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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Errors in Windows 11 Dealing with dreaded Windows BSOD errors is never fun, but in just a few simple steps, the problem can be diagnosed.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Computer users of all ages can experience dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) errors, regardless of the version of Windows they’re using. It’s just the OS’s way of letting the user know that something went wrong and that the computer can’t continue without restarting.

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The screen can appear at any time without warning, of course, after it appears, before the user saves the work in whatever program the user was in before it appeared. For the trained one, BSOD is actually very helpful in identifying what’s wrong with your computer and giving tips on how to fix it and prevent BSOD from happening again.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

But reading the error screen takes some skill to decipher the jargon. We’ll explore the capabilities of BSOD and explain how to properly use this problem to your advantage.

Before Windows 8, BSODs were not as user-friendly as they are now, and Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest build of the operating system, has also introduced some new changes. One of the changes is to replace the prominent blue background, making BSOD instead of “black screen of death” to match the operating system’s black log and lock screen.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

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In the follow-up version of Windows 11 to be released in late 2021, Microsoft has returned to the classic blue background without explaining the reasoning behind it. If you’re currently facing a black screen of death, you’re probably running an older version of Windows 11, and you need to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to enjoy the latest security protections and all the latest features. . .

If you are a Windows Insider, BSOD will be changed to GSOD. The error screen is not only green, it also contains additional information to identify operating system errors.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

If you encounter GSOD, you may find that your issue is not resolved as the build is still in beta. In these cases, we recommend seeking the support of the Insider community.

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Although the current BSOD screen is much more user-friendly than Windows’ early days, it can still be a little intimidating, especially since it appears without warning and always requires immediate attention.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Before you do anything, you have to wait for the system to save its backup, which tracks it for you on the screen as a percentage. This should ensure you don’t miss any work.

When you’re done, it’s time to ask the screen in front of you. There are three bits of information on the screen to help solve the problem.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

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This is a series of numbers and letters that usually start with “0x”. It’s important to pay attention to this number because it tells us exactly (but sometimes subtly) what’s wrong.

This is a series of uppercase words, sometimes shown in [square brackets]. It will tell you the wrong type. It’s not as specific as the code, but it’s a good point.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the stop sign is telling you. It should be noted that it will be useful to a technologist if you need outside help.

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This handy feature, introduced in Windows 8, means that using your phone’s barcode reader, you can use a QR code to take you directly to an on-screen error code support page. Sometimes this can be very useful – especially if you can’t restart your device.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Now that you have the error codes, it’s time to find out what they mean. This information isn’t always specific, and in most cases the code will point you in the right direction, not the exact cause.

For example, a common Windows error code is 0xc000000f, which usually occurs when Windows fails to start properly. If you’ve recently installed new software or updated your version of Windows, it may interfere with the Windows startup routine, causing errors.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

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However, some errors are more difficult to identify. For example, IRQL_not_less_or_equal error codes are often related to hardware errors, such as bad memory modules. However, it can be caused by wrong drivers or even wrong antivirus software.

Aside from using a QR code, the quickest way to check for errors is to enter the code into a search engine. It’s a good idea to find the Microsoft support page for this code before looking at third-party websites that try to sell you a quick fix or force you to try every possible fix.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Microsoft’s support page can explain the error, the conditions that caused it, and whether a fix or workaround is available. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

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If it doesn’t fix it, or the page only provides vague information, such as “driver problems”, then it’s time to consider any recent installations or changes you’ve made to the machine, and remove them if necessary. .

Fix Pc Errors For Free

If the BSOD occurs before logging in and therefore prevents you from accessing the desktop, you may need to boot into Safe Mode and try again, or reset using System Restore before logging in. Revert to erroneous changes.

If the support page doesn’t answer your question, you can find out more by looking at memory dumps, which are error logs that Windows automatically creates when it encounters an unrecoverable error.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

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You can find it on the same drive as your Windows 11 installation, in a folder named %SystemRoot%MEMORY. DMP or %SystemRoot%Minidump.

You need a program called WinDbg from the Microsoft Store to open the file. We won’t go into the details of how to turn on a memory dump in this article, but if you need to, please call technical support or your system administrator.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

Unfortunately, Windows can only diagnose so far, and if it’s still unclear what the problem is at this stage, you’ll need to seek outside help. Microsoft has forums for such issues made up of the community and Microsoft engineers. To use them, it’s important to know as much as possible about what you were doing when the BSOD occurred, including error codes and stop codes.

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Overall, the rule of thumb for the vast majority of BSOD problems is simple – whether you installed, installed, uninstalled, updated, or otherwise changed it before it crashed, it could be the cause. Reverse this first or use system restore to roll back your machine and you will solve most problems.

Fix Pc Errors For Free

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Fix Pc Errors For Free

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Fix Pc Errors For Free

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Fix Pc Errors For Free

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