How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window – Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Universal Windows Direct. Currently you can buy one window and get one free for 24 months with no interest and zero fees.

If you remember this post from last year, our basement is on our home goal list for 2022. However, I wasn’t planning on starting work on it until the fall because we’ve had a lot of work done lately on building two bathrooms. Instead of waiting six months, we decided to start the basement with new windows!

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

Our house is over 100 years old – built in 1921 – original foundation and basement. We have five windows downstairs and they are all block glass.

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Block glass windows are terrible. Many had their blocks broken, which always confused me, especially the little kids’ fingers that are here now.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

There were gaps in some window sills which probably brought bugs into our home. Yeah! Also, we could never open and close the windows, so you can’t even get fresh air into the basement.

All in all they were pretty bad and we promised to deal with them as soon as the first and second floors of our house were finished. Now that they’re done (holy cigarettes, that’s wild!), it’s time to turn our attention to the lower level of our home.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

Average Cost Of Window Repair

You may remember this blog post and the details on the process of installing new windows on the first and second floors. We liked our experience with Universal Windows Direct and chose them again for our basement project.

Side note: We recently installed a shower window from a different manufacturer in our new bathroom. The only reason we chose another brand is because my contractor took out the window because we hired him to do the whole bathroom. The subcontractor he uses only stocks different brands of windows. I don’t want them to think I’m not genuine… I really love Universal Windows Direct and that’s why 95% of the windows in our house are from there!

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

To be honest, I didn’t even know what windows they could make in the basement and if their team would be able to remove our heavy glass blocks. When the team came to measure, they said removing the pieces of glass wouldn’t be a problem, which was great to hear.

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If you remember my first post about our windows, I asked Universal Windows Direct to give me an estimate on every window in our house. They offer up to a two-year price lock guarantee for the window. So if you have to do your whole house in stages like we did, they will stick to the original estimate.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

I knew I wanted to open and close the windows to let in some fresh air. I also wanted some sort of protective film over them so he couldn’t see directly into our basement and I chose their dark glass frosted. We decided to go with double hung sliding windows…but side hung! We chose white vinyl both inside and out. We have vinyl throughout our home because they are the cheapest, most energy efficient and require virtually no maintenance.

I placed my order and about eight weeks later I got a call that they were ready to install. To be honest, since I’ve been so busy with the bathroom build, it got me thinking a bit. It was fun to think about working in another place!

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

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The team had six windows to replace – five in the basement and one in the children’s bathroom – and it took about four hours from start to finish. They were fast! (Since I was with the kids and didn’t want them flying near the glass, I didn’t take pictures of the glass bar removal). The installers hammered the glass and then quickly cleaned up the mess from each window area.

Next they grabbed the new windows, put them in place and added spray foam to the edges, filled the cracks and made sure everything was sealed. In a few hours, the ugly piece of glass was gone and the beautiful new basement windows were installed.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

I can’t get over how much cleaner, brighter and better our basement looks! Although the whole space still needs a lot of work, the new windows make it feel really polished and new.

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We’ve never been able to get fresh air into the basement, so it was really nice to open up these bad boys and let the air in! I know that Finn appreciates his work.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

And the privacy movie works great. The windows just look clean and shiny, but you can’t look directly into the basement from the outside.

When talking about new windows, I’m always bombarded with questions about the price. Windows don’t have a typical “one size fits all” pricing structure because they can be customized in so many different ways. Homeowners can expect to pay between $800 and $1,200 per unit at Universal Windows Direct, which includes labor and removal and disposal of the old windows.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

Consequences For Not Replacing Windows

Also keep an eye out for offers throughout the year. I know Universal Windows Direct currently has a buy one get one free offer with no interest and zero fees for 24 months. So there are financing options whenever you need them!

After updating most of the windows in our home, we have enjoyed the energy savings and know that our new windows will be suitable for resale someday!

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

If you have any questions about windows, including cleaning, maintenance, the best type for your home, and more, I’ll answer all the frequently asked questions in this blog post. Definitely worth a read if you are looking for new windows for your home.

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This was the first of many projects you will soon see in the basement. I’m still working on the exact plan here, but we’ll replace the carpet, paint everything, update the doors and trim, and create a special playroom for the kids. The new basement windows were the first step in this multi-phase project and we are very satisfied with their realization!

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. I am married to Finn and my mother is to Rory and Ellis. Together, we’ll create your Chicago dream home, one DIY project at a time. “My basement windows are bad!” Ellen told me at the last meeting. The fact is, the adjectives people use when talking about their basement windows are not flattering (they are drafty, ugly, blown, rotten, and dangerous are just a few examples). Whether you’re in the middle of a basement renovation project or just want to make your lower level space safer, more energy efficient, or better looking, repairing old, broken basement windows can be a good investment. The following article highlights the practical tips I shared with Ellen for solving the biggest problems with basement windows.

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How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

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– Basement windows are the cheapest and weakest windows available in most homes. Most often, these are single-pane glass windows surrounded by a wooden (rusty) or metal (rusty) frame. It is not difficult for the commoners to break these windows. A reliable solution to this problem is the installation of basement windows made of glass blocks. These units are injected into a concrete block or cast-in-place foundation, making them a very safe option. The latest development to the highest level of protection is a product called “Protect All Glass Block Windows”. This window uses vinyl spacers to join the blocks to make them more difficult to separate even with a mortar joint.

The energy efficiency rating for existing single-pane glass brick windows is a microscopic R-value.1. However, the biggest energy efficiency problem with metal or wood-framed basement windows is often not the thin glass, but the rotten or rusted frames around the panel. A strong product choice to solve this problem is vinyl bunker windows or sliding glass windows. If you have a small opening and still want to increase airflow, a bunker type window works well. If you want the opening to be smaller for safety reasons, it is recommended to use a sliding window.

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

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If you want your basement to be safe for your family to enjoy and children to play in, it’s important to limit the problems caused by hazards such as carbon monoxide. To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide from water heaters or furnaces, it is important to maximize fresh air at low levels. The challenge is that many of the existing wooden-framed windows will be sealed and some of the metal-framed windows will be painted

How To Fix A Broken Basement Window

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