Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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A common problem reported on the Microsoft Device and Driver Answers forum is this: After upgrading to Windows 8.1 or installing a software package from a third-party website, some devices with error code 19 (shown in Device Manager ) fail. The error code explanation is: “Windows cannot initialize this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. To fix this problem, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the hardware device.”

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

This error can be caused by incomplete installation/modification of class filter drivers. In this blog I propose a solution to the problem and describe the filter drivers.

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If you’re just interested in troubleshooting, read how to fix code 19 caused by class filters. To apply the modification, you must be familiar with the registry editor (regedit.exe) and device manager (devmgmt.msc).

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

I recommend reading filter drivers, device filters and class… This part of the post contains technical information about filter drivers and will help you understand how to fix the problem.

The proposed modification in this section refers to terms such as device and class filter drivers. If you want to know more about those drivers, read filter drivers, device and class filters…

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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A. In Device Manager, right-click the icon of the device showing the error and select Properties. In the details tab, get the device class name as shown in this image for the HID compliant mouse device: b. Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe). Find the class key in the registry by going to the list of GUIDs under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass. For each GUID, see if the class name matches the name you specified in the previous step.

J. Check if the registry key has UpperFilters or LowerFilters entries. In the previous image, the “mouclass” value specifies the name of the service. More than one service may be listed as a filter as shown in this image.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

D For each value listed in UpperFilters, determine whether a corresponding service key exists in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices registry key. In this picture, there is the mouclass service, and you can see the service details on the right side.

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E. If the service exists, determine if the driver file exists in the path specified by the ImagePath entry.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

F. If the service is not found in the registry or the driver file is not found, the device will fail with error code 19. In this case, there is no matching service for the UpperFilter value of “testfilter”.

Once you’ve identified the class filter that’s causing the problem, there are two ways to resolve the problem.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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Filter drivers are optional drivers that are loaded by the system, along with a set of other drivers (function and bus) required to service specific hardware. All drivers are loaded into a stack, and filter drivers are placed into that stack to modify the flow of data to or from the device. The purpose of the class filter is to improve the device experience. For example, touchpads have older filter drivers that improve the touchpad experience by supporting gestures.

Categorized by function, there are mainly two types of filter drivers: device and class filters. A device filter applies to a specific instance of a device. In contrast, the class filter is used for all devices belonging to a specific class. For example, the system may load a device filter for a specific device manufacturer (eg, a Microsoft keyboard) or it may load a filter driver for all keyboard types regardless of manufacturer.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

We can also group filter drivers by where they are loaded in the driver stack: UpperFilter or LowerFilter.

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The location is specified in the device’s INF and corresponds to the function driver. UpperFilter is loaded above the function driver and LowerFilter is always below the function driver. Let’s enhance the image by applying the UpperFilter LowerFilter, device, and class drivers:

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

So to provide a single device, the driver stack can contain multiple up or down filters, which are class or device filters.

Registry settings for device filter drivers are in the device hardware registry key, per device. These entries are under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumUSB:

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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In the previous image, LcUvcUpper.sys is an upper device filter used by the Microsoft Lifecam device. This filter is loaded on top of the usbvideo.sys function driver in the box.

In the previous image, kbdclass is a box class filter driver provided by Microsoft for all keyboard devices. Regardless of the manufacturer of your keyboard, this filter is always loaded on top of the device’s performance driver (kbdhid.sys).

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

Most code 19 problems are the result of third-party class filters. For classes defined by Microsoft, class filters are provided by Microsoft. Installing class filters for third parties is not a good practice because their filter drivers can be loaded on top of other vendors’ drivers and cause reliability issues. However, there are third parties that install class filters to enable new scenarios and resolve device issues. The big problem is that they don’t set the filters so that a system can cleanly transfer drivers when upgrading.

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Instead of using an INF file, some create registry settings programmatically and store the driver file in a private folder instead of copying it to the system32drivers folder. When the filters are set in a non-standard way, the system cannot transmit the various bits needed for the device stack to function properly.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

What Is A Registry Value?

Installing Windows is easy as all you need to do is buy the official operating system and install the same on your device. But often, due to review issues or bugs in the computer, users get this problem

Well, it seems that the Windows system sees the Windows 10 update not as a regular operating system upgrade but as an independent operating system, which is why you will have problems with the license.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

This also becomes a problem if you upgrade to Windows 11, which is not common since getting the new Windows platform is free.

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However, you should know that all the solutions below work for Windows 11 as well, except for minor graphic details, so you have to be reasonable.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

When the license expires (two weeks before), you will see a typical message that reads; You

After the expiration date, Windows will automatically restart every three hours and unsaved data will be lost. This will continue for two weeks until you reach the point where Windows won’t start.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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After you fail to boot Windows, the only option is to reinstall the operating system. And for that you will need another device.

If you bought a new device with Windows 10 pre-installed and now you’re getting a license error, your key might be rejected (the license key is built into the BIOS).

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

It is best to contact your manufacturer to ask for official support and guide you through the troubleshooting process.

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If you do not have an official Windows license key and you are using a temporary version of Windows, you need an official version to fix this problem.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

It is also possible that you already have a license. If so, check out our guide on how to recover your license key.

But don’t worry if you don’t have one because you can easily buy one online with just a few clicks.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

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Be careful! Buying on websites or online stores that have no official partnership with Microsoft can be a waste of money – the key may not work.

If you need to buy a Windows license, you can do it on the official website or on dedicated sales platforms.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

How to fix the error Your Windows license will expire soon? 1. Restart the Windows Explorer 1.1 process and restart the process

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It doesn’t work, you can find how to fix Ctrl + Alt + Del Task Manager shortcut.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

If you can’t find the Group Policy Editor, you’re probably using Windows 10 Home. In this case, you should check out our guide to installing Group Policy Editor on Windows 10.

After doing this, the problem should be resolved and you will no longer see this error message. If you encounter problems after using this solution, revert the changes and see if that helps.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

Top 8 Ways To Fix

If something goes wrong after modifying the registry, you can run the file you created and restore your registry to its original state.

Learn how to repair Registry Editor if it’s not accessible, and then make the necessary adjustments.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8

If you encounter a problem after modifying the registry, run the registry backup file

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