Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11 – Internet Explorer has been a staple of Windows installations since it was first packaged with Windows 95 OSR1 in 1996, but it won’t include Internet Explorer for the first time with the release of Windows 11. In fact, Microsoft is removing it entirely support for Internet Explorer, the final nail in the coffin for the Trident-based browser.

If you’re like me and still have apps that rely on installing Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10, that’s fine. In my case, I can access the admin page of my Hikvision doorbell camera and access tweak settings that are not found in the Android phone app. Without Internet Explorer, the ActiveX app won’t load even if you “enable” (already enabled) ActiveX in Chrome. Nothing seems to work. You can try your luck with IE mode in Edge, which replaces Microsoft’s Chromium-based Internet Explorer, but now I can tell that the Hikvision admin page won’t load.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

After that, while surfing a website on the internet, you can open the Settings and More button (three dots) in the upper right corner and then select the option “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” which menu, which immediately reloads the web page. Tab.

Continuing To Make It Easier For Enterprise Customers To Upgrade To Internet Explorer 11 — And Windows 10

You can see the steps taken to try to open my Hikvision doorbell camera admin page. The page still does not work in any major browser except Internet Explorer 11 installed on my Windows 10 computer. Although the page reloaded in Internet Explorer mode, it failed to load the admin application, so this workaround didn’t work for me.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

However, unfortunately a non-free option is still available, which means that Microsoft has once again failed to properly support their customers and we have to look for third-party solutions to problems created by Microsoft, example, another example. It’s getting harder and harder to set a default browser other than Edge on Windows.

A small Chrome extension called IE Tab completely reproduces the effect of visiting a site in Internet Explorer, so that even the toolbar looks like it belongs to IE. But first a small disclaimer: IE Tab or its developer is not affiliated with Blackfish Software, LLC, and we were not commissioned to write an article about their software extensions.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

How To Utilize Internet Explorer In Windows 11

If you have a page that only opens in Internet Explorer, you can add the URL to the page options in the IE Tab to automatically launch the page in IE mode, saving you the hassle of reloading several pages from browser context menu.

As you can see above my Hikvision admin page is now displayed properly and allows me to configure it.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

The only downside to this whole process is that IE Tab is only available for Google Chrome and is “trial software” which means it will stop working after a while and will require a license. At the time of writing, a “lifetime” user license costs $19 and is not expensive if you really need it. However, since Internet Explorer will no longer be available as an option in Windows 11, I contacted the extension’s developers to ask if they would consider a more transparent approach. I will update this article if I get a response.

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Have you discovered other ways (or other programs) to properly open pages in full IE mode? Let us know in the comments below.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

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What surprised most users is that after 26 long years, Microsoft announced its intention to disable Internet Explorer in Windows 11. First we will show you how to download and install it on the operating system this.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

How To Use Internet Explorer (ie) Mode In Microsoft Edge On Windows 11

Although the browser is not the most successful, many users still expect Internet Explorer to appear in Windows 11, if you do not count the popular memes that are spreading on the Internet.

Some say they hope it’s at least an Internet Explorer 32-bit. But since the operating system only runs 64-bit software, this app seems to have no place on the list.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

In this regard, if you want to learn more about how Windows 11 differs from Windows 10, check out our article.

Internet Explorer Is Officially Dead

Now let’s see how you can download Internet Explorer on Windows 11 and start using it right away.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

As of June 15, 2022, the Internet Explorer browser is officially out of service. Therefore, Windows 10 client SKUs, version 20H2 and later, and IE 11 for Windows 10 IoT, version 20H2 and later will be discontinued.

An update to Internet Explorer for Windows 11 will never come. However, there are ways you can solve this problem.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 Desktop App Retirement Faq

As an alternative to this browser, you will find many other options designed for today. For example, the Opera browser is a smart choice to replace Internet Explorer or Edge.

With a modern and user-friendly interface, this browser can offer many features. From dashboards, multiple workspaces, and an embedded ad-blocker to a free VPN.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Forget Internet Explorer and check out Opera, a browser that works well on Windows 11 and supports older devices.

Crystal Report Activex Viewer Unable To Run In Internet Explorer 11

If you wanted to install and use Internet Explorer as the default browser on your Windows 11 device, this is no longer possible. However, you can enable Internet Explorer Mode through Microsoft Edge’s built-in settings.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

When sites require Internet Explorer, you can use Microsoft Edge to reload the page using IE mode.

You may also be interested in how to change the default browser in Windows 11. This will help you open external links using the same app.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Download Internet Explorer 11

According to Microsoft, IE Mode aims to give its users a way to use IE’s legacy engine within the chrome-based Microsoft Edge:

IE mode in Microsoft Edge makes it easy to use all the sites your organization needs in one browser. It uses the integrated Chromium engine for modern sites and the Trident MSHTML engine from Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for legacy sites.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

With this change, users can restrict their use of the Internet Explorer browser. Therefore, it can only access legacy sites that require it.

With Internet Explorer 11 Retiring, I Wrote A Guide On How To Get Your Legacy Web Apps To Run In Ie Mode In Ms Edge.

Microsoft has even released a PDF guide to make the transition easy. It is designed for individuals and companies using IE as their default browser to prepare for decommissioning the app.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

The main goal of IE Mode is to make it easier for individuals and organizations to use a browser. Currently, Edge is the only browser with built-in compatibility for legacy sites and apps.

IE Mode will still be able to support many Internet Explorer functions. Like all documents and enterprise mode, ActiveX controls, Browser Helper Objects, Internet Explorer settings and F12 developer tools.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

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Considering this and the fact that Edge provides more features on its own, it can be considered that the browser and IE Mode are better than Internet Explorer.

Also, one of the most exciting things about Edge and IE Mode is the economic impact on organizations.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

According to a Forrester study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Edge, the cost of legacy application modernization avoided with IE Mode provides a total savings of approximately $1.2 million.

Internet Explorer Starts Blocking Out Of Date Activex Controls

So, maybe this change isn’t so bad after all. However, I consider the fact that IE Mode can still support many Internet Explorer functions and provide savings, productivity gains and security for organizations.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

And given the small number of users who still need to use Internet Explorer for some reason, it won’t register as a major loss to the operating system.

The exact opposite. Internet Explorer is not compatible with Windows 11 and you cannot run it. As a result, even searching in Internet Explorer shows Microsoft Edge.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Still Using Internet Explorer 11 On Windows 10? It Will Be Disabled In February 2023

This is because Microsoft intends to replace Internet Explorer with a new and redefined version of Edge.

First, we determined that it was quite impossible to set up. You can also download and install Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 11 and you’ll still be prompted with Microsoft Edge instead.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

If you take a closer look at the system requirements for Internet Explorer 11, you’ll see that it’s only for Windows 7 PCs with Service Pack 1.

Backup And Restore Internet Explorer’s Trusted Sites List

And if you still have that old operating system, we can help you with a complete solution to install Internet Explorer on Windows 7.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

Many users wonder if they can install Internet Explorer on Windows 11. Even if the answer is yes, the application will not work at all, so you can install it without using it technically.

However, there are three ways you can use Internet Explorer. Follow along as we explore them after we see why Microsoft removed them from Windows 11.

Enable Activex Internet Explorer 11

How To Enable Activex On Chrome

Microsoft has warned that Windows 10’s Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) will include Internet Explorer.

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