Embed Video In Pardot Email

Embed Video In Pardot Email – This article walks you through the process of creating an email list from a Pardot email template. There are 3 parts:

Business Rule #1: Be organized and consistent. Helps keep your activities (emails, templates, lists, assets, folders, tags) associative. Whether you work alone or in a group, this is a common strategy for success. A solid organization is key in the architecture of a campaign.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Embed Video In Pardot Email

For example, let’s say “2020 References” will organize all email efforts for the 2020 calendar year and our first email list will be for internal testing.

Personalisation In Pardot, But With Caution · Nebula Consulting

At each stage of the campaign setup process, input fields will be available to combine “Folders”, “Campaigns” and “Tags”; the order is important. Some associative fields are required, while others offer convenience. Setting up association fields retroactively adds a lot of searching, clicking, and a lot of work.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Once the internal testing folder, campaign, and list are created, upload the email template resource files and create the draft email template. Pardot uses “draft” to indicate that an email or template has not yet been published. A draft template must be published before email creation is available.

Note: Using batch upload: files must be moved to the “2020 Appeals” folder and then edited separately to update the campaign and tag association fields.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Adam Erstelle, Author At Sercante

Email draft list = emails not yet sent Email template drafts = templates not yet published

When you create an email list from a published template, the platform displays a modal with the required fields for name, folder, campaign, and email type.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

After selecting the template, the following screen has 3 tabs to build, test and email:

How To Embed A Video On A Pardot Landing Page

Creation = modify the content and assets of the template. Tests = select the list to send tests to. Pardot sends proof-of-concept emails to the list (automatically attached to the subject line) and populates personalization data for testing (if used in the email). Calls will remain in “home > marketing > emails > calls” until they are sent. Send = select lists (send and click) and define sender information and subject line. Once these required fields are completed, the email can be scheduled or sent.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Be organized and consistent. Note the reuse of names and designations used in each step. Be clear, repeatable and descriptive. Words that can easily define a set of actions make organization much easier and add value beyond the interface, which is important for campaign attribution.

CR Rollyson is a Web and Digital UX Manager at an S&P 500 FinTech company and COO at Side Role, a marketing agency that partners with in-house teams and agencies, non-commercial companies, and startups. Learn more about the supporting role here.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

New Pardot Feature: Custom Components For Email Content

Side Role is a UX and Web Manager for an S&P 500 Fintech company and COO, a marketing agency that partners with internal teams and agencies, nonprofits, and startups. https://siderol.com

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Embed Video In Pardot Email

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Embed Video In Pardot Email

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Embed Video In Pardot Email

Times You Should Add Video To Your Email Campaigns

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Embed Video In Pardot Email

What should you do? Yes, we know that videos increase click-through rates through email, so sending a video is the way to go, right?

How To Set Up The Vidyard For Pardot Integration

Answer: Yes, but with some caveats. The types of videos you send in your email campaigns are more important than boxes full of old video content. We cover five types of videos you can send via email and the scenarios in which to send them, so you can generate more clicks and attract customers.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Custom welcome videos are a great way to introduce your business to customers. With a 90-second (or less) video, you can kick-start the customer onboarding process and build a deeper connection with your potential new customers.

“Custom” is the key word here. When creating welcome videos for potential new clients, don’t simply treat it as an opportunity to talk about your company. On the contrary: experts recommend starting by showing understanding on the part of the client. Show that you have done your research and understand your niche, niche or industry and how they can best serve your customers.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Resources To Level Up Your Pardot Emails In 2021

Once you’ve shown them that you know where they’re coming from, you can take some time to explain how your organization solves their pain points.

Close the welcome video with a call to action (CTA) that moves your customer down the sales funnel. Tell them how to get more information about your product or service or how to contact someone on your sales team. If you use Soapbox, you can insert the CTA directly into your video.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

You already have your foot in the door with your customer, now it’s time to connect them with your sales team. This is a great way to send a voice message with video.

Assign A Survey With A Language Specific Email Template To A Contact

At a high level, a video voice message is a short video that you send to better connect with someone. Think of a normal phone voicemail, but with a webcam.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Professional salespeople like Fernando have been using video voice messaging to better connect with the customers they serve. They saw impressive results, including a 42% increase in email click-through rates when using video voice messages.

When used correctly, sending a video voice message can increase your sales email click-through rate and build a stronger relationship with your customer, all of which takes them further down the sales funnel.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Emailify Video Tutorials

Onboarding your customers and incorporating them into your company is just as important as onboarding new employees. According to a report by Wyzowl, 86% of people are loyal to companies that spend time incorporating content.

“86% of people are more likely to stay loyal to a company that spends time on additional content.”

Embed Video In Pardot Email

The biggest part of creating onboarding content is that it does double duty as library content. If you have information on how to get started with the services, you can post that video to your knowledge base or how-to page.

Configuring Your Pardot Lightning App For The Landing Page Builder

Strong onboarding content will educate your new customer about your company at a high level. Your embedded video needs to do a few things and do them well. Read on to find out what they are.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Focus your team here and show the client who they will be working with. This gives you, as sales professionals, another opportunity to give customers points of contact — both people and email addresses — if they have follow-up questions.

Be clear with your language and get your point across quickly. Take a little time and have your sales team prepare a brief statement that explains the features of your product and how your services will benefit your customer.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Pardot To Gravity Forms Connector Plugin

One of the most effective ways to get your point across is to cite mutual benefits with other customers or provide real examples of how your product or service has helped people in the past.

For example, we love Formlabs’ integration with Marketo, as well as the CTA and section features that help educate customers about your products while driving them further along in the sales process.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

So, pull out these case studies and customer testimonials and add them to your onboarding script, and you’ll be well on your way to convincing customers of your value.

Send Video Emails From Salesloft Using Chrome Extension

Finally, wrap everything up by showing your product. When giving the demo, take a quick photo of who is doing the demo (hint: it should be your sales team), get to the point quickly, include case studies and past clients, and close the demo with a final call to action . — something that makes people want to delve deeper into your product or service.

Embed Video In Pardot Email

Event marketers live and die by their inbox. In 2019, 78% of event marketers said email was their most effective marketing tactic. A year ago, 94% of event marketers who used video said they found it

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