How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8 – If you’ve recently switched from a PC to a Mac, you’ve probably noticed that instead of the Internet Explorer or Edge you’re used to, the Mac has its own browser called Safari. In fact, if you try to search for “download Internet Explorer for Mac”, you will quickly realize that the exact equivalent of IE on Mac does not exist. What are you doing then?

Interestingly, at the dawn of the World Wide Web in the late 90s, Internet Explorer was the default browser on all Mac computers. But when Apple introduced Safari as a new browser in 2003, Microsoft decided to stop the development of IE for Mac soon after. So unless you’re running Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier (why would you want to?), there’s no way to install Internet Explorer directly on a Mac. And you probably shouldn’t be using versions of Internet Explorer before 2003 right now.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

Although running Internet Explorer natively on a Mac is not possible, there are other ways to simulate IE for the Mac experience. You can change Safari as a different version of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you can install a virtual machine and make IE for Mac this way, or you can choose to use any browser part of three available on macOS.

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Important: Safari can mimic Internet Explorer on macOS Mojave or earlier. On Big Sur, Catalina or Monterey, it is only possible to imitate the Edge.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

Most of the time, if you need to use Internet Explorer on a Mac, it is probably for testing purposes, to see how other websites or web applications work, or to access websites that require the use of IE (yes, they are still here). Both cases can be easily accessed from within Safari. To use Internet Explorer with Safari, you just need to enable the development tool:

Now you can access the development tools directly from Safari, which allow you to view websites, bad caches, and most importantly, mimic other different browsers directly through the Safari app. To use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on a Mac:

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

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The User Agent option in Safari should cover almost all reasons for using Internet Explorer on a Mac. However, if you really need to run Internet Explorer itself for one reason or another, you can try to do so using a virtual machine.

While using a virtual machine for Internet Explorer is by no means an easy way, it is still available to anyone who needs it. What a virtual machine does is install a full copy of Windows on your Mac and let you run it as a macOS application. From there you can launch Internet Explorer or, in fact, any program you miss from your Windows days.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

To set up a virtual machine, you first need to purchase a copy of the virtual machine software (VMware Fusion is great for Intel-based Macs) and a Windows license. Once you set them up:

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If you have a new M1 Mac, the only option to install Windows so far is with Parallels Desktop 16 and Windows 10 for ARM:

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

Now whenever you need to use Internet Explorer on Mac, you can launch a virtual machine and use IE directly with Windows that way.

Of course there are a few downsides to this solution. First, you need to purchase VMware Fusion or Fusion and a licensed copy of Windows for the sole purpose of using Internet Explorer. Second, virtual machines tend to be very heavy on your CPU, as they run all the operating systems inside them.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

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Another option available to you if you don’t need to use IE for Mac specifically, but move from Safari, is to switch to any third-party browser or – even better – configure your browser settings with OpenIn.

If Safari is not your first browser of choice and using Internet Explorer for Mac is very difficult to say the least, you can download any well-used stable out there and make it the default on macOS.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

By far the most dominant browser today, Google Chrome currently holds 45-65% of the browser market. Developed by Google, the browser is available on both desktop and mobile devices and therefore boasts a large number of plugins and web applications that are exclusive to it. Chrome is also praised for its speed and integration with all other Google products. On the other hand, using Chrome means being subject to Google’s extensive tracking and helping Google effectively own the web.

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Firefox is a great everyday browser. The successor to the first commercial web browser, Netscape, is an open source program owned by the private Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is fast, secure and boasts a supportive community around the world. All this makes it a great alternative to Safari and Internet Explorer.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

Brave is a new entry in the search field that first appeared in 2015. Based on the open source Chromium project (like Google Chrome), the browser quickly gained a loyal following due to its strict privacy control and ad blocking. Making Brave your default browser might be a little experimental at this point, but it’s still a good option for anyone concerned about privacy.

In early 2020, Microsoft released Edge for macOS, which runs on Chromium (like Google Chrome and Brave). And in the spring of 2021, vertical tabs have been added to Edge for Mac – one of the world’s favorite features that you’ll want to try. Not to mention that Windows users will find Edge more familiar and easy to use than other browsers.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

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In general, these are your three options for running Internet Explorer on a Mac. You can use the Safari user agent to browse any web page as Internet Explorer does, launch the original Internet Explorer browser through a Windows virtual machine, or choose one of the alternative browsers if all what you want to do is move from Safari on. Mac.

OpenIn is a smart file and link opener for Mac. It helps you set up a workspace where you can use as many browsers as you want to work faster and more efficiently. Basically, it learns in which channel you want to open certain types of files or links to mail. And if you want to have a choice, OpenIn will show you a list of browser options when you click the link.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

Let’s say you like static tabs in Edge and want to use them when you need to open multiple tabs. Chrome is best suited for Google accounts, and if you use Gmail, it makes perfect sense to use Chrome for email links. Safari is fast and private (especially with macOS 12’s new private Relay and Hide My Email features). OpenIn lets you use them all, without turning your workflow into a mess.

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However, if you are new to Mac, the browser is probably not the only thing you are concerned about. You should also look for guidelines to cover all types of development, configuration, security, and production issues.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

As soon as you switch from PC to Mac, you realize that unfortunately not all the applications you love and use every day are available on macOS. So naturally you have to find the right solutions. The good news is that the Mac has plenty of great apps for everything you need. But how do you choose and decide which ones are worth your time?

This is where such a platform becomes necessary. is a great tool for 230+ apps for Mac and iPhone. All apps are automatically updated to their latest versions and new apps are added regularly. It’s great for new Mac users alike. Discover new apps that are best at what they do.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

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Here is a basic introduction to some of the included apps that every new Mac user should have.

A lightweight tool that plays an important role, Bartender keeps your menu bar clean and tidy. As you use your Mac more and more, each new application will want to show up in the menu bar (upper right corner). This quickly becomes unsustainable and instead of quickly accessing the application you need, you will spend more time just trying to find the right one.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

The default Mac group settings for the menu bar are basic, only allowing you to change icons. Bartender allows you to hide them under a single icon and show only the ones you need to use.

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Considered the best writing tool for years, Ulysses has a clean interface and allows you to focus on the writing process, whether it’s simple notes, speeches, or anything in between. The app’s Markdown support makes it web-friendly, allowing direct export to WordPress and Medium. In addition, you get features like writing goals and grammar checking that help you improve your writing skills and habits.

How To Enable Javascript Internet Explorer 8

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