How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7 – These days, PC users don’t worry when they encounter blue screen of death errors or BSODs in Win 7. Also known as “STOP” error, BSOD is the most common screen of death that occurs in Windows OS. These errors also appear in green, red and yellow among other screen colors.

However, if you encounter this problem for the first time, what should you do? Should you throw away your computer and buy a new one? Well, don’t do it yet! In this article, we will teach you how to fix BSOD errors in Windows 7. We will show you some methods to fix this problem that Windows users often face.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

If you see a blue screen of death on your Windows 7, you can try the following general fixes:

Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7 Using Hotfix

In most cases, Windows 7 is configured by default to restart automatically when a blue screen of death occurs. In this case, you don’t have enough time to read the error text and determine the cause of the problem. The first thing you need to do is disable automatic restart so you can keep the blue screen of death for a while. Follow the steps below:

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

If you are having trouble booting Windows, you can go into Safe Mode. From there you can follow the above steps. Here are the instructions for starting Windows 7 in Safe Mode:

One way to prevent and prevent BSODs from occurring is to regularly update your computer with the latest security patches. In Windows 10, there is little you can do to prevent automatic updates. However, in Windows 7, the OS is not configured to install updates normally. You can always do it manually by following the steps below:

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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Make sure there are no invalid or duplicate entries in your Windows registry when installing updates. You can remove these errors safely, effectively and easily by using a registry cleaner. This extra step helps you prevent crashes, enabling stable and smooth operation.

Incorrect or corrupt drivers can cause blue screen of death on your computer. Updating or fixing allows you to fix BSOD errors in Windows 7. Check for the latest versions of your drivers by visiting your computer manufacturer’s site.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

In some cases, blue screen of death errors are caused by an incompatible device driver. An efficient way to fix this is to use a driver updater. With this program, you can easily spot potential driver problems and quickly update your drivers to the latest versions recommended by the computer manufacturer.

Windows 7 Installation Problem

You can use the utility tools in Windows 7 to identify and repair errors on the hard drive. In some cases, fixing hard drive or memory problems can help you prevent the blue screen of death.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

You can run the startup repair tool manually by selecting the recovery option pre-installed on your computer. You can also run this program using the original Windows installation disc or the System Recovery and Repair disc.

If you do not see the option to repair your computer, it means that you have not pre-installed the recovery tool in your unit. You can use the original installation disc or the recovery disc.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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Apart from what we have mentioned in this article, there are other unconventional ways to fix Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 7. Here are some of them:

In some cases, BSOD appears due to overheating of parts. As such, it is important for you to check if there are any hardware components that suffer from increased heat levels. These days there are programs that can help you identify these overheating parts.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

On the other hand, rising temperatures in your system can easily be caused by clogged fans. You can prevent this problem by cleaning your computer regularly. You can also try removing external hardware, such as printers, USB memory drives, and gamepads, among others. Doing so will help you identify if one of these components is causing the blue screen of death.

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The Master Boot Record (MBR) shows information that identifies your operating system. The system needs to boot normally. If the MBR becomes corrupted, it can cause serious problems, including a blue screen of death error. You can fix the MBR by following the steps below:

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

If none of the methods we’ve shared work for you, you may eventually decide to reinstall your operating system. Here are the steps: “My computer keeps running startup repair during every startup and I can’t boot it normally. I’ve tried running startup repair several times, but I still have the same problem. Startup repair seriously won’t do the repair. . Totally automatic. I’m stuck in an infinite loop.”

If Windows files are damaged or misaligned, Startup Repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. If the power was interrupted during startup, select Start Windows normally.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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Startup repair won’t load, won’t start but won’t repair, or run and repair is claimed. Your PC will continuously try to initiate Startup Repair every boot. In Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 it’s called Automatic Repair:

Unexpected PC shutdown, virus, malware, driver issues, corrupted BDC settings, corrupted boot partition, blue screen of death as well as black screen of death on reboot, all these factors account for Windows startup problems.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

As ‘Windows Error Recovery’ says, Start Repair should automatically fix abnormal Windows startup. However, if you choose the recommended option, you will have to face only 2 facts:

Bsod Error 0x00000124: Fix It Permanently With These 7 Fixes

In both situations, on every reboot, your PC will constantly try to call Startup Repair for a fix, all the while getting stuck in a Startup Repair loop that never ends.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

A clean Windows installation is a guaranteed fix for Windows Startup Repair, which takes forever but costs complete data loss. So, is there another option to recover from endless looping startup repair without reinstalling Windows?

We’ve listed possible fixes from simple to complex, safe to dangerous. You better try to order them.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

Windows 7 Can’t Login

You should try disabling automatic restart. Although it may not solve the boot error, it may prevent endless reboots.

Step 2. Wait until your BIOS post is complete (the screen with your manufacturer’s logo and/or system information).

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

Step 4. Click “Y”, so that the next time the system restarts, the CHKDSK utility can check for disk errors and try to fix them. Restart the system and let CHKDSK check and fix hard disk errors.

How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072efe?

Download CleanGenius and install it on your computer. Now let’s check the file system error on your device and fix it.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

Step 2. Select the target device and check the box of “Check and fix file system errors”. Click “Run” to fix the problematic device.

A startup repair loop can also occur if the bootloader installation or configuration comes up with some errors. You can resolve this error by following the steps below.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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System Security is enabled by default, and you can use it to restore your computer to a previous state to fix your problem.

Step 3. Follow the wizard instructions to continue the process. Select a restore point before the date when the automatic startup repair loop error occurred.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

Step 6. Rename the default, software, SAM, system and security files and back up the files to .bak. Type the following command one by one and press “Enter”:

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Sometimes, if your device partition values ​​are incorrect, you will get stuck in a startup repair loop. Follow the steps below to check device partition and OS device partition and fix your error.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

Step 2. Find the Device Partition and OS Device Partition values. Make sure their values ​​are correct and placed on the correct partition.

Windows is preinstalled only on the C partition, and the correct value is C. Enter the following commands and press “Enter” after each if the value is not set to C.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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Often booting into safe mode and uninstalling recently installed device drivers or software can fix the automatic repair loop error. To boot into Safe Mode from a Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 system, you must have the original DVD or USB. If you don’t have an installation disc, follow Microsoft’s guide to creating Windows installation media. Then enter Safe Mode:

Apart from clean installation of Windows operating system, fixes for users to get rid of endless startup repair loop including system restore and PC factory reset will also lead to some loss of computer data.

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

It’s not the end of the day, and a third-party data recovery tool may be able to save your data. For example, Data Recovery Wizard can recover data after formatting, deletion, PC reset, system refresh and more. And you deserve to try and see if the software helps you find your lost data.

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You’ll find 7 ways to fix a startup repair Windows 7 loop, whether you have an installation disc or not. Don’t worry if Windows 7/8/10 Startup Repair takes forever, and you can’t stop or cancel it. Also, you can recover lost data

How To Fix Errors In Windows 7

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