How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv – If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns an LG TV, you might think that the screen brightness isn’t as bright as it used to be. Or you just bought a new model but the screen seems too dark. Regardless of the situation, it can be difficult to watch TV that is not bright enough. Low brightness levels reduce the viewer’s perception of depth and contrast, resulting in blurry or out-of-focus images.

Whether you’re watching in a dark room or want to make your picture sharper, this article will give you some tips on how to increase the brightness of your LG TV.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

LG Smart TVs are known for producing quality pictures and offering an easy-to-use settings interface that helps you adjust almost anything you want. Most importantly, they come with several smart features that make them easy to use. For example, you can control the TV with just your voice.

Lg Smart Tv

One of the best things about LG Smart TVs is that they have features designed to help you save energy.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

By default, the TV automatically detects the ambient light in the immediate area and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. As the amount of ambient light increases, the brightness of your TV decreases, helping you save energy.

The problem with this feature is that your TV’s brightness levels will change throughout the day. Sometimes the screen can be too dark and spoil your viewing experience.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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Alternatively, you can easily turn off the TV’s power-saving mode and lock in a constant brightness level that reflects your preferences and tastes.

Traditional LED/LCD TV models may not have any smart features, but they have an easy-to-use settings section that can be accessed with a few clicks on the remote control.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

In the world of television, LG could be compared to the Old Faithful, providing more than 50 years of quality service to millions of people around the world. The company has built a reputation for producing high-end TV models that allow users to customize every detail, including screen brightness.

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LG understands that watching TV at the right brightness is enjoyable. A TV that is too bright will probably hurt your eyes, while a TV that is too dark can strain you and even give you a headache.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

If you don’t like your TV’s current brightness level, it probably has something to do with your settings. All you have to do is pick up the remote control and adjust the brightness to your liking.

After all, the perfect TV is the one you can watch without getting tired. Adequate brightness levels make any show or movie enjoyable, no matter where you sit while watching TV.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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Whether you want to switch between simple presets offered for movies, games or sports, or fine-tune the image, you do it in the picture settings. Image settings can be approached in two ways, with the Quick Settings Wizard offering some basic preferences and the main settings menu providing more detailed control.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

1. Open the Quick Settings menu. Press the Settings button on the remote control to open the Quick Settings menu on the right side of the screen.

Lg Sm8600 Calibration Settings

2. Open the picture mode quick settings. The first icon in the quick settings menu is the picture mode setting, which lets you navigate through the TV’s many picture preferences.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

3. View image preferences. Your TV comes with several picture presets that adjust brightness, color and other factors to better suit your specific viewing needs. For most people, the standard preset will be the only one to use, as it provides decent quality for different types of content.

By choosing the preset that best suits your content and circumstances, you can get a better viewing experience even when switching between movies, games and more.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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4. Open the Settings main menu. If you need more than a few presets, you’ll want to open the main settings menu. The bottom icon of the Quick Settings menu opens the main Settings menu.

5. Full configuration menu. A list of all display settings can be found in the full settings menu. Select the bottom icon from the quick settings menu; the first menu option displayed is for a full list of display parameters.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

6. Find the image settings. In addition to the preset modes mentioned above, there are other settings that allow you to adjust the image to your satisfaction. These parameters include the following:

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7. Open Advanced Controls In the Advanced Controls menu, you’ll find settings for color gamut, resolution, gamma, and dynamic contrast and color settings.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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Playing with settings doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you already like the way your TV looks, you probably don’t need to calibrate it. However, if the screen isn’t bright enough, if it just doesn’t look right, or if it’s giving you a headache, a few basic adjustments will help solve most problems.

In an LCD/LED TV, the backlight is like a flashlight lighting a puppet theater. A higher setting here increases the brightness of the entire screen.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

There is an ideal setting to prevent your image from being too dim or too bright, and it depends almost entirely on the lighting in the room. In a sunlit living room, the TV’s brighter backlight allows it to compete with that brightness and reduce glare. In a dark basement, the darker backlight of the TV is easier on the eyes.

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To match the backlight to the room lighting, dim it until it’s too dim, then slowly increase it until you’re comfortable.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

Once you’ve adjusted your TV’s backlight to suit the room, the next logical step is to adjust the contrast. Another mislabeled term, the “contrast” setting on an HDTV actually controls the intensity of the whitest areas of the screen.

At major retail stores, you may notice that flat screen TVs have an almost painful and garish look. They are set up just to get your attention. At home, you’ll want to lower the contrast and backlight settings—the default “Film” or “Cinema” modes are fine for most rooms.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

Tv Brightness Should Be Easily Adjustable Like Volume

On the other hand, the brightness setting actually controls the black areas of the image. So a more apt name might be “darkness”.

This setting is usually set to the correct levels by default. Too much rotation erases areas of the image that should be black, and too much rotation darkens some colors, removing important details from movies and shows. If you want a darker image, reduce the brightness with a few clicks.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

Sharpness is essentially a holdover from the days of analog television. In today’s digital world, this is not necessary, as your set-top box or disc player determines the sharpness before it reaches the screen.

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When you increase the sharpness, the TV exaggerates the areas where light and dark content collide, creating unwanted hallucinations. Our advice is to reduce the sharpness to zero, or at least no higher than the factory default setting.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

If contrast handles white levels and brightness handles black levels, color simply adjusts the “color” of the image. This is why reducing colors to a minimum will give you a black and white image.

As a general rule, the color should almost never change. The default setting (typically 50) results in correct color saturation by international HDTV standards. However, rotating it a few clicks can make it look better to your eyes.

How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

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The most important thing is to find an image that you feel comfortable looking at, and these edits will help you get there.

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How To Adjust Brightness On Lg Tv

I have a 55″ model and below are my settings for normal viewing eg Cable TV, Youtube,

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