Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off – The blower in your furnace is responsible for moving air throughout your home. So if your furnace blower isn’t working, it’s no surprise that your home won’t get cooling or heating.

There are various things that prevent the blower from working. Some are caused by the blower motor. Others are caused by furnace components preventing the blower motor from running.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

In this article, I’ll discuss what you should do when your furnace blower won’t turn on. I’ll also discuss the different areas you should check and how to diagnose common blower motor problems.

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The first thing to do if the furnace blower is not on is to switch your thermostat to fan only mode.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Fan-only mode (also known as fan mode) does not heat or cool your home. It just drives the blower. If your blower doesn’t turn on in fan only mode, you need to troubleshoot further.

If you suspect a problem with your thermostat, you can bypass your thermostat and test the furnace controls directly on the control board.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Furnace High Limit Switch Tripping? Here’s What To Do

If you connect terminals R and G on your furnace control board, it will override the unit to run in fan only mode.

Connect the R and G terminals together on the overhead furnace control board to operate the fan

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

The last thing to check before proceeding is the furnace error code. There should be a small indicator light on the furnace control board. Depending on the condition of the furnace, the indicator lights will flash sequentially.

Troubleshooting A Furnace Pressure Switch: 5 Easy Things To Check

For example, if there is a problem with the furnace, the light will flash in a specific sequence to tell what is preventing the furnace from running.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

If your furnace doesn’t detect any problems, the lights will usually flash slowly and steadily. The specific light flashing code is different for each brand of furnace, so you should check your owner’s manual for the flashing code for your furnace.

The next thing you should do if your furnace blower is not turning on is to check the circuit breaker.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Rv Furnace Troubleshooting: Common Problems To Look For

A furnace circuit breaker is a protective device that protects your equipment and wiring from excessive current.

Depending on what the furnace is doing, observe your furnace’s start-up procedure to see if the breaker trips at specific steps.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

If your furnace circuit breaker keeps tripping, you have a problem with your furnace. See my article below for information on furnaces tripping circuit breakers.

Common Heat Pump Problems And How To Fix Them

For example, if the blower motor is stuck, it will start to overheat and the motor load will trip.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

When the motor is overloaded, the power is cut off from the motor. This helps prevent the motor from burning or catching fire.

Most blower motors have motor overloads on them to protect them from burning out. Overloading can be automatic or manual.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

What Is A High Temperature Limit Switch On A Furnace?

If you have a manually reset motor load, you will see a small red button on the side of your motor. This is the blower motor reset button. A red button appears when the motor is overloaded. To reset the overload you need to push a button and restart your blower motor.

Automatic reset motor loads have no buttons. In contrast, the automatic reset motor load resets itself after the motor cools down. You need to wait for a while, then the motor load will reset itself.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Here’s an important tip: If your blower motor is tripping on load, there is a problem with the blower motor. Most likely there is a mechanical problem with the blower. Are the bearings bad? Is the blower wheel stuck?

Why A Furnace Blower Turns On & Off Repeatedly?

If you can’t figure out why your blower motor is stuttering on overload, it may be time to call an HVAC professional to check it out.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

A capacitor is required to run the blower motor. Without the capacitor, the PSC blower motor will not run. The condenser helps speed up the rotation of the blower motor once it is turned on.

The easiest way to determine if you have a PSC blower motor is to check for a capacitor. Blower motor capacitors are usually oval in shape and attached to the side of the blower.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Keep Your Furnace From Causing A Fire

Check out this video below from AC Service Tech that shows how to check furnace blower motor capacitors:

Some furnaces (especially older ones) have belt-driven blowers. If the fan belt breaks, your blower motor will spin, but the fan won’t.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

One sign of fan belt irregularities or tension is a screeching sound when your furnace is running.

Air Conditioner Won’t Shut Off: How To Fix It

The screeching noise came from the fan belt slipping on the pulley. Fan belt slippage is caused by incorrect setting or improper tension.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Check out the video below from AMRE Supply that gives a good overview of how to properly align and tension a blower motor fan belt.

Hello, my name is Trey Lewis and I am the founder and editor-in-chief of HVAC Training Shop. My goal for this website is to help homeowners repair and maintain their home HVAC systems. Whether it’s changing the air filter, fixing the blower motor, or buying a new humidifier, I want to make sure you’re safe.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace In The Summer?

Hello, my name is Trey Lewis and I am the founder and editor-in-chief. My goal for this website is to help homeowners repair and maintain their home HVAC systems. Why is the blower fan running even when there is no AC? Why won’t the air handler fan turn off? This issue is addressed in the FAQs for Choosing HVAC post, hopefully resolved.

Most of us have busy lives most of the time. Because of this, you may not notice at first that your AC is off but the fan continues to blow.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

But eventually, someone in the family will notice that the fan that circulates air through the house is never turned off. This may seem like a simple issue, but there are many reasons why this can happen.

Diagnosing A Bad Blower Motor: 8 Easy Things To Check

Here is a list of reasons for “AC fan won’t turn off” which is very simple and fixable.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

A thermostat located on the wall of your home has one setting to control the fan and another setting to control the temperature. If you have a digital thermostat — especially if it’s a smart thermostat — it’s probably a digital setting you’ll find by changing the settings. In others, it may be a manual setting that you select with a small switch. In both cases, there is a thermostat setting that keeps your fan running all the time.

In “AUTO” position, the fan will run only when your AC outdoor unit is running and the thermostat is not satisfied that your room temperature has reached the set level. Once that temperature is reached — once your indoor air is as cool as you want — the outdoor unit will turn off and the indoor fan will stop running after 20 to 60 seconds. It runs for a few seconds to push the remaining cold air out of the ducts and into your living space.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

Furnace Blower Not Working? Here’s What To Do

But if the fan setting is in “ON” position, the fan will run all the time. There may be situations where you want this to happen for a while, but usually, the fan switch should be in the “AUTO” position or “AUTO” should be selected on the smart thermostat. Otherwise, you will find that your fan will not turn off regardless of the room temperature.

Pro tip: We recommend leaving your thermostat in AUTO mode most of the time. There is an ongoing debate among HVAC professionals and homeowners alike. In ON mode, the air in your home will continue to pass through the filter, so it will be more thoroughly “cleaned”. Second, the humid air in your home circulates continuously through the cooling evaporator coil, which condenses excess moisture from the air, leaving it drier and more comfortable. That is the “advantage” of putting the thermostat in fan on mode.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

However, this mode will use more electricity, resulting in higher utility bills, especially if you have an older blower motor. It is usually a PSC motor that consumes more power than an ECM motor. Learn more about the differences here.

What Can You Do If Your Cooling System Won’t Turn On?

Second, eventually the air will properly filter and heat the coil, at least until the AC comes back on. Your “profit” from ON mode will be gone.

Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

If for some reason you want short-term improved air filtration or more humidified air on a particular day – maybe you’ve been out and the AC is off, and a few days later you come home to a hot, warm house. It makes sense to run the system with the fan on for a few hours until internal conditions improve.

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Furnace Fan Won T Turn Off

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