Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment – I have a sheet with several tabs, on one tab I make a statement for my customers, there I select a customer in B2 and use a query formula to get the required data, then I have a script that first hides the empty rows and then send this email with a pdf as an attachment , and I only do that when I need to send this email.

In this script i have a confirmation that if a customer is selected in B2 and C1 is true then send an email because the trigger is set to fire every minute.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Now I have to automatically send the same email, every 5th day of the month, to all my customers (I only have 24 customers)

Automatically Email A Google Sheet As A Pdf Attachment

This is a basic script that reads the info table and calls the email function along with an object that identifies the template and other important information.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

This may not be for everyone, but I like to have more room to customize my letters, and since I’ve been a web developer for a long time, I’m pretty comfortable composing letters in html, which may not be for everyone.

By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. I’m writing a series of posts covering different aspects of sending emails from Google Sheets. There are so many workflows and processes that revolve around s and email that I decided to write a comprehensive guide on the subject.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Google Apps Script Tutorial With Google Sheets

I could go on with the use cases, but you get the gist. It’s almost as if e-mail and s were invented for each other! If you then add Google Forms, the combination becomes even more powerful.

In this series of posts, I assume you know the basics of coding with Apps Script. If you don’t know how to code or have never used Apps Script before, I’ve written a series of posts to teach you

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

There are two ways to send email from Google Sheets. You can use a library provided by Google or use a third-party email service provider such as MailChimp or SendGrid.

Google Sheets Button: Run Apps Script With A Single Click

), which make it easy to send email from Tables. These libraries will work great for personal or work use cases where you want to send a small number of emails.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Google imposes several restrictions and quota limits on the libraries it provides to prevent abuse and spam. Therefore, you cannot use them to send a large number of emails. This is where third-party providers like SendGrid come into play. In a future post, I’ll show you how to send email via SendGrid or MailChimp from within Google Sheets. That being said, if your goal is to send millions of emails, you shouldn’t be using a Google Sheets solution at all.

Restrictions and limitations depend on whether you use a Gmail or G Suite account. Limits are usually higher for G Suite accounts because it’s a paid offering.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Google Script To Look Through An Email And Copy Spreadsheet Attachments Into Google Drive

Library, you will need to authorize the script to access your Gmail account. Personally, I try to avoid apps accessing my email account unless absolutely necessary. In this case, there is an alternative readily available, so use it

First, create a new Google Sheet or open an existing one from which you want to send email. Next, open the Script Editor by choosing Tools → Script Editor. If you are not sure how to do this, I wrote a tutorial

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Library has five methods, four of which are different ways to send email. The fifth allows you to see how many more emails you can send that day before you use up your daily quota.

Convert Gmail Messages To Pdf With Google Apps Script

You must run the code to send the email. You can do this by clicking the Play button.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

When you run the code, you will be asked to authorize it. This is because your code will send an email on your behalf and Google wants you to confirm that you agree to this. Select Check Permissions to continue.

Select the Google account (Gmail or G Suite) you want to authorize. This will usually be the same account you used to create the .

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Send Email With Attachment In Mulesoft

After you select your account, Google will notify you that your application has not been verified. Google has a verification process to ensure that developers follow best practices for security and privacy when creating apps for other people to use. In this case, since you created the app and will be the only user of it, it’s okay to continue.

Google will now display the permissions required to run the script. The only permission listed is the ability to send email as you. This is exactly what you want the script to do, so select Enable to allow the script to send email on your behalf.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

You only need to authorize the script once. When you restart it, it won’t ask for authorization, although Google will occasionally ask you to re-authorize the script.

Send Email With Multiple Attachments In Php

By default, you will receive replies to emails your script sends to the same address you used to send the email. This usually works well, but sometimes you may want replies to go to a different address, such as your support team’s email address.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Setup is easy. All you have to do is provide a reply address when you call

With the option object. If you want to include multiple CC or BCC addresses, separate them with commas.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Gmail Attachments To Google Drive

If you want to set a reply-to address and a copy-to or copy-to address, include the reply-to address as a property of the object.

You can also include the recipient, subject, and body of the email, along with other options, in a single object.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

When setting a recipient as part of a message object, use the “to” property name, not “recipient.”

How To Automatically Send Emails From Google Sheets (using Appscript)

Property in the message object. Here is the email I got from my script before setting the name property.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

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Was it helpful? Are there any mistakes or something confusing? Want me to write a post on a related topic? Any other feedback is also welcome. Thank you very much! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to send emails with embedded images (ie embedded images) using MailApp in Apps Script.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

Why G Suite Admins Should Enable Gmail’s Advanced Anti Phishing And Malware Settings

Here’s an example of an email where I put a fake logo in the body of the email itself:

This is different from attaching images to an email. If you want to send email attachments, check out this other guide instead.

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment

This tutorial assumes you’re familiar with the following concepts: Sending email from Google Sheets Sending HTML email from Google Sheets objects to Apps Script Also, if you’re new to coding with Apps Script, read my tutorial on learning to code with Google Sheets and Apps Script. How to insert embedded images in emails sent using Apps Script?

How To Automatically Save Gmail Attachments To Google Drive

First, if you want to insert images into the body of an email, you must send it in HTML format. Images cannot be embedded in regular email messages. However, you can also attach images to HTML and plain text emails. To insert an embedded image, your HTML must specify an image placeholder. You must then supply an image to be inserted into this placeholder when you send the email. To specify a placeholder for your image, the image’s src attribute must be set to cid:. Here, is a unique identifier for each embedded image in your email. For example, the HTML below lists a placeholder for a single image that has a logo as a unique identifier.  logo

Google Apps Script Send Email With Attachment


Enclosed is your weekly report.

Your analytics team

Note The script in this tutorial uses two files: template.html: Contains the HTML code for the email body. Contains the Apps Script code for sending emails. Then, when you send the email, you must enter an image for each placeholder. You do this by creating an object that specifies the image that corresponds to each placeholder. In the code below, the emailImages object specifies the image that matches the placeholder logo. Then, when the email is sent, this object is included as the value of a property named inlineImages in the MailApp’s email configuration. function sendEmail(); let emailBody = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile(“template”).evaluate().getContent(); MailApp.sendEmail(); }Note If your HTML template is not named template.html, replace the template with the correct name in the line below.let emailBody = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile(“template”).evaluate().getContent(); Note replace with the actual ID of the image file in Google Drive. Also, replace with the recipient’s email address. You can also embed images located at a URL by expanding the appropriate section from the UrlFetchApp tutorial. This guide also assumes that the images you want to insert into your email have been uploaded to your Google Drive. For

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