How To Fix Script Errors

How To Fix Script Errors – Are you using a bug tracker for your website? Have you ever tried to debug a bug that a user reported, and when you looked at the bug tracker, the error reported was just “script error”? Further debugging of such errors is impossible because there is no additional information beyond the message.

In this article, I will explain what a script error is, what it can be and how to fix it, or more precisely, how to get detailed information about errors originating from scripts from other sources.

How To Fix Script Errors

How To Fix Script Errors

If you use a bug tracker for your frontend code, you may have noticed an error with a rather cryptic “script error” message. These are errors on your website that come from JavaScript files served from a different source (different domain, port or protocol).

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The problem with these errors is that they have no details, not even a stack trace This makes it impossible to find where the error lies in the code, which defeats the purpose of using bug tracking tools.

How To Fix Script Errors

This works fine most of the time, but if the error is in a JavaScript file served from another source, the browser will only provide encryption.

A different origin means the JavaScript file is hosted by a different domain or subdomain or protocol (http and https) or port.

How To Fix Script Errors

Script Errors (what They Are And How To Fix Them)

Browsers enforce the same-origin policy, which means that scripts only have full access if they are loaded from the same source as the website.

To improve load times, most websites use a content delivery network (CDN) to host JavaScript, CSS, and other static content. This means that in most cases JavaScript files will be served from a different source than the website, as the CDN will use a different domain.

How To Fix Script Errors

If your site has a lot of application code defined in JavaScript files hosted on a CDN and a runtime error occurs, the error description reaching the window.onerror event handler will not include a stack trace or detailed messages for debugging.

How To Fix A Script Error On A Computer

So how can we fix this, more specifically how can we get detailed information about errors coming from scripts served from other sources? It’s a two-step process, we need to make changes to both our website and the third-party source.

How To Fix Script Errors

If you try to load a script from another source on your site and add a script tag like below, the browser will refuse to load the script.

To enable cross-origin requests in this script, add the crossorigin=”anonymous” attribute to the tag, like so:

How To Fix Script Errors

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Now the browser makes a CORS request to this script, but skips any sensitive data like cookies or HTTP credentials.

Most CDNs do this by default, because their main purpose is to serve static files to other sources, but if you run your own servers to serve static files, they must return the following HTTP header for static files:

How To Fix Script Errors

This allows the browser to download static files from this server from any domain. If you have a known list of domains that you want to allow, for example if your site is at, you can allow only those domains:

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If you don’t know how to add these headers to your servers or the service you’re using, see

How To Fix Script Errors

If you are a developer and have already encountered this problem and need a quick fix, you can use a web proxy such as CORS Anywhere. The proxy server forwards requests to third-party servers and then sends them back to your website with CORS headers

Obviously, this shouldn’t be used in a production environment, but it’s a quick fix if you don’t have access to secondary origin servers.

How To Fix Script Errors

Script Error (label)

There are a few browser quirks you should be aware of. What we wrote above applies to the latest browsers, more specifically to the following:

Firefox behaves differently for runtime errors. These are received without confusion by error callbacks, even if the script is supplied from a different source. However, syntax errors will be blocked if the CORS header is missing.

How To Fix Script Errors

Internet Explorer 10 and earlier reports all available data for errors. It is now considered a security risk. And in Internet Explorer 11+, scripts loaded from different sources will never return additional data, regardless of the CORS header and crossorigin feature mentioned above.

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Real user monitoring tools like Experience can help detect script errors logged into remote servers. RUM tools with error tracking report such errors to actual users of the site

How To Fix Script Errors

When bug trackers report bugs, they typically report a detailed stack trace and error message that helps developers track bugs in their code.

But as explained earlier, this particular error will lack this additional information. You can avoid this by following the instructions above to set the script tag and the servers from which the script will be served.

How To Fix Script Errors

Script Error · Issue #13 · Ineedbots/iw4x_bot_warfare · Github

A script error is a special type of error that you receive when a script served from another domain, subdomain, or port encounters a runtime or syntax error.

A good monitoring solution is required to detect such errors. You can choose a true user monitoring solution, such as Experience, or a front-end monitoring tool that includes RUM, logging, and synthetic monitoring that provides end-to-end visibility into application performance. In this case, Cloud Tools. Use the 14-day free trial to explore its features!

How To Fix Script Errors

If you’re experiencing these errors with the RUM tools and wondering why you’re missing a stack trace or message, follow the instructions above to set up a script tag or server to serve files.

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Get tips, guides and news about Elastic / ELK stack, observability, solar and cloud news and updates. If you use your web browser to browse web pages, you may encounter a script error Do you know how to get rid of this error? Writing this post to show you some of the solutions available in the software. You can try one after another until you find the right one.

How To Fix Script Errors

A script error occurs whenever you view a web page using a web browser If you encounter this problem, you will receive an error message that says:

It is difficult to explain why this problem occurs because it can be caused by many things and you cannot always be sure of the exact cause. But you can still use some methods to fix it. In this post, we present some solutions that have proven to be available.

How To Fix Script Errors

Script Error (baseline)

If a script takes a long time to load, you may encounter a script error A quick way to fix this problem is to reload the website and see if the problem goes away.

Script errors can also occur if your web browser is outdated. So you can update your web browser to the latest version and reload the page to see if the issue is resolved

How To Fix Script Errors

Sometimes a script error occurs when something goes wrong with page loading. You can try loading a different web page to see if you get the same error If you can successfully open the second page, it means that the first page is faulty. You will have to wait for the page owner to find and fix the problem

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A script error may occur due to a problem with your web browser. That way, you can use a different web browser to browse the website you want to visit. There are many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc. You can select only one to use.

How To Fix Script Errors

To rule out a problem with the computer you are using, you can use another device to browse the page affected by the script error. For example, you can access the site on your phone or a friend’s computer and see if the problem appears If you get the same error, it means the website is having trouble. You will have to wait for the webmaster to resolve the issue.

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How To Fix Script Errors

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For some reason, you have installed some plugins for your web browser. This can cause conflicts between the plugin and the website. To rule out this possibility, you can disable or remove these plug-ins and then browse the website again.

Hardware acceleration can break some scripts in web browsers and cause script errors. You can disable these scripts from running normally.

How To Fix Script Errors

If you use high security settings for your web browser, it’s easy to get a script error. You can try resetting the security settings. If you’re using Chrome, go to the 3-dot menu > Settings > Advanced > Reset Settings.

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