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Want to embed video recordings in an Outlook email? Here’s everything you need to know, plus some top tips for increasing open rates! Can you send videos in Outlook email? Yes, you can embed video in outgoing Outlook emails! However, there is one thing to be aware of: only Microsoft Outlook for Mac directly supports playback of embedded videos. All other Outlook clients (Outlook for Android, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook.com) display a fallback image instead of your image. It’s not the end of the world… When you send a video email in Outlook, you want to make sure you have a backup image available. We’ll explain how you can do that in a second! How to embed a video in Outlook to play in an email To send a video in Microsoft Outlook, you need three parts before you get started: Your video file (preferably in .mp4 format) A backup image with a play button If embedded video isn’t supported A A streamable link to a video landing page where anyone can view the video. All of these components, including video and image files, must be on the web. If you use an email automation platform like HubSpot, MailJet, or Constant Contact, you can upload them to your Asset Library and grab the file link. For this example, these are the components I’m using: Video file: https://stream.mux.com/oaJgGfxHKOvNTw27tMwc00MG00Chj02g9TX/high.mp4 Video thumbnail (note that I’m using an animated GIF to make it more attractive): https : Snippet for embedding videos in Outlook The basic code for embedding looks like this: <div style="background-image:url();background-size:contain;background-repeat:no-repeat ;background -position:center center;margin:0 auto;animation: playable-reveal 1s;overflow:hidden;”>

<video width="100%" height=" auto" controls="controls" poster="” src=”

So the code with my examples:

To send it, I need to be able to add my snippet to the HTML of the email. And then the recipient should see something like this! Send Videos to Outlook Users To send an embedded video, add your HTML code snippet to your email draft. It should work on any standard email automation platform. If you’re not using an email automation platform, you’ll need to use another tool (like Sendspark) to get your embed code as a draft in Outlook. 5 Tips for Better Outlook Embedded Videos Want your video to click and watch? Use these 5 tips when recording and sending your next one! 1. Thumbnail An attractive, custom thumbnail — whether an animated GIF or a still image — gets your videos more clicks and more views. Remember; Only Mac users will see your videos in the app. Recipients on other email clients will see a clickable thumbnail that opens the video link – so you must like the thumbnail. To create a custom thumbnail with Sendspark, read this page. Make yours entertaining, engaging and/or valuable to get more opens and views! 2. A personal subject line that mentions the video People love to watch videos, which is why video emails are twice as likely to be opened as plain text messages. So let others know you’re sending them a video email by mentioning videos in the subject line. You can add a tag to keep things short and concise. This works especially well in email marketing, where video content has a stronger edge than plain text – and is easier to do than images. 3. Use visual aids? Write the recipient’s name on the whiteboard; Capture their product in your video; Generate a thumbnail when you browse their website. If you add visual aids to your video and then display them in your thumbnail, engagement will go through the roof. If you run email marketing campaigns, use time-sensitive visual aids. Seasonal clothing, Christmas hats, posters announcing discounts, etc. 4. Provide value; Don’t just sell Give the recipient something exciting and valuable in your email, then mention it in the email subject line and body. People like to get value and like to interact – so you get better reactions and more openness this way. 5. Add a clear call to action. Add a text call to action asking the recipient to click on your video and watch it. Seems obvious – but text and button calls to action increase open and response rates. This is especially important in video email marketing, where engagement is lower than in 1-on-1 email threads. How to embed MP4 video in Outlook email body? You should not embed video files in your emails. This can flag you for spam, reduce deliverability, and annoy your recipients. That means… if you absolutely need to embed a video file, use Sendspark to record or save your video as an MP4. Follow the instructions here. Send Videos in E-mail Easily with SendSpark SendSpark takes all the tricks out of embedding e-mail messages in video. With Sendspark, you can record your video and automatically generate a fallback image and landing page for the video. Then you copy and paste the code snippet into a draft in Outlook or your email automation platform. When supported, the video plays inline and when not, the video fallback (with landing page) appears. Start sending videos in Outlook for free with SendSpark!

Embed Video In Outlook Email

Embed Video In Outlook Email

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Add Video To Outlook Emails

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Embed Video In Outlook Email

Although videos embedded in emails are credited with driving 8x higher open rates versus 5x higher open rates – only 50% of B2B marketers use video in their email marketing campaigns.

So, to help you get the most out of video email marketing, let’s dive into ways to embed video in emails:

Embed Video In Outlook Email

How To Embed Video In Email (2 Methods + 1 Bonus)

Studies conducted by various industry leaders have praised the role video can play in boosting your email marketing.

GetResponse found that emails with videos showed a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96% higher click-through rate compared to emails without videos. The Implix Email Marketing Trends survey also shows that click-through rates increase by over 96% on the first introductory email, which is absolutely amazing!

Embed Video In Outlook Email

Additionally, Eloqua shares its findings as it reveals that email unsubscribes decrease by 75% (75%) when videos are embedded into emails. In a handy infographic on You’ve Got Mail , Wistia reveals the top benefits of embedding videos in your email as shared by its respondents:

Email With Html5 Video

Additionally, emails containing Martech Advisor videos see a 300% increase in their click-through rates, which is great news for email senders.

Embed Video In Outlook Email

Anyone who has tried to add videos to emails knows that the process is not easy. After all, nothing good comes easy. For starters, this first method revolves around embedding video using HTML5, as Wistia did in their Soapbox email.

This HTML code also includes code to add a fallback image so that recipients whose email clients do not support video embedding via this method will see a fallback image.

Embed Video In Outlook Email

How To Compose & Send New Emails With Microsoft Outlook

Remember we’re talking about HTML5 here. It is the latest and most robust version of HTML that offers many options when it comes to video. Another plus is that HTML5 works for iOS devices, which don’t support Flash.

In short, Apple Mail 4, 5 and 6, iPad Mail, iPhone Mail and Outlook all support HTML5 videos. In fact, a survey continues to show that 75% of developers use HTML5 and nearly 35% of mobile traffic is due to HTML5 videos.

Embed Video In Outlook Email

The latest version of HTML also gives you control over video properties such as video width and the image poster that appears before the video plays.

Your Guide To Embedding Video In Email Marketing

However, there is a catch here. Not all email providers support HTML5. Only two-thirds of email clients support embedded video content in emails. Unfortunately, Gmail, which has 40% of the webmail market share, does not support this method of embedding videos in emails.

Embed Video In Outlook Email

Email providers that do not support HTML5 video streaming will end up showing a fallback image. Here is a list of email clients that play videos and display a fallback image:

When it comes to adding videos to emails using HTML5, the biggest advantage is that your video plays directly in the user’s email client. This gives the recipient a way to play the video without leaving the email.

Embed Video In Outlook Email

How To Embed Html5 Video In Email

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