How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac – The modern web is a distraction disaster. Every website you visit wants you to buy something, subscribe to their newsletter, or simply bombard you with ads. And most of these calls to action direct you with pop-ups, the most invasive form of messaging.

So it’s no surprise that there has been a huge increase in user demand recently for how to remove pop-ups. Most browsers have responded accordingly, and now all of them—Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome—have features that stop pop-ups. Some, like Safari’s pop-up blocker, even enable protection by default.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

More than 90% of the time, pop-up blockers do a good job. However, sometimes you may come across a website that uses pop-ups as a way to communicate with you, making it impossible to use the website if you can’t see the pop-ups. This could be a gateway to public WiFi, a payment confirmation, or even an age verification screen. Then you might be wondering how to disable pop-up blocking on Mac.

How To Allow Pop Ups On Mac (safari & Chrome)

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I allow pop-ups on a Mac?” You have come to exactly the right place. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to allow pop-ups in all major browsers, as well as some tips to help you beat the real evil, the never-ending barrage of distractions. Let’s get to it.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Since Safari is quite dominant among Mac users, it’s worth knowing how you can manage its pop-up blocker. How to open Safari’s pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups:

When Safari’s pop-up blocker is active (which means something is being blocked), a small red message appears in the address bar. If you click on it, you’ll see an option to view the blocked window – so if you only need to check the blocked pop-up once, you won’t even need to adjust any of Safari’s pop-up blocking settings.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

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Also note that block changes do not have to be permanent by any means. Let’s say you’ve just made an online payment, but the website pops up asking for more information. Just change “Block” to “Allow” in Safari’s pop-up blocker on that site and reset it when you’re done.

If you want to allow pop-ups only on selected sites (or even just one site), you can do so using Safari’s pop-up blocker:

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

If you don’t want to open a website every time only to see pop-ups, an easier solution is to use AdLock. It is basically an ad blocker that disables ads, pop-ups and notifications on the web, it has an Allow list where you can add all the sites that should have pop-ups.

Solved: Disable Browser Pop Up Blockers Before Downloading

When it comes to the most widely used browser in the world, it does not disappoint in its ability to control random pop-ups.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Similar to Safari, Chrome allows individual exceptions through the address bar. A small icon will indicate that something has been blocked, and you have the option to allow pop-ups from that site (once or always).

If you want to allow pop-ups on selected websites in Chrome, you can use AdLock, the universal solution we mentioned earlier, or adjust some Chrome settings:

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

How To Disable The Pop Up Blocker On Chrome

Without a doubt, learning how to stop Mac pop-ups is invaluable to our inner peace. But pop-ups only represent a small part of what actually distracts us from getting things done throughout the day. Think notifications, chats, multiple app windows open at the same time, and even a cluttered desktop, all of which take up more of our attention than they deserve.

HazeOver is the best screen dimming that keeps the active window clean and darkens everything else on the screen. Suddenly you can’t see anything that’s distracting you and can focus on the task at hand. For multitaskers like all of us today, this is much better than going through the whole screen in every app, because you don’t lose the ability to juggle all the apps you need to get the job done, especially when you have more than one screen.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

In addition, HazeOver is a great solution for working at night, because you are not exposed to all the light of the screen, but the active area is still transparent. You can also enjoy movies and TV shows with a pleasant muted atmosphere.

How To Allow Pop Ups On Mac (or Block Them)

If HazeOver is still distracting, or you’re having a hard time keeping yourself from checking Twitter every hour, you need Focus.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Focus is, as the name suggests, a complete solution for eliminating distractions. This lightweight tool lets you block any website or app that comes between you and your goals. Instead, you’ll be shown a motivational quote to inspire you to keep fighting the good fight.

Blocking with Focus can be grouped or applied, ad hoc or scheduled – you’re in control and can even track your progress each week with in-app analytics and charts. Who is lazy now?

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

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In conclusion, it is very important to balance the need to focus with the knowledge of how to remove pop-up blockers when necessary. And it only takes a few apps.

The aforementioned AdLock, HazeOver, and Focus are available through a free trial for Mac and iPhone users on the productivity platform. Sign up to try them all and many more to help you set up tons of automation and tasks. Alternatively, use your browser’s built-in settings to manage pop-ups. Your call!

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Uses cookies to customize your experience on our site. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our cookie policy. Blocking pop-ups on your Mac web browser can protect you from unwanted ads, protect you from potential scams and phishing attempts, or simply help reduce distractions.

How To Turn Off A Pop Up Blocker On A Mac

However, many websites such as banks, colleges and e-commerce sites such as Amazon use pop-ups as a key component of their platforms.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

If you want to block pop-ups on your Mac when you use Safari, you can do so by visiting Safari’s Preferences menu, where you can also change the default settings for certain websites. You can also block pop-ups on your Mac using Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. Click Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Find and click “Preferences” in the drop-down menu.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Allow Or Block Pop Ups In Safari On Mac

5. At the bottom you will see “When you visit other websites:” and a drop down menu. Click on it.

6. Select Block and Safari will automatically start blocking all future pop-ups. You can also choose to “Block and notify” if you want, so Safari will alert you when a pop-up tries to appear and give you the option to allow it or not.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

If you want to allow pop-ups on some sites and block them on others, make sure the specific site whose settings you want to edit is open in Safari when you open Preferences.

Ad Blocker Safari

3. Here, under “Currently open websites”, you will see the URL of the website you opened in Safari and a drop-down menu with two blue arrows. Click on it.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Again, some websites like Amazon use pop-ups for useful purposes, so you may sometimes need to unblock pop-ups to use certain websites.

If you want to allow all pop-ups in Safari, read our article on how to allow them.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

How To Allow & Block Pop Ups On Firefox

3. Make sure the “Warn when you visit a fraudulent website” checkbox is checked. This will allow Safari to warn you before you visit an already blacklisted site that usually contains malware or phishing content. Safari uses Google Safe Browsing, a service known to scan websites for potential threats.

If you want Safari to notify you if it detects what it considers to be a fraudulent website, you must first launch Safari.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

No matter what web browser you use on your Mac, you should be able to block or allow pop-ups. However, most browsers do this differently than Safari, which is tied to your Mac’s settings.

How To Disable The Pop Up Blocker In Chrome

If you’re using Google Chrome, read our article on how to block pop-ups in Chrome or our article on how to allow pop-ups in Chrome.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

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How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

Ways To Block Pop Ups On Chrome

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By enabling pop-ups, you’re creating a user experience problem and opening yourself up to a host of cyber threats. To protect your data and privacy, install a comprehensive cybersecurity solution from . The app’s advanced real-time anti-malware feature, ad blocker with anti-tracking feature, and unlimited VPN are essential to protect your digital life. In addition, you will get 24/7 expert support. Visit today.

How To Disable Pop Up Blocker Mac

It is a hasty generalization that all pop-ups should be avoided

How To Allow Pop Ups On A Mac

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