How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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Experts say that when you make it a habit to turn off your Wi-Fi router at night, it can seriously damage your daily EMF exposure levels.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

WiFi routers are a major source of EMF pollution in many homes. Since most people leave their routers on 24/7, this results in significant levels of continuous cumulative EMF exposure.

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Changing this habit is one way to drastically reduce your EMF exposure – which brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #28: Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the features of Wi-Fi routers to understand how they affect your physical and mental health. Also, we will discuss how to safely disable your WiFi router.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

Wi-Fi is the technology that connects 63% of the world’s population to the Internet today. Almost every family has it, especially in developed countries like the US.

Wi-Fi uses radio frequency EMF to wirelessly transmit data from your wireless router to your Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. A wireless router is connected to your Internet modem and acts as a bridge between your router and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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Now, because Wi-Fi uses radio frequency to communicate with your devices, it exposes everyone in its range to this EMF radiation. Research studies suggest that it can cause a variety of physical and mental health problems, from minor sleep disturbances to chronic diseases like cancer. More on that later.

Just as cell phone networks are named by generation: 3G, 4G, and now 5G, Wi-Fi standards also have names. Wi-Fi started with 1, then 2. Now we use Wi-Fi 5, which has a theoretical speed of 3.5 Gbps.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

In 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance, “the wireless networking organization that exists to promote wireless technology and interoperability,” announced a new version called Wi-Fi 6. In September 2020, this new standard was finalized and approved by the Alliance. And it is said to have many new features. Take a look.

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As the next generation, WiFi 6 is expected to be much faster than WiFi 5, reaching a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps in a restricted environment. This is almost 3 times faster than WiFi 5’s 3.5 Gbps speed.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

But like all wireless networks, these numbers were achieved in a controlled laboratory environment. But in the real world, this speed is unlikely to be achieved.

The average WiFi speed in the US today is around 72 Mbps, which is 1% slower than the estimated speed of WiFi 5. Of course, Wi-Fi 6 provides faster connections than that. However, the next generation of Wi-Fi isn’t just about speed.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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Wi-Fi 6 is designed to improve network connectivity when multiple devices are connected to the same network. When Wi-Fi 5 launched, the average US household had no more than five connected devices. But today the average is nine devices.

Looking at how modern technology is evolving and how IoT is becoming commonplace, various firms are predicting that we will soon reach an average of 50 devices per household.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

As you add more devices, your network charges. Your router can only connect to so many devices at once. As a result, you will experience slow internet connection.

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The proposed Wi-Fi 6 introduces a new technology that helps reduce problems associated with connecting multiple devices to the same network. Experts predict Wi-Fi 6:

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

Together, these features make your connection stronger even when the demand on your home connections increases.

Just like you need a 5G phone to connect to a 5G network, you need to buy new equipment like a WiFi 6 router to connect.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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This is because all Wi-Fi generations rely not only on software updates but also on hardware updates.

While WiFi 6 brings many new features to your home, one thing remains the same—it uses radio frequency EMF to communicate with your devices. If you are inside, you will be exposed to EMF emissions.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

Also, since it uses a 6 GHz frequency and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology, experts predict that WiFi 6’s EMF will be much higher than WiFi 5, resulting in a significant increase in your EMF exposure.

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This is because to support more parallel connections, it needs to be able to send or receive more parallel data. After that, E.M.F. for wireless technology

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

Although RF resides in the non-ionizing range of the electromagnetic spectrum, thousands of studies have shown it to be hazardous to health.

It is very important to start thinking about taking the necessary steps to reduce your exposure to EMF.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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The goal here is to enjoy the benefits of technology without the health risks. Here are some ways you can do this.

Many people are confused between 5G and 5GHz because their terms and abbreviations are very similar. But these two are completely different things.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

For example, the 2G network operates on 900 and 1800 MHz (megahertz) frequencies. So it was very slow and could only handle calls and text messages. On the other hand, 4G operates at frequencies up to 2.5 GHz (Gigahertz). It enables HD calling, fast internet and text messaging.

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5G is a mobile network operating at frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

There are thousands of high-quality scientific studies linking this type of radiation to health problems such as sleep disturbances, cancer, and infertility.

In one such study, scientist Dr. Martin Pell called Wi-Fi a serious threat to human health. He also explained seven known effects of Wi-Fi exposure, including impaired sperm function, cellular damage, and oxidative stress.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen.

This is especially important if you have children, as children and infants are more susceptible to EMF-induced health effects than adults.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

So for starters, you don’t need a WiFi router in the bedroom. (In fact, we recommend keeping all electronics out of your bedroom.) Experts recommend keeping your Wi-Fi router as far away as possible.

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Think about it. You and your family can get six to nine hours of sleep a night. The simple act of turning off your Wi-Fi router at night completely eliminates the effects of this radiation.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

Turning off your Wi-Fi router at night is a good habit as it reduces your and your family’s 24-hour exposure to EMF radiation.

There are about 145 million of these tiny boxes in people’s homes, and each household uses less than 100 kilowatts a year – twice as much as a new energy-efficient 32-inch TV and twice as much as a new 14-inch TV. 30 times more Energy Star than a laptop computer or cell phone charger. In 2012, small network devices consumed a lot of electricity from three dirty coal-fired power plants. These tiny, harmless black boxes that never sleep consume enough electricity to power 1.2 million homes in Silicon Valley each year. National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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In fact, NRDC found that turning off Wi-Fi when not in use can save $300 million in energy savings annually—and that’s just in the United States.

So turning off your WiFi router at night is not only good for your health, it’s also good for your wallet!

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

The easiest and most obvious way to turn off Wi-Fi at night is to turn off your Wi-Fi router/modem when you go to bed.

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It’s simple and effective – you can start doing it right now for free, without having to learn anything new or buy new technology.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

But this is another thing you have to keep in mind, some people don’t want to add it to their daily to-do list.

So you may need an automated solution. You can set your router to a timer, just like a light.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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Then turn the timer on and off whenever you want! Don’t worry about it anymore.

These timers (like this one on Amazon) are cheap, easy to use, and mechanical, so they’re not a source of any extra radiation.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

If you want the convenience of a timer, you don’t need to buy anything new to get that feature.

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Many Wi-Fi routers have built-in timer functions. However, you should be comfortable logging in and changing your router’s settings.

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

There are online tutorials like this one that teach you how to do this from Apple Airport or Airport Express or YouTube:

If you want to be specific

How Do You Turn Off Wifi

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