Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

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One of the common problems reported in Microsoft’s Answers forum for Devices and Drivers is: After upgrading to Windows 8.1 or installing a software package from a third-party website, some devices receive error code 19 (Device & Drivers). Shown in Manager fails) The error code description is “Windows cannot initialize this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or corrupt. To resolve this problem you need to uninstall the hardware device and then reinstall the hardware device.”

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

This error can be caused by incomplete installation/migration of class filter drivers. In this blog, I will suggest a solution to this problem and explain the filter drivers.

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If you’re only interested in solving this problem, read How to Fix Code 19 Caused by Class Filters. To fix, you need to be familiar with Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and Device Manager (devmgmt.msc).

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

I suggest you read What are Filter Drivers, Device and Class Filters… This part of the post contains technical information about Filter Drivers and will help you understand it.

The recommended fix in this section refers to terms such as device and class filter drivers. If you want to learn more about these drivers, read What are Filter Drivers, Device and Class Filters…

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

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A In Device Manager, right-click the device node displaying the error and select Properties. On the Details tab, find the device class name for a HID-compatible mouse device as shown in this image: b. Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe). Find the class key in the registry by going to the list of GUIDs under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass. For each GUID, check if the class name matches the name you noted in the previous step.

C Check whether the registry key contains any Upper Filter or Lower Filter entries. In the previous image, the value “mouclass” indicates the name of the service. There may be more than one service listed as the filter shown in this image.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

D For each value listed in the upperfilter, determine whether there is a matching service key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices registry key. In this picture, Moclass is the service and you can see the service details on the right.

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E If the service exists, determines whether the driver file is located in the path specified by the Image path entry.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

F If the service is not found in the registry or the driver file is not found, the device fails with a code 19 error. In this case, there is no matching service for the “test filter” upper filter value.

After you’ve identified the class filter that’s causing the problem, you have two ways to solve the problem.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

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Filter drivers are optional drivers that are loaded by the system, along with a set of other drivers (function and bus) required to service a particular piece of hardware. All drivers are loaded into a stack formation and filter drivers are inserted into this stack to modify the data flow in the device. Experiment with auxiliary gestures.

Classified by functionality, there are basically two types of filter drivers: device and class filters. The device filter is applied to a specific instance of a device. In contrast, a class filter is used for all devices belonging to a specific class. For example, the system may load device filters for a specific device manufacturer (eg, Microsoft keyboards) or it may load filter drivers for all keyboard types, regardless of manufacturer.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

We can also classify filter drivers based on where they are loaded in the driver stack: upper filter or lower filter.

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The location is defined in the device INF and this function is relative to the driver. An upper filter is loaded above the function driver and a lower filter is always under the function driver. Let’s refine the image by applying Upper Filter Lower Filter, Device and Class drivers:

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

So to service a device, the driver stack may consist of several upper or lower filters which are class or device filters.

Registry settings for Device Filter drivers are located in the Device Hardware registry key on a per-device basis. These entries are under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumUSB:

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

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In the previous image, LcUvcUpper.sys is an upper device filter used by Microsoft Lifecam devices. This filter is loaded on top of the Inbox function driver usbvideo.sys.

In the previous image, kbdclass is the inbox class filter driver provided by Microsoft for all keyboard devices. This filter is always loaded on top of the function driver (kbdhid.sys) for the device, regardless of the manufacturer of your keyboard.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

Most Code 19 issues are caused by third-party category filters. For classes defined by Microsoft, class filters are provided by Microsoft. It is not good practice for third parties to install class filters because their filter drivers may be loaded on top of drivers from other vendors, causing reliability problems. However, there are third parties that install class filters to solve new scenarios and device issues. The main problem is that they don’t install the filters in such a way that the system can cleanly transfer the drivers when upgrading.

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Instead of using an INF file, some programmatically create registry settings, and store the driver file in a private folder instead of copying it to the System32drivers folder. When filters are installed in a non-standard way, the system fails to pass the various pieces required by the device stack to function correctly.

Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

If you are able to resolve your issue, please post a comment explaining what the problem was – whether a service or file was missing – and a description of the product name and file name, so we can fix it. provider to resolve this issue.

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Fix Registry Errors Windows 8.1

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