions and Chrome as iPhone apps. You can use your iPhone without downloading any additional apps. Similarly, you can use Chrome without any extension to easily browse the web or download files from the Internet. But just as iOS apps add extra functionality to your iPhone, extensions do the same for the web browser.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

1) First, make sure you have downloaded the Chrome browser on your Mac. To do this, visit, click Download Chrome using Safari, Microsoft Edge on MacOS or Windows PC. Then open Finder or File Explorer and install Chrome on your computer.

2) Open the Chrome browser and you will see the Web Store shortcut on the first screen. Click on it. If you don’t see the prebuilt Web Store shortcut, visit manually.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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3) Explore the Chrome Web Store to find an extension that you think might be useful for your work. Click on the name of an extension to see what it does, pictures, when it was last updated, user ratings, read user reviews, visit the developer website of the extension creator, and more .

5) Now, the extension will be automatically downloaded and installed in Chrome for this profile. In some cases, after an extension is installed, you will be redirected to the instructions web page for that extension in a new tab to complete the installation or learn more about it.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

1) To see the newly installed Chrome extension, click the puzzle piece icon on the top right. Here you can find extensions installed on your Google Chrome browser.

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2) But it may not show pre-installed or older extensions like Google Docs Offline. To see them all, click Manage Extensions, which will show all your Chrome extensions.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

1) Click on the puzzle piece icon, then click on the ad blocker extension, which will expand to show its options.

2) Turn off the ad blocker switch. The website automatically updates to display ads or work properly.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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You can pin some of your most used extensions to the Chrome toolbar for quick one-click access. For example, I’ve pinned the Grammarly, Similarweb, and Download All Images extensions.

2) Click the pin button next to the extension. Its icon will be added to the Chrome toolbar, where you can access them quickly.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

For privacy reasons, your bank, payment, etc. You can prevent the extension of reading website data on a private website related to:

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2) Click the three dots icon next to the extension name and point to You can read and modify this Site data.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

By default, extensions are disabled when you open a private window in Chrome. But you can change this:

Chrome automatically updates your installed extensions when a new version becomes available from the developer. However, if you don’t want to wait for the automatic update feature to take effect and want to get the update now, you can force the browser to update your extensions by following these steps:

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

How To Manually Update Chrome Extensions

5) Finally, reload your open web pages or exit and reopen Chrome to use the updated version of your extensions.

1) To see all your installed extensions, click the puzzle icon at the top right of your Chrome browser and click Manage Extensions. Can you install Chrome extensions on Android? This question comes up all the time. Because both Google Chrome and Android are created by Google, you’d think you’d be able to use Chrome to its full potential. Unfortunately, Chrome extensions are not compatible with Android’s Chrome browser.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Of course, Chrome on Android has a “Desktop” option, but it only changes the website you’re viewing and doesn’t work like a regular desktop Chrome browser full of add-ons and features.

Grammarly For Chrome

How can you use your favorite extensions on your mobile device without this information? The direct answer is to use a different browser; dozens of them work with Android.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Chrome uses the open-source Chromium platform for its browsers, as do many of its competitors, including MS Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi. The easiest way to overcome the Chromium limitation, but still keep the usual features, is a Chromium-based Android browser that supports extensions.

Kiwi Browser is a Chromium-based browser that supports extensions. Kiwi also has built-in ad-blocking features and works very fast. It is easy to load, quick to install and quick to fire. The browser is ideal for general use and blocks most ads automatically.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Chrome Browser Extension

Kiwi boasts reliable and fast functionality, and lets you add Chrome extensions from the Web Store that work just like you’re using a desktop browser.

One of the most popular options is Yandex. This browser is available on the Google Play Store, so you don’t need to download any files. Yandex also offers full support for the Chrome Web Store. This browser option is a great place to start if you want to use Chrome extensions on your Android device.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Some users complained about Yandex because a good amount of content is in Russian. There are only settings to set the location of the app as the following countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine or Uzbekistan. Auto detection does not work for other regions that are not in this list. So if this is not the browser you want, you have other options in this article.

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Firefox is well known and for good reason. It has always been a close competitor to Chrome (and Chromium) because it is equally fast, secure and more concerned about your privacy. It doesn’t have the support of an internet giant, but that hasn’t stopped it from doing exceptionally well.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Firefox for Android supports Mozilla’s custom add-ons, but the mobile version is limited to a selection of no more than 20 extensions. Therefore, Firefox for Android does not offer much additional flexibility.

You can also visit to search, but the list is the same even if you have the search option. It doesn’t show you all the extensions that the PC browser offers.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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You can usually get extensions for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. However, there is none in the mobile version of the Chrome browser. The search option is also not available to search for your favorite extensions. This scenario is why you should use alternative browsers. Some browsers don’t offer extensions, but get most of the features you’re looking for in an extension. Others, on the other hand, include some level of extras. These browsers usually display the browser in desktop format because that’s how the extension works.

Chrome extensions are like apps on your phone, from saving money with the Honey extension to improving your grammar with Grammarly. There are many options. The Chrome Web Store home page lists the most popular options, so if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, start there.

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

Enable Click To Call With Chrome

Extensions allow you to customize your Google Chrome browser in an almost unlimited number of ways. You can add a spell checker, dictionary or language translator, personalized emails, screenshots, webcasting tools and much more. If you don’t have much experience with browser extensions, you may want to learn how to add and remove extensions, and how to turn them on and off.

To add an extension to Chrome, you need to find the extension you want to add in the Chrome Web Store. Here’s what you need

How To Install Plugins On Google Chrome

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