How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac – Your Mac is a perfectly functional machine when it has the right software. Unfortunately, this has never been the case on newer Macs with many outdated programs like Seriously, who needs a DVD player when modern Macs don’t even have DVD drives?

So first you need to replace the native programs with your favorite programs. After all, the Mac App Store and third-party developers can improve or even create new features for the apps that Apple provides by default.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

But it is not recommended to use the new software instead of the default settings. You may have noticed that your Mac’s performance has slowed down, or that it’s hard to find the app you want in all the clutter. Of course, to fix the situation, you need to learn how to uninstall native apps on Mac. There is no easy way to do this, but we know what the solutions are.

How To Uninstall Mac Apps

The good news is that most apps are located in the Applications folder on your Mac and are very easy to delete.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

This method should work for 80% of all apps out there. But some applications are more extensive and contain various folders and files in the system that cannot be deleted if you simply remove a single file in the applications.

In this case, good developers often leave a readme.txt file that tells you exactly how to uninstall a program on a Mac, or include a Mac uninstaller that you can run to do all the work for you.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Uninstall Apps On Mac (4 Easy Ways)

If none of the above works as a solution to uninstall from Mac, then we need to take a deeper look at how to delete apps that won’t be deleted on Mac. Continue reading!

Because many programs leave their support files all over your Mac (and it’s hard to tell which ones work and which ones don’t), it’s important to completely uninstall apps on your Mac instead of deleting them from the Applications folder. To do this, you need a software like CleanMyMac X.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac update utilities in the world. It removes all unnecessary files and adjusts all settings to quickly restore your Mac to a new state. It also covers how to uninstall an application on a Mac by deleting the application itself and all its associated files.

How To Remove ‘ios Files’ That Are Taking Up Space On Your Mac

Now all the selected apps and their files are gone from your system, creating a lot of free space. Remove default apps and third-party apps on any MacOS using CleanMyMac X to completely uninstall them.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

According to Apple, there are two basic methods for uninstalling apps. You can uninstall from Finder or Launchpad. Both are equivalent to moving the application to the trash, so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. But again, be aware that some associated files may remain when you delete apps using Finder or Launchpad.

If you tend to access your apps through Launchpad, you may find it easier to delete them through Launchpad as well. Here’s how you can do it:

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Uninstall Apps On Your Mac

Note that Launchpad does not allow you to delete apps that have not been downloaded from the App Store. Use Finder method to delete these apps.

As we mentioned earlier, some third-party programs have a self-destructing uninstaller that helps remove traces from your Mac after you delete the app. You can find these uninstallers in the Applications folder: if you go to Finder > Applications and find your third-party app looking like a folder, click it and you’ll find the uninstaller in the folder.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

App uninstallers are often named “Uninstall [app name]” or “[app name] uninstaller”. Unfortunately, very few apps come with such native uninstallers. You still need the help of CleanMyMac X Uninstaller to remove 90% of the software from your Mac.

Delete Apps Mac] 3 Ways To Delete Unwanted Apps On Macbook Air/macbook Pro

While the default Apple apps are great for beginners, over time you’ll find third-party software that suits you better. And if that’s the case, why keep all those default apps to steal precious space?

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

Some pre-installed apps like GarageBand or iMovie can be deleted like any other app and then restored from the App Store if you need them again.

However, some other apps are very important to your macOS and won’t disappear with a simple ⌘ + Delete. For example, letters or notes or books. So how do you uninstall Mail on Mac? Or in general, how to delete apps that cannot be deleted on Mac?

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Delete An Email Account On A Mac Computer In Mail

If you are a tech savvy person, you might think that using the terminal, the uninstall command would help. But no. Starting with macOS El Capitan, all these apps are subject to system integrity protection and must be disabled to delete them. We don’t recommend doing this because it might free you from some important data, or worse, infect your Mac with malware.

Sometimes you don’t need to completely delete apps to free up space. Chances are, if you’re looking for how to uninstall Mail on Mac, all you need to do is delete all the email attachments you’ve downloaded to your Mac over time. With CleanMyMac X, it’s easy to do:

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

Now that your mail is small in size after clearing all attachments, you probably don’t need to delete it.

How To Uninstall Programs On Mac Completely

Disk Mining is an essential recovery tool that saves terabytes of data from being lost forever. It is highly recommended to always keep it on your Mac and launch it immediately when you see an important application or file missing, then click Recover next to the hard drive in question.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

The faster you try to recover your files, the better your chances of success. But the surest way to never miss anything important is to back it up regularly.

When you delete something on your Mac, it is cut into thousands of tiny pieces, which in turn are quickly copied by other programs and files. So putting everything together is a daunting task that is never guaranteed.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

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Instead, if you only have a hard backup from that date, you can quickly revert to that state without losing any data. This is why regular backups are so important.

Get Backup Pro is one of the most versatile and powerful backup managers on the market. It allows you to choose the type of backup you want (copy, clone, incremental or version) and schedule it at the right interval. Plus, you don’t need to back up your entire Mac—you can just select the most important files, folders, and programs.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

Never delete anything important while you’re decluttering. Install Get Backup Pro and always have a fresh data backup.

Easy]how To Delete Photos From Macbook Air/pro

As you can see, there are many ways to uninstall applications. However, the question of how to delete system apps on Mac still remains. That’s because even the most powerful uninstallers like CleanMyMac X can’t delete system apps – it’s impossible. But CleanMyMac X can delete all files associated with this system application. And in most cases, this is the best course of action.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

Advice. If you want to uninstall system apps, take your time as they take up a lot of CPU. Sometimes all you need is to close any background apps you don’t use to stop them from putting pressure on your CPU. Stop it all is the perfect solution.

Now you know many ways to uninstall apps on Mac. You also have the right set of tools to slow down Mail app activity and find accidentally deleted files. And if you set up the backup process, you don’t have to worry about your Mac getting damaged!

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

How To Completely Uninstall An App On Your Mac

CleanMyMac X, Disk Drill, Delete All and Find Backup Pro are available completely free for seven days, a revolutionary platform with more than 230 Mac and iPhone applications in all categories just when you need a trial version using your drive. The perfect solution for all storage-conscious Mac users.

You can delete third-party apps you’ve installed in the App Store or directly from the developer’s website. CleanMyMac X helps you remove all traces of these apps from your Mac.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

As for uninstalling default apps on a Mac, you can uninstall some of them simply by moving them to the Trash. However, there are system apps like Safari that you can’t get rid of – use CleanMyMac X to reset them and delete associated files. This will help free up space.

How To Delete Installer Files On A Mac

Close the app first and then proceed to uninstall. If you uninstall multiple apps using CleanMyMac X, you will be prompted to close them first. You can also use Open All to close all open apps on your Mac with one click, including background programs.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Mac

A safe way to completely uninstall applications is to use CleanMyMac X for the job. It removes all application logs, caches and also related system files that cannot be deleted manually. In some cases,

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