Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer – They’re not the only way advertisers and other companies track us, but third-party cookies are the most common web tracking technology. Their benefit to users is questionable.

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Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

European advertisers fear they will face a major new hurdle in May when the EU’s directive on privacy and electronic communications comes into effect. The so-called cookie directive would require users to explicitly allow websites to leave cookies and other data on their machines, according to Raul Mendez of ChiefPrivacyOfficers.com.

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It is unclear whether the opt-in requirement is met by a browser setting that allows first and third party cookies. This uncertainty hasn’t stopped some pundits from predicting the end of the world for the European ad industry, as TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher reports.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Still, the looming deadline makes me wonder what purpose third-party cookies serve for website visitors. (First-party cookies have become a requirement. Almost every major web service—including Facebook and Gmail—requires them.)

Most web users understand that the ads they see on websites are specifically targeted to them based on the knowledge the websites and their advertising partners have gathered about them. Companies claim they don’t collect personally identifiable information — or at least many of them say so. Their advertising success funds “free” services on the web.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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Far be it from me to suggest that websites should not be allowed to make money. (Looking at the ads accompanying this post, such a suggestion would be the height of hypocrisy.) But there is no law—yet—requiring people to help online advertisers maximize their profits at the expense of user privacy.

Many people would argue that tracking cookies are anonymous enough to pose no serious threat to the security of web users. I am sorry for any organization’s willingness and ability to put my need for privacy ahead of my need to accomplish their goals, which usually means profit.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

So if third-party cookies offer no direct benefit to users and can potentially pose a threat, why do all major browser manufacturers by default allow websites to drop whatever cookies they want on your machine? Because advertisers are their customers and at least as important to them as users.

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Last December, I explained how to automatically remove tracking cookies from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. A post from last July reviewed five privacy extensions for Firefox, one of which is the Better Privacy program, which lets you delete and otherwise control Flash cookies.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

A more direct anti-tracking approach is to block third-party cookies in the first place. To do so in Internet Explorer 8, click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advance. Select Block under Third Party Cookies and click OK twice.

Turn off third-party cookies in Internet Explorer 8 by clicking Advanced on the Privacy tab of the browser’s Internet Options dialog box. Screenshot by Dennis O’Reilly /

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Security Zones In Edge

Firefox 3.6’s cookie settings can be found under Tools > Options > Privacy. Uncheck “Accept third-party cookies” and click OK.

Firefox allows you to block third-party cookies by unchecking an option on the Privacy tab of the Options dialog box. Screenshot by Dennis O’Reilly /

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

In Google Chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the browser, select Options, select Under the Hood in the left pane, click the “Content Settings” button next to Privacy, and check “Ignore exceptions and block third-party”. from setting party cookies.”

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Google Chrome’s option to block third-party cookies is accessed through the “Content Settings” button in the hood section of the browser’s options. Screenshot by Dennis O’Reilly /

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Note that cookies are not the only way organizations track people who visit their websites. Julia Angwin of the Wall Street Journal took a closer look at the different ways web users are monitored in a series of articles published last summer titled What We Know.

If everyone on the web blocked third-party cookies, online advertisers’ profits could suffer. But since only a small percentage use ad-blocking software while browsing, some web users are likely to be concerned about changing their browser’s default cookie settings.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

How To Enable And Use Compatibility View Settings In Edge?

Third-party cookies may not be the biggest privacy threat web users face (at the top of the security list is their personal data stored on sensitive company servers). However, tracking cookies provide only marginal indirect benefits, so why not block them? In Microsoft Edge, you can enable “IE Mode” to load websites designed for Internet Explorer in at least two ways, via the browser’s default settings or Group Policy, and you’ll learn how in this guide.

“IE Mode” compatibility is designed to allow organizations to load internal websites without using a different browser or rebuilding legacy pages. This feature loads pages in Microsoft Edge like a regular website without using and managing multiple browsers.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

If you must use this compatibility mode, the version of Microsoft Edge available in the stable channel includes “Internet Explorer Compatibility” settings to enable IE mode faster and a separate option to open Edge when browsing an incompatible Internet site Explorer. Along with the settings, it is also possible to use the Group Policy Editor to configure compatibility mode.

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This guide will teach you how to enable IE mode to load legacy websites using the Internet Explorer rendering engine in Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 on Windows 10.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

After completing the steps, when websites require Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge will reload the page using IE mode.

If you use the “Internet Explorer Mode Pages” setting, websites will open in IE mode for 30 days. Then the page will load again normally.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

How To Enable Cookies In My Browser?

After completing the steps, the site should be reloaded in compatibility mode. If the feature is not enabled then the option will not be available in the menu.

If you want to exit IE mode, use the same instructions, but select the “Exit Internet Explorer Mode” option in step 3.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

In Windows 11, Microsoft Edge also lets you configure the browser so that when someone uses Internet Explorer, all websites are loaded in Edge.

What Is Cookie? Cookie Is Small Information Stored In Text File On User’s Hard Drive By Web Server. This Information Is Later Used By Web Browser To Retrieve.

After completing the steps, websites will open in Microsoft Edge according to your configuration when browsing the web with Internet Explorer.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

Alternatively, you can enable IE mode on Edge using Group Policy. However, you must download and install the policy template before configuring Group Policy settings.

After completing the steps, new policies to enable or disable IE mode in Edge Chromium will be installed in the Group Policy Editor.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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After completing the steps, the websites are rendered in Internet Explorer compatibility mode. And you’ll see a familiar IE icon on the left side of the address bar, letting you know that the site uses Internet Explorer.

These steps enable IE mode for intranet websites. If you want to load external websites through Microsoft Edge, you need to enable and configure the “Configure site list for enterprise mode” policy, which involves creating an XML file with a list of domains you want to automatically load in Internet Explorer mode.

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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Do you see pop-ups about blocked cookies while browsing the web? You may not have cookies enabled. Cookies are pieces of data that help your browser remember things like usernames, passwords and website preferences. All browsers allow cookies by default, but many allow you to customize your settings or disable them entirely. Fortunately, it’s super easy

Enabling Cookies In Internet Explorer

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