How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka – According to PT KAI policy, refunds can only be requested at the station. This does not have to be your departure station, only designated PT KAI stations for return:

1. Returns can be made up to 1 hour before your departure. Please note that you will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% of the ticket price, excluding any discounts or convenience fees.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

2. Please bring your e-ticket and ID (CTP, passport, or SIM or student ID for passengers under 17).

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4. Refunds can be made by bank transfer or cash. For refund by bank transfer, PT KAI will send an SMS that the fund is ready to be transferred to your bank account. To receive a refund, you must receive cash at the station where you request the refund.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

5. Returns will be processed by PT KAI and may take more than 30 days after submitting your request.

6. If you are requesting a refund on behalf of a passenger, please bring the following documents: a letter of authorization with a fee of Rp10.000 signed by the passenger, the passenger’s original ID and its copy, and your original ID. card and its copy. Home » Philippines Guide » How to cancel flights and get refunds on third-party flight booking sites

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

International Flight Deals!

Sometimes, we get the best deals by using third-party apps. Flights are cheaper; Promo codes or additional freebies are available. Here’s a guide on how to cancel flights and get refunds on third-party websites or apps.

Many third-party websites or apps offer you deals on flights. If your site isn’t listed here, feel free to contact us or leave a comment so we can update it right away. So far, we give you instructions on the best sites that are used by most people.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

If you have trouble, you can click the blue headset icon to chat with customer support. However, you need to be patient because their advisors are very busy.

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Step 2: Check your email from CheapOAir about your trip – if it’s canceled or something else.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the email. If your trip is within 72 hours, please contact CheapOair to make arrangements.

Step 4: Wait for an email confirming your return or new route. Please be patient as there may be delays due to high demand.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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If your flights are canceled or changed, you will be notified by email or post to you. They also choose five options:

You can contact them here, but you need to log in first. Contact details are available there, and customer support depends on your service level.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

You can contact them here. Currently, you can only reach them by phone and email.

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With so many flights canceled and countries locked down one by one, many customers are trying to turn to third-party apps for refunds and changes. You will need a lot of patience to get an answer and your money back. I hope this article helps you with your returns and refunds.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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Partnership Announcement: Mytravelthru And Traveloka

We use cookies to provide the best experience on our website. If you continue to use the site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OkNoPrivacy Policy Booking flights and hotels has become easier in recent years. Gone are the days when most of us have to visit a travel agency, track them down and search and book flights and seats on our desktop while waiting. These days, with faster internet and smartphones, we can now do things ourselves. Airlines and most hotels have their own websites, which allow us to search for the best offers that suit our needs and preferences.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

However, we may not be able to sign up and subscribe to all airline and hotel websites. Manually searching every website for deals or even schedules takes a lot of time and effort, so thank goodness for online travel agencies (OTAs). These websites and apps allow users to search through their networks and choose the best matches on one page – allowing you to easily compare dates and prices so you can find the best deal for you. There are many OTAs. There – some book and compare flights, others deal with hotels.

Then there’s Traveloka, which takes booking travel to another level. There are many reasons why we love Traveloka, but with their new hotel + flight packages – we love them even more!

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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In addition, Traveloka regularly has exclusive insider deals that give you discounts on both flights and hotels. Here’s an example:

Yes, Traveloka only has flight discounts, and yes, they also have hotel discounts. But booking a flight and hotel will give you more savings and value for money. It also makes the booking process smooth and seamless as it involves fewer steps and takes much less time.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

By default you will be presented with recommended flights. If you like it, do nothing. If you want to change it or look for more options, click CHANGE in the upper right corner.

Traveloka Help Center

Time to choose your hotel and room type! When you are satisfied with your selections, click Select.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

A summary of the reservation will be displayed. Make sure it’s to everyone’s liking. You can still change your mind. If so, click OFF or change hotel.

Once everything is fine, enter your details. You can choose your seat and baggage allowance. If you have special requests to the hotel management, you can write them here.

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

Validity Period: Anytime

You can pay for your flight and hotel by credit card, but if you don’t have one or it’s out of your limit, you have other options like PayPal, banks, pawn shops, and even 7-Eleven!

The flight and hotel voucher e-ticket will be automatically sent to your email address and saved in the Traveloka app!

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

After clicking the Search Flight + Hotel button, the next page will show you hotel + flight packages that you can choose from.

How To Find Cheap Flights Using Traveloka

The room rate is shown on the right. These are the latest prices. Unlike other online travel agencies, Traveloka has

How To Cancel Flight In Traveloka

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