Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

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I’m embedding an ActiveX control (not developed by me) into a website, which is placed in a .cab file.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

At first the control didn’t load, but after adding my web server to the list of trusted sites, IE can ask me if I want to install the .cab or not.

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I click yes, but then I can’t access the .ocx controls and keep getting “The object does not support a property or method…” errors. If I manually register the .ocx and .ax files in the cab, everything works fine.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Is there a way for me to figure out why IE is blocking the control even though I tell it to run?

If an ActiveX control is not installed from a code-signed cab file, IE cannot validate it and will actively block it as such.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Administrative Templates In Intune

Security and set the security level to low or a custom level that allows insecure or unsigned ActiveX controls to run.

2) Ask the third-party control publisher for a code-signed cab file. Many publishers offer this option on demand after purchasing a license. please confirm this with them.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

By clicking “Accept all cookies,” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our cookie policy. ActiveX is a suite of programs that powers much of the interactive content seen on modern websites. ActiveX allows a website to download small programs to your computer, such as a video viewer. Sometimes this is useful, but there is obvious potential for abuse. Most people know that running an unknown program from an unknown source is a bad idea, but thanks to ActiveX, simply clicking on a link does the same. ActiveX is the source of many, if not most, of the viruses and spyware on the Internet today. The best way to prevent this malware from entering your computer is to disable Active X whenever possible.

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At this point, you can go back to your browser and your computer will probably never get a virus from the Internet, but many websites will no longer work, but you can try it as an experiment. Most people will want to partially restore functionality, so proceed to the next step. see endnote 2)

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

(There will no longer be a safety slide.) Close Internet Explorer and reopen it to make sure all settings are valid (no need to restart your computer); If you choose, you can later restore the default setting. just click

A major side effect is that most online banking and shopping services, including Microsoft’s update services, will no longer function as Internet Zone sites because they use ActiveX. For these sites to work, you must mark them as “Trusted sites”. This is quite easy to do. 1. Open Windows Explorer again, under Tools select Internet Options, , , 2.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Unsupported Security Settings

Then click the button labeled “Websites”; which takes you to the Trusted Sites list (Figure 4). If you haven’t changed your security settings yet, the list will probably be empty. For the Microsoft update to work, you need to add three sites to this list:

As for the box labeled “Require server verification (https) for all sites in this area”, the https prefix in the site address means that the site uses a secure transmission method suitable for banking, etc. Microsoft Update does not use this method. To add Microsoft Update site addresses, you must clear the check box. After successfully adding Microsoft Update addresses, you can go back and reset the box; this limits future additions to the secure protocol. If you visit a website, say a bank website, and you can’t open it, open the trusted websites (Click Tools, Internet Options…) window, usually the website address is already shown in the box above. 4 If not, copy the website address from the address bar and paste it »

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Windows Update appears to require all three entries in the “Sites” box to work.

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The main pitfall is that after a few weeks you can open a site that contains activeX, the site will shut down and you’ll be tearing your hair out trying to figure out why it’s not working; you forgot that ActiveX is disabled (happens to me sometimes). Be sure to check the flag above that says ActiveX is not working, then add the site to the trusted zone.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Sometimes you may need to go back to Figure 1 and temporarily reset the security slider to medium height for the download to work; Adobe Reader is one example where they overuse ActiveX there. Just don’t forget to reset high security when you disable.

Another side effect is that the Adobe Flash player and other online media programs will not work if you do not trust the site. For example, you can visit the website of a television news channel. There will be no video for the viewers of the TV report. just a misleading message saying the following.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Cross Origin Requests (cors) In Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari And Chrome

Downloading a new flash player will not help. the only way is to enable ActiveX for this site. For this reason, you should probably forget about sites like Utube unless you want to trust them, which is clearly a bad idea.

Another problem with some Internet programs like Norton 360: Programs that flag websites with warnings about reported viruses will no longer post those warnings. This is because they use Active X to implement the function; I don’t know of a workaround for this, so you’ll have to decide to block active content as described here. This is my opinion. Blocking Active X described here does not affect virus scanning and other functions. I have Norton 360 installed on my computer with active X blocked as described here and I don’t ignore internet flags because (1). Google and other major search services do anyway. (2) attribute can report a malware problem only after it has been detected and reported (vulnerability window). In this vulnerability, computers around the world will be infected, maybe yours. I think it’s better to block active content because it’s the main portal for malware these days.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

1 If you doubt the statement, type Activex along with terms like virus, spyware, malware, etc. (or any other search)

What Are Activex Controls And How Do They Work?

Enable allows websites to download files at your request. You can turn it off, but it’s hard to use the Internet without file transfer. Fortunately (unlike ActiveX), when you click to download a file, a window pops up asking you to open, run, or save; which makes it possible to think about it.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

This process happens every time you type in one of these little text boxes (like basic Google search). You can choose a prompt, but the prompts are really annoying. (if you choose to disable, almost nothing works) Remember: Do not enter sensitive information anywhere on a website unless that website uses https and you trust the website. Active scripting (I should have thought of this): If you choose disable, you’re actually disabling javascript (actually disabling ActiveX and a few other things, but we’ve already done that). Javascript is very commonly used (Google Images will not work if you select disabled) and is currently considered safe as far as file security is concerned. But it’s possible that a prankster can make your browser do weird things with javascript, and you never know what the hackers will come up with next. (Many sites show pop-ups when this setting is enabled, even with ie8 pop-up blocking). As an experiment, you can try the tip. if you don’t mind constant prompts, leave it at that. ActiveX is a framework that allows different programs to communicate and share functions and information. This technology greatly improved software, as new possibilities were born with it. But how does it work and why is it so important?

The best way to explain its functionality is with an example. We’ll use apps that have spell-checking capabilities. The first application that comes to mind is Microsoft Word. But applications like Outlook Express also use spell checkers.

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

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Since there is a need for the same functionality in both cases, developers came up with this concept that allows them to use the same code for both applications. There is no need to create a spell checker from scratch for either application.

So in this case, a spell checker object was created and easily implemented in both applications. The same goes for other apps that require spell checking. Why write the same thing over and over again?

Enabling Activex Controls In Internet Explorer

Given that ActiveX is so useful, why isn’t it already enabled in all browsers? The answer is that this technology was created by Microsoft. By default, ActiveX only works in applications that are also made by Microsoft; which includes the Internet

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