Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations – 20 Best Comedy Anime Movies to Watch in 2022 Here is the list of the top 20 funniest anime movies of all time.

Who doesn’t love to watch an anime movie with an intriguing story and well-crafted characters in their down days? We think we all have at least one funny animated movie that we immediately turn to when nothing feels right or even when we have absolutely nothing to watch. That’s the power of funny anime movies.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

It works as a comfort food. So here is a list of the top 20 comedy anime movies that have amazing animation and story and are filled with tons of funny moments. Here goes the search to find your next favorite anime movie!

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The plot revolves around tired and unmotivated water walkers, Ohana Matsumae who works at an inn called Kissui. Reality hits her when she realizes that being a waitress was the most awaited desire.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Matsumae’s friend and rival, Inn’s daughter Ohana, wants to touch on her mother’s past when she accidentally stumbles upon Matsumae’s logs.

The story of this anime is fun as the staff tries to test the Ohana during his training to become an owner. Funny moments in this comedy movie make the viewers laugh.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

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A Whisker Away is the latest romantic comedy anime movie that needs your attention. The film begins with a brief introduction of Miyo’s family, her relationship with her friends, and how she found a mask that mysteriously transforms her into a beautiful cat.

Unable to attract the attention of her love interest, Miyo Sasaki clashes with Kento through the usual means, so she must turn into a cat to seek his attention. However, the problem arises when the boundary between the cat and herself becomes ambiguous.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Some may not like the movie, but if you have good taste, this is the best comedy anime movie that ever existed in the world (sorry to go to the extreme, but it is what it is) .

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The story revolves around a character known as Tamako Kitashirakawa, a third year student. She is clueless all the time about what her next step in life will be. Her life will change forever when Mochizou decides to confess her feelings to him.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Tamako Love Story is the sweetest romantic comedy anime movie we’ve ever experienced. The funny interactions between Tomoko and Mochizou add a comical touch to their love story. Our hearts go out to these two beautiful characters who initially started out as childhood friends growing their feelings for each other. Recommended for people who enjoy watching anime in the romance genre.

Summer Wars is undoubtedly the best anime movie that happened in the lifetime of anime lovers. It is a 2009 Japanese animated sci-fi comedy film that has successfully captured the attention of audiences. Not only that, it is one of the best comedy anime movies in the sci-fi category. We have such unique and funny characters and stories that add much needed humor, making it so hard to focus on one.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

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This comedy film is a gem for all science geeks as there are so many intriguing ideas that will keep them hooked for a longer period of time. This film aims to show the extreme expansion of the Internet worldwide.

One Piece Strong World is based on the famous One Piece manga and anime series. Anime fans will wholeheartedly agree that this movie is one of the best comedy anime movies ever to come out of the anime world.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

This anime movie tries to tell a story about a young man who is also a famous pirate. He kidnaps a member of the Straw Hat Pirates in his quest to fight the world government, and the member must help him achieve his main goal. Get ready to become one in this fun and entertaining journey of a determined little pirate.

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This is easily one of the best romantic comedy anime movies out there. This is one of those movies that is equally famous for both its genres. This comedy anime movie is for anyone who needs a quick break from the crushing reality and wants to enjoy lighthearted humor with a touch of romance. They will surely love to see all the fun and joy on their screens.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

This movie is based on the classic anime series Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions: Take on Me. Through this movie, anime fans got what they’ve been wanting to see forever, namely a closure to Yuta and Rikaka’s stagnant relationship while reinforcing the core themes of the anime series .

Hayate the Combat Expert is a very hilarious anime movie released in 2011 full of adventures and unseen obstacles.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Must Watch Romance Anime For 2021

Following the plot of the film, the protagonist, the butler Hayate and his wife Nagi want to spend a quality vacation in the countryside. The twist comes when a mysterious force tries to tear the beautiful couple apart.

An overwhelming feeling comes over Araragi Koyomi as her graduation approaches, which will be the end of her entire school life, the roller coaster of emotions and friendships.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Zoku Owarimonogatari is a comedy classic in which Koyomi is trapped in a mirror where everything is the opposite.

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The plot follows a Japanese village that tells how a legendary man saved the world by sealing away a spider that was wreaking havoc with its exotic powers.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Mizuki Henmi is a teenager who discovers how her classmate Shu Suzuri, a boring man, plans to sell a mysterious book. Curiosity gets the better of her and she eventually discovers the old book as she handles it roughly. The seal on the book breaks to reveal a very cute harmless animal or spider.

Seven Days War or Bokura no Nanokakan Seneou is a rebellion themed anime depicting a war between teenagers and adults. (Can I join?)

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

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Our introverted main character, Mamoru Suzuhara, is in love with her classmate Aya Chiyono, who is reluctantly moving to a new place with her family. With all her courage, Memory asked her to run away from the disastrous life with him. Accepting the deal, they do so with four of their other friends and begin camping in the abandoned old building of the Satomi Coal Factory. They soon realize that they are not the only ones there.

Seven-Day War is an anime that relates to teenagers as it shows their rebellious nature towards adults and how teenagers don’t express their feelings and thoughts in a comical way. The movie seems to provide an exciting plot and makes you feel better about yourself if you are going through the same thing.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

The romantic comedy anime Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o: Kokuhaku Jikkō Iinkai o The moment you fall Love is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa, written by Yoshimi Narita and produced by Qualia Animation.

Comedy Anime Is Where Localization Matters Most Web Story

The story is kawaii and simple, following three protagonists, Hina, Kotarou and Koyuki, where Hina has romantic feelings for the very kind and charming Koyuki Ayase. Hina changes schools following her brother, mainly because her crush is in the same high school. To confess to her, her friend Kotarou helps her with this without revealing that he is also in love with her. But seeing her smile kills his desires.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

The story isn’t very dramatic as it only has a few twists and turns, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be at the top of your list of comedy anime movies. It’s a humorous anime that teaches viewers how fragile new relationships are, often leaving cracks in each other’s hearts.

Imagine the next time you open your eyes. Are you at school. Well, that’s scary in itself, but what if this school was in hell!? Hells is a must-see 2009 anime adapted from the Hell’s Angel manga.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

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The story revolves around Amagane Rinne, who is shocked when he dies in an accident and wakes up in a high school hell. Poor her! He doesn’t like this place and wants to escape. But regardless, he teams up with some demons who help him fight the obstacles that come his way.

The plot revolves around an art student Kumi Honamanuma who moves to Kyoto to take over the sweet shop left by her late grandmother. Although the shop is supposed to have only an aroma of delicious treats and is empty, our protagonist is surprised to see three women, Song Mino, K Zhao, Mai Haisaka and their cute dog. They claim to be heroes transported to present-day Kyoto.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

All the girls live a simple and peaceful life when they meet a demon king who doesn’t reincarnate properly.

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Tokyo Godfathers is easily one of the best comedy movies because it has a unique story and tries to bring out a completely different perspective in the minds of the viewers.

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

The story begins with Gin, Hana and Miyuki searching through piles of garbage on Christmas Eve when they suddenly discover a baby abandoned in the garbage. Hana is devastated to witness such an inhumane act. He sets out to find out where the baby came from in order to find out the biological mother and thus be able to discover the truth.

Tokyo Godfathers is one

Comedy Anime Movie Recommendations

Top 10 Best Comedy Anime

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