How To Embed Video In Gmail

How To Embed Video In Gmail – It has become the leading source of all IP traffic, accounting for 82% of all Internet traffic. About 85% of all internet users in the US watch online video content each month.

Additionally, marketers with a video strategy generate 66% more qualified leads each year than those without. With 8 out of 10 people making a purchase after watching a brand’s video, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Embedded video is a great way to adapt to current consumer behavior. It’s a fun way to connect with people and can help drive your email marketing campaigns to greater success.

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Use this guide to learn how to embed video into emails with different mail clients and have people click that play button and interact with your brand.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

There are two ways to embed videos in Gmail: (1) YouTube links and (2) Google Drive.

Have a funny cat video to send to a colleague? Or you may have a new “how-to” video on YouTube that you want to share with your email contacts. In any case, you can quickly embed a YouTube video in an email in a few steps.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

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When preparing your email, be sure to include a short link – this will help readers understand what the video is about and where the link will take them. Be sure to use the anchor text described for video links.

Note that you will not see the video appear immediately. But don’t worry! You can be sure that the video thumbnail will appear in the message after you send the email.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Recipients can click the thumbnail and open the video in their email account. They never have to exit their app and can watch videos instantly. This is very convenient.

How To Embed Video In Email: Step By Step Guide And Best Tips

It’s okay if you don’t have videos hosted on YouTube or any other video hosting service. You can also embed videos in Gmail emails via the Google Drive link.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Start by signing into your Google Drive account. Click the New button to create a folder. Name it, then double-click the folder to open it.

Under Get link, click Change. Then change the permissions so anyone with the link can view the video.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

How To Embed Video In Email: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Then click submit. Similar to embedding a YouTube video in an email, the thumbnail may not be displayed immediately. Buyers will see a preview and can watch the video right away in their browser.

Step 2: Compose a message and paste the link in the body of the email. You will see a preview of the video appear below the link.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Step 3: You can delete the link and write your message in Outlook. Video samples will remain.

A Gmail Integration To Directly Attach Video And How To Embed Video

Click Send when your email is ready. Your recipient can click the link and go to YouTube to watch the video.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

More tech-savvy marketers may prefer to create HTML emails. If you want, you can also add HTML code to Outlook emails and embed videos manually.

In Mailchimp, you can add video content blocks as you compose your emails. The video block takes thumbnails from your YouTube or Vimeo videos and places them on a play button icon that encourages clicks.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

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The thumbnail is linked to the video URL so people who click the thumbnail will see it in a new browser window. Mailchimp also supports videos from other services, but you’ll have to manually upload images to their Content Studio to create previews.

For more ways to embed your video in Mailchimp, read the Add Videos to Campaign help articles.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

An alternative to embed a video in an email is to use an animated GIF instead. Most email clients can accept GIFs, so your recipient should have no problem viewing them.

How To Send A Video Through Gmail

When you create an email campaign, use the builder to add animated GIFs to your messages. Our static image block lets you upload GIFs from services like GIPHY and Tenor.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

It is very easy to embed video content in your email. Whether you’re adding simple YouTube links, animated GIFs or manually adding code, there are several ways to get the job done.

Start by choosing the best videos in your library, attach them to an email here or there, and test the results. Are you getting a higher click-through rate or open rate? Better sales? If so, keep trying to see if you can raise your KPIs.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

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No matter what email you’re using, you’ll soon see how much engagement you can get by embedding videos in emails.

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How To Embed Video In Gmail

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Although videos embedded in emails are credited for providing 5x higher open rates and 8x higher response rates, only 50% of B2B marketers use video in their email marketing campaigns.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

So, to help you get the most out of email video marketing, let’s look at how to embed video in email:

Research conducted by industry leaders appreciates the role video plays in boosting your email marketing success.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

How To Embed Youtube Video In Gmail

GetResponse learned that emails with video showed 5.6% higher open rate and 96% higher click-through rate compared to emails without video. The Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey also highlighted that click-through rate increased by over 96% in the first promotional email, which is unbelievably surprising!

Eloqua also shares its findings showing that adding video to emails reduces email cancellations by 75% (75%!). In her helpful infographic on [Video] You Have Mail, Wistia explains the key benefits of embedding video in your email, shared by survey respondents:

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Moreover, MarTech Advisor notes that click-through rates for emails with videos have increased by 300%, which is great news for email senders.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Anyone who has tried attaching a video to an email knows the process is not easy. After all, nothing good comes easy. To begin with, this first video embedding method revolves around the use of HTML5, as Wistia did in her Soapbox email.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

This HTML code also includes an alternate image embed code so that recipients whose email clients do not support embedding video with this method will see the thumbnail.

Note that we are talking about HTML5 here. It is the latest and most robust version of HTML that offers many options when it comes to videos. Another plus is that HTML5 works on iOS devices that don’t support Flash.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

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In short, Apple Mail 4, 5 and 6, iPad Mail, iPhone Mail and Outlook are compatible with HTML5 video. In fact, surveys continue to reveal that 75% of developers use HTML5 and around 35% of mobile traffic comes from HTML5 video.

The latest version of HTML also lets you control video attributes such as the video width and poster image displayed before the video is played.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

However, there is a tricky point here. Not all email providers support HTML5. Only two-thirds of email clients support embedded video content in emails. Unfortunately, Gmail, which holds 40% of the webmail market share, does not support this method of embed video in email.

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Email providers that don’t support direct video playback with HTML5 will eventually display thumbnails. Here is a list of email clients that play videos and show thumbnails:

How To Embed Video In Gmail

When it comes to adding video to email with HTML5, the biggest benefit is that your video can play correctly in the user’s email client. This gives the recipient a way to play the video without leaving the email. Also, HTML5 is flexible. It allows you to adjust the video width as well as the backup image so you can adjust how your video plays.

Liveclicker says, “Videos embedded in emails act as an amplifier to get more people to view video content. When doing the AB split test with linked videos, we see 35% to 45% more video being played on average with embedded videos.”

How To Embed Video In Gmail

Embed A Video In Email

They see the improved UX for mobile users as the main reason for this advantage, as it only requires one tap to view the video. However, the biggest drawback is that some mail clients do not support embedded video, which means the enhanced user experience is unstable.

So, in a way, by using HTLML5 to include video in your emails, you’re only improving the user experience of some of your recipients and ruining the experience of others.

How To Embed Video In Gmail

For email clients that don’t support HTML5, your subscribers will see a static image with the video link or a distorted image that doesn’t allow them to see the video at all.

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So, if the post shows image + link, you’re ready anyway. But if it’s a distorted image like why you’re stuck

How To Embed Video In Gmail

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