How To Fix Script Error

How To Fix Script Error – You may encounter a script error when using a web browser to browse websites. Do you know how to get rid of this error? Software is writing this post to show you the solutions available. You can try them one by one until you find the one that suits you.

A script error occurs every time a web browser tries to view a web page. When you encounter this problem, you will receive an error message:

How To Fix Script Error

How To Fix Script Error

It is difficult to explain why this problem occurs because many things can cause it and you cannot always know the exact cause. But you can use some methods to fix it. In this post, we will show you the proven solutions.

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If the script takes a long time to load, there may be a script error. The quickest way to get rid of this problem is to reload the site and see if the problem goes away.

How To Fix Script Error

If your web browser is out of date, the script error may occur. So, you can update your web browser to the latest version and reload the page to see if this issue is resolved.

Sometimes a script error occurs when there’s something wrong with the page you’re loading. You can try downloading another website to see if the same error occurs. If you can successfully open the second page, it means that the first page is invalid. You will have to wait until the site owner fixes the problem.

How To Fix Script Error

How To Fix This Error Script ? Google Maps

A script error may occur due to problems with your web browser. So, you can use another web browser to view the website you want to see. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. There are many web browsers such as You can only choose one.

To confirm that there is an error on the computer you are using, you can use another tool to view the page affected by the script error. For example, you can visit a page on your phone or a friend’s computer and see if a problem occurs. If the same error occurs, it means that there is a problem with the website. You have to wait until the webmaster solves the problem.

How To Fix Script Error

Corrupted cache files can corrupt the YouTube video you’re watching. So you can delete temporary internet files and then check if this problem is gone.

Script Error 277

For some reason you have installed several plugins for your web browser. This may cause conflicts between the plugin and the website. To avoid this possibility, you can disable or remove these plugins and revise your site.

How To Fix Script Error

Hardware acceleration may break some scripts in your web browser and cause script errors. You can disable these scripts to allow normal operation.

If you use high security settings for your web browser, the scripting error can be easy. You can change the security settings to try it out. If you’re using Chrome, you can go to the 3-dot menu > Settings > Advanced > Reset settings to factory defaults, then click Reset settings to reset your security settings.

How To Fix Script Error

Invalid Pointer Error

If all of the above solutions do not help, the website may be faulty. You have to wait until the webmasters fix the problem.

We hope these 10 solutions will solve your problem. If you have any related questions, you can tell us in the comments.

How To Fix Script Error

Stella has worked as an English editor at Software for over 4 years. His articles mainly cover data storage areas, including media data recovery and phone data recovery, YouTube video downloads, partition management and video conversions. Are you using a bug tracking tool for your site? Have you tried to debug a user reported problem, and when you looked at the bug tracker, the error reported was just a “script error”? Such errors cannot be corrected because there is no additional information other than the message.

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In this article, I will explain what a scripting error is, what it can cause, and how to fix it, and more specifically, how to get detailed information about scripting errors.

How To Fix Script Error

If you’re using a debugging tool for front-end code, you’ve probably seen an error with a critical “script error” message. These are errors on your website that occur with JavaScript files served from a different source (different domain, port or protocol).

The problem with these bugs is that there are no details, not even a trail. This defeats the purpose of using debugging tools and makes it impossible to find bugs in the code.

How To Fix Script Error

How To Fix

This usually works fine, but the error is in the javascript file provided by the other source and the browser will only provide the secret.

A different source means that the JavaScript file is located on a different domain or subdomain or protocol (http vs https) or port.

How To Fix Script Error

Browsers use the same source policy, which means that scripts have full access rights only if they are downloaded from the same source as the site itself.

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To improve load times, many websites use content delivery networks (CDNs) to host JavaScript, CSS, and other static content. This means that in most cases the JavaScript files are served from a different source than the site itself, as the CDN uses a separate domain.

How To Fix Script Error

If your website has a lot of application code defined in CDN-embedded JavaScript files and a runtime occurs, the resulting error message will not contain a trace or a detailed message.

So, how to fix this, or more specifically, how to get detailed error information from scripts provided by other sources? This is a two-step process where we need to make changes to both our website and the third-party homepage.

How To Fix Script Error

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If you try to load a script on your site from another source and add a script tag like below, the browser will refuse to load the script.

To send an initial request for this script, you must add the cross=”anonymous” tag to the following tag.

How To Fix Script Error

The browser will now perform a CORS request for this scenario, but leave out sensitive information such as cookies or HTTP authentication information.

How To Fix Windows Script Host Error

Most CDNs do this by default because their main purpose is to serve static files to other sources, and if you’re running your own servers to serve static files, they should return the following HTTP header for static files.

How To Fix Script Error

This allows browsers to retrieve static files from any domain on this server. If you have a list of specific domains that you want to allow, for example, if your site is at, you can allow this domain:

If you don’t know how to add these headers to your servers or the service you use, see

How To Fix Script Error

What Is A Script Error And How To Fix It

If you are a developer and run into this problem and need a quick solution, you can use a web proxy like CORS. A proxy server forwards requests to a third-party server, and forwards them to your site by adding CORS headers.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be used in a production environment, but it’s a quick solution if you don’t have access to secondary home servers.

How To Fix Script Error

There are some browser requirements you should be aware of. What we wrote above is more recent or browser specific:

Help] Script Error

Firefox has a different behavior with runtime errors. Although this script is from a different source, it is clearly presented as a return to panic. Syntax errors will be blocked if CORS headers are missing.

How To Fix Script Error

Internet Explorer 10 and below reports all information for errors. This is now considered security. And scripts loaded from other sources in Internet Explorer 11+ will not contain any additional information, despite the aforementioned CORS header and origin traversal feature.

Real user monitoring tools, like Experience, help by logging script errors to a remote server. RUM tools to report errors to real users on your website.

How To Fix Script Error

How To Fix Windows Script Host Error?

When bug tracking tools report bugs, they report a detailed stack and error message, which helps the developer track down a problem in their code.

But as mentioned earlier, this type of error does not have this additional information. You can maintain this by following the instructions above for setting up the script account and the servers served by the script.

How To Fix Script Error

A script error is when a runtime or syntax error occurs in a script issued from a different domain, subdomain, or port.

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You need a good monitoring solution to detect such errors. You can be a real monitoring solution

How To Fix Script Error

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