How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions – Here you will find some helpful support in learning what equivalent fractions are and how to find equivalent fractions.

We also have Equivalent Fractions worksheets to help you practice and demonstrate your understanding of these concepts.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

At the bottom of this page, there are also three printable resource pages that explain the equivalent parts in a little more detail.

Engaging Ways To Teach Equivalent Fractions Virtually

Being able to find equivalent fractions is very important to know before you try to add or subtract different fractions.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Half off everything. If we divide each part into two equal parts, we divide the part into fourths or the whole part into 4 equal parts.

Each half is divided into two quadrants (as in two of the 4 shaded areas), so we have the same fraction:

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

A Recheck Of Equivalent Fractions

If we divide each half into three equal pieces instead of 2, we get 3 shaded strips (numbers) out of a total of 6 strips, giving three six-parts.

We can repeat this by dividing the same half into 4, 5, 6, etc., finally:

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

It also makes sense in context, for example, if you get a 5 out of 10, or five tenths, on a spelling test, half of your answers will be correct and half will be incorrect.

Equivalent Fractions Interactive Worksheet

If we divide each third into two equal parts, we get a total of 6 shades and 4 shades, so now we have 4 shades of 6 instead of 2 of 3 shades.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

In other words, we have doubled the number of shaded parts (the numerator) and also doubled the total number of parts (the denominator).

Again, this can be repeated and two-thirds can be divided into several equal parts.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Learning: Fractions Comparing And Finding Equivalent Fractions

Whenever a fraction is divided, both the quotient and the numerator are multiplied by the divisor. This gives us equal parts.

In other words, if you multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number, you get the same (or equal) quotient.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

And using the same logic, if we divide the numerator and denominator by the same numerator, you get the same fraction.

Find Equivalent Fractions

We discovered that if you multiply or divide the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same number, you get the same fraction.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

If you want to see all this in more detail, please print the 3 pages below which will tell you all you need to know about equal parts.

Using equal fraction strips is a great way to learn your fractional facts and helps you understand exactly how much a fraction is worth visually.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

What Are Equivalent Fractions? Definition, Types And Importance

Here you’ll find a selection of equal fractions worksheets designed to help your child practice equal parts facts.

This is an important learning step that children need to be sure of before they start learning to add and subtract fractions with different letters.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

You can explore the equations of different fractions in the equation lab, or test your knowledge of fractions using the game area.

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet 2 Worksheet

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How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

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How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Word Problems Worksheet

We’ve updated and improved our fractional calculator to show you how to solve your fractional problem step by step!

Check out some of our most popular pages to see a variety of math activities and ideas you can use with your kids

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

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Ex 7.3, 4

This concept can be difficult for children. I would like to show you below how I teach equivalent fractions to third graders.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Don’t forget to read to the end to get a free equivalent fractions activity – it’s a color-by-number fraction worksheet PDF!

I have two different resources that you’ll love if you’re teaching equivalents and want to save valuable preparation time.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Ex 7.3, 5

Interactive notebooks are perfect for introducing concepts, and keep them as a reference guide in their math notebooks.

I love using Google Classroom Resources as a math center. There is no preparation for the teacher – you just send it to the students, and then they finish it themselves. This is a good one to use after the initial lesson.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent fractions are fractions that do not have the same numerator and denominator, but have the same value.

Fractions 09/10 Shading Equivalent Fractions

Think pie (sweet treats always make the best parts). Would you rather have half a pie, or 3 of all 6 slices of pie? It doesn’t matter – it’s the same thing! The numbers may be completely different, but the number is actually equal or the same.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Want an easy introductory lesson? Use the example I gave above about pie. Make a quick t-chart and write down “1/2 pie” and “3/6 pie”. Give the students notes after this, and ask them to stand next to the board for the pieces they like. You will soon see some students look at the board and tell you that they can’t make a choice… because the two numbers are the same. Bingo!

I want to break down the concepts your students need to understand what equal fractions are. If your students master the following concepts, they will master equal parts!

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Warm Up 2 Minutes.

Quick tip? Each fraction equal to 1 has the same numerator and denominator. Each part has a number equal to 1/2 which is half the value.

It may take some practice to get children to the point where they recognize these two parts on the brim of the hat. It will happen – just practice, practice, practice!

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Often students can simply look at a picture and immediately know if the parts are equal. However, it is more difficult when using numerical components instead of images. Read below how students can find equivalent fractions mathematically!

How To Find Equivalent Fractions

Below I’ll show you some methods you can use to teach students how to find equivalent fractions, and how to check that the fractions really are equal.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Step 1: Draw the first wing of the “butterfly”, starting at the top left along the path, like reading a book.

Step 2: Multiply these two numbers. Write it in the upper left corner (again, like reading a book!).

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

What Are Equivalent Fractions? Explained For Primary School

Just click the button below and I’ll send you the same defects worksheet as a PDF for free!

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How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

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Fractions For Kids Explained: How To Teach Your Child Fractions At Home

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How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

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Let’s quickly remind ourselves how we construct equivalent fractions and simplify them using the following two examples.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Subtracting Related Fraction (finding Equivalent Fractions) Worksheet

And the way we get a common dynamometer is by making parts that have the same parts as the whole, as noted by the Monterey Institute.

What’s interesting is that LCD uses the same process for finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM), but only for the number in the denominator. This means we already know what to do.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Fortunately, we’ve already converted these two fractions into equal fractions 5/20 and 8/20 after finding a common denominator, so all we need to do now is learn their numbers.

What Are Equivalent Fractions And Simplifying Fractions?

Since 5 is less than 8, we know that 5/20 is less than 8/20, which means 1/4 is less than 2/5.

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

You first want to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions by multiplying the denominator by the whole number and adding the numerator, then follow the steps listed above.

First, we write the number 5 and mixed

How To Figure Equivalent Fractions

Ways To Find Equivalent Fractions

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