Car Fan Won T Turn Off

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Here’s what happened: Yesterday was cold and the heater wasn’t blowing hot air, but cool air was coming. So I turned off the heat and drove home from work without heat. After I got home I turned off the car and got out of the car and I heard the fan coming out of the car. I waited a few minutes and still the fan was on. I assume it was a radiator fan. So I opened the hood. Not affected by anything. Restarted the car. And turn it off and the fan was on. I started the car again and this time I turned the heat on (it was still blowing cold air) and with the heat button on I turned the car off and turned the fan off this time.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Can someone help me with this? Is it due to a faulty fan module? Or if there is a relay?

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It’s a small fan that keeps running in humid conditions to circulate the air so you’re not blasted with hot air when you use your climate control. It circulates air over the humidity sensor. It runs for a while after you shut down and starts again when you open the door. This does this so that there is less delay in getting the climate control to the correct setting when you switch (or restart).

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

I have had this car for the past 7 and 1/2 years. This has never happened before. I know the fan comes on for a few seconds but this time it won’t turn off until 5 minutes after I turn the car off. And of course my heat doesn’t work anymore. It took me 20 minutes to get to work this morning and the cold air was still blowing when I got to work.

Jack, from the sounds of things you are running low on coolant (check your overflow bottle to make sure it still has coolant in it). From there, if you have coolant, chances are you’re looking at a bad water pump. I assume the fan you heard was the radiator fan running, not something else. You are not clear which fan was running.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

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Have you checked your coolant level? If the fans suddenly stay on for a long time after the car is turned off, I would assume that it really is starting to overheat. If you do not get the high temperature warning light or notice that the temperature gauge has moved from its normal center position, it does not mean that it is not hot. The meter is a pass/fail type. It looks like it’s either in the middle and won’t move up until it really warms up. So, your position is probably in between. Possible places to start checking would be the radiator hose, water pump and overflow reservoir. Do you see any liquid dripping onto the ground?

Find out where the relay is so you can pull it if you have to. The fuse box cover usually refers to the relay.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Yes.. I didn’t notice any major leaks at first.. but 3 weeks after refilling the coolant it happened again so I looked under the car and found a leak. I don’t know exactly where. But it seems to leak (when standing in front of the car) 2 inches to the left under the battery. I took pictures. Let me see if I can connect it.

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JackBrown, you are looking at a bad water pump or a bad seal on your thermostat. A more likely problem is the water pump you can see coolant pooling on top of the tranny where it meets the engine block. If you don’t see coolant there, I’d lean toward the thermostat.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Thanks everyone for the advice. I took your advice and decided to open the water pump to check for a leak. So I removed the battery and pump band. It looks like it’s from under the pump.. (if I’m not mistaken).. I’m attaching pictures that zoom all the way to a close up of the bottom of the water pump… I think one some of the bolts are loose..let me know if i’m wrong..look at the 4th photo and tell me if that bolt should be tight or tight..i think it’s the same bolt as it looks. In my previous photos I posted yesterday (only these were taken under the car and this one was taken from above) but I couldn’t get around to tightening this bolt.. and it got dark before I could put the battery in and it was off the car. Strap and jack back to tighten from below.

I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll dare drive this car until I tighten the bolts because it’s leaking pretty fast now. I will ask the woman to drop me off at work tomorrow.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

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JackBrown, if you were around, you probably would have replaced the water pump too. You were only 6 bolts away. You can find a water pump at any local auto parts store. They are about $50 as I recall. This way you can eliminate a potential item.

I actually checked Autozone, Napa and Oreille near my house..none of them had a water pump for the X-Type in the shop..and Advance Auto Parts Online says a shop in my area might have a water pump (call first) 191.99 Plus for tax..

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

JACKBROWN Well, look some more. You can use part number 57-1653 or 131-2367. It’s a little cheaper at about $125. Granted, I remember it being cheaper than when I replaced my water pump a year ago. But with age, so goes memory. It may take a day to get it, but it will be worth the money saved.

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Oh yeah, at O’Reilly it’s about $50..I’ll have to order it online and wait for it to arrive..hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday..

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

I thought I would find an answer for a similar problem here. I can’t find any leaks, nor do I see a change in the radiator fluid level. Two years ago the fluid and some hoses were changed (as preventive maintenance). The fan never stops. Battery has been disconnected for over an hour, but as soon as I connect the battery the fan turns on. The ECM has not changed. Hmmm.

After further investigation I pulled the F16 fuse from the engine compartment (fan speed 5 amp fuse) and the fan continues to run. From another series posted it appears to be a problem with the cooling fan control module. See this thread:

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

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Order a new module. If this solves the problem I will update. It may take a few days to get the part.

I had the same problem. The fan will never stop. Replaced the module, then the fan never turns on!!

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Apparently some modules (from China) are not good. I haven’t had a chance to fix the problem since I sold the car, but I’m pretty sure it was the module.

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If all else fails, you can always plug a switch into the circuit and turn it on/off whenever you want =]

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Exactly Thanks to the write-up of a similar problem here, I was able to properly diagnose and solve it. I needed a new fan control unit. Searching for these units gives you many results. Careful! Cheaper ones only have 3 pins on the larger connector. It won’t work. You need a properly designed unit, with a 4 pin on large connector. They will cost more, but will save you trouble. I bought mine from They have a good explanation of these units and what’s wrong with the cheap ones (which might work on a Volvo, etc.). They guarantee that their unit is suitable for the x-type. Jaguar Forums – Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum > Jaguar Models (Modern) > X-Type (X400)

I recently had my alternator and battery replaced and it changed and my cooling fan won’t turn off after the car is turned off. Resting hard will help

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

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You can try hard reset. Disconnect the negative cable and hold it against the positive for 10 seconds. Most likely the problem is in the fan control module and will need to be replaced. Reach out to Dr. Dom. It’s a forum member that differentiates X-Type and can get you what you need. Call or text 484-903-4813.

You can also first check that the coolant temperature sensor was not disconnected during the work you did earlier.

Car Fan Won T Turn Off

Do the fans run after you turn the key off for a while, but then turn off by themselves after a few minutes? Or when you say it won’t show up

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